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Flawed Weather Models Are Responsible for Texas’ Deep Freeze Fiasco

Snow and ice grips a neighborhood in East Austin on Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2021. Day six of the statewide freeze and still millions of Texans are without power. PHOTO: Nexstar Media/Bronte Wittpenn/Austin American-Statesman via AP

The Texas power-outage fiasco in the midst of intense winter storms has brought forth the typical political blame game. In reality, all energy sources in Texas were taken down by failures to winterize equipment. It wasn’t just frozen wind mills.

For instance, how is it possible that a nuclear power plant in Texas had to shutter operations due to freezing weather, but nuclear power plants can operate without disruption in Russia? The South Texas Nuclear Power Station near Houston failed to winterize its facilities. After all, whodathunk that Arctic conditions would be seen in on the Gulf Coast of Texas?

Much of the power generation loss was due to freezing wellheads that impeded the flow of natural gas to power stations, triggering electric shortages as demand overwhelmed the grid.

The causa proxima is climate modeling based on global warming, which ASSumes that the Texas deep freeze just experienced was an almost impossible black swan or Sigma 5 event. In reality, as we have been warning, there is a Cold Sun/Grand Solar Minimum in play that will create havoc with warming models.

Read “Global Warming Industry is Hiding Developing ‘Cold Sun’ Dark Winter Phase” reports, “So far this year, the Sun has been blank 76% of the time, a rate surpassed only once before in the Space Age. Last year, 2019, the Sun was blank 77% of the time. Two consecutive years of record-setting spotlessness adds up to a very deep solar minimum, indeed.”

The wild card in all this is increased volcanic activity. At the moment, Pacaya in Guatemala and Mt. Etna in Sicily are active. These eruptions can build up a substantial amount of atmospheric dust. Multiple M6.0+ earthquake clusters are rocking the western Pacific Ocean.

Source: Dutchsinse

The lack of solar irradiance could be exacerbated by atmospheric opacity from volcanic dust. This would replicate what is known as the summer without sun, such as was experienced in 1816. During that spring and summer, a persistent “dry fog” was observed. The fog reddened and dimmed the sunlight. Rapid, dramatic temperature swings were common, with temperatures sometimes reverting from normal or above-normal summer temperatures as high as 95 °F (35 °C) to near-freezing within hours.

A Massachusetts historian summed up the disaster:

Severe frosts occurred every month; June 7th and 8th snow fell, and it was so cold that crops were cut down, even freezing the roots … In the early Autumn when corn was in the milk it was so thoroughly frozen that it never ripened and was scarcely worth harvesting. Breadstuffs were scarce and prices high and the poorer class of people were often in straits for want of food.

These conditions also can bring about real epidemics — not exaggerated scamdemics, such as Covid-1984. But once again, the sistema is invested in The Big Lie. Now, the population is even more vulnerable due to constant crony confinements and lockdowns, which have suppressed people’s immune system.

The economic and human costs will be enormous. Unfortunately, the New Underworld Order crime syndicate and their flying monkeys in the New Regime are wedded to narratives of global warming, scamdemics and corruption.

Read “Report: Liars, cheaters, and scammers have stolen more than $100 billion of coronavirus aid”

They are fully willing to run the plebs off the cliff along with the economy. This will be a perfect storm for malice, and Texas is only a taste of what’s in store.

YouTube screen grab

We don’t expect necessary adjustments to colder weather will be made on any front. This is a big under-reported story, as the Lugenpresse is also wedded to global warming ideology and blind to corruption. In fact, as discussion of Grand Solar Minimum/Cold Sun starts to finally enter the equation, look for the usual suspects to suppress and censor it.

This will, in particular, impact food production, as northern ag areas will be subjected to “surprise” freezes and frost this spring. Cooler weather will also generate excess moisture leading to flooding conditions.

Nassim Taleb in his book “The Black Swan” calls this tendency to assume the normal distribution the Ludic Fallacy. He suggests this belief stems from people inappropriately extending the structured randomness of games and gambling into the real world processes where complexity and human psychology reign. The game, in this scenario, is political brinksmanship. The added complexity is the Grand Solar Minimum combined with New Underworld Order malice.

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  1. Well for decades now we have had aerial spraying, chemtrails, geoengineering, call it what you will, blocking out the sun and manipulating the weather.

  2. 75% of the Texas electric grid is run by ERCOT, Electric Reliability Council of Texas

    From Michigan, Sally Talberg – a Jewish name – joined ERCOT 1 January 2021, and was named head of ERCOT 9 February … At least 5 of ERCOT’s 15 directors do not live in the state

    As Talberg took the reins, ERCOT dramatically raised its wholesale electricity prices, deceptively claiming they didn’t know re consumers because they were not retail ha-ha … Consumer bills skyrocketed as many lost power

    It was so bad that the Public Utility Commission of Texas intervened on 15 February with an ‘Emergency Order on Electricity Pricing’ ordering ERCOT to reduce prices, and directly after that power was turned back on for many

    Info on Talberg is apparently being scrubbed quickly

    It is widely viewed – Jim Stone and the 4chan /pol/ crowd amongst others – that this is USA civil war, the Biden-Harris Bolshevik crowd ravaging Texas because it is the state most active in opposition to USA fed gov and the most likely to begin the secession dominoes falling – ‘Shut It Down’

    • brabantian ,

      An interesting post, as usual; thanks.

      The business model of ERCOT, seems to have some similarities to ENRON with a different face and PR.

      As for:

      “It is widely viewed – Jim Stone and the 4chan /pol/ crowd amongst others – that this is USA civil war, the Biden-Harris Bolshevik crowd ravaging Texas because it is the state most active in opposition to USA fed gov and the most likely to begin the secession dominoes falling – ‘Shut It Down’”

      While I would agree that this is completely plausible, I would (humbly) add that both Florida and South Dakota are more than likely also considered in opposition by Uncle Joe / Heels Up / et al.


      An aside:

      Oh yeah (sorry my friend, I just have to ask this one while we are speaking on the Banana Republic leadership):

      Does anyone know why Uncle Joe and the crowd put a skinny little white girl in as the talking piece?

      Why don’t we have:

      1. a rotund black woman (perhaps “Queen” Latifah, she is the new Equalizer after all) or why not Ms. Stacey Abrams (Dim darling)?

      2. a sassy Puerto Rican (I am sure the actress Rosie Perez is free, she was last working as the voice of a camera on a children’s cartoon)


      3. an angry Chinese lady (maybe former Secretary Chao)?

      Instead they got this angry looking red head, total WASP insider (with Mayflower connections), who has the personality of melba toast.

      Where is the diversity? Where is the color in the most visible position of Uncle Joe’s rainbow bus of love?

      Thank you again for the post; I agree with what you covered and would only add that FL and SD could also be in the top 3.


      • A question just hit me and I could not, accurately, recall the answer:

        How many African American, Asian, Latin American or other “races” have held the position of Press Secretary for the Executive Branch?

        The answer is ZERO, but I could not recall if one administration had a non-Caucasian individual in the last year or less of a final term. Yet, there was not a one.

        The next time that you witness one of these, moronic, “so called” leaders in and around government lecturing the public on race relations, always remember that the most visual position in the Executive Branch (possibly even more so than the President these days) has always been represented by only one “race”, no matter how allegedly forward thinking that administration was.

        If one is to consider reparations (which I do not), then why not start with the Press Secretary’s position?

    • Just wait until hurricane season comes to Florida. I have a feeling Florida will pay dearly for thumbing it’s nose at the covid scamdemic and disrespect for fraudulently selected so called president Little Joey Xiden.

      • Just a couple years early, and we are the “enemy”.

        US Air Force dreams of future weather warfare techniques.

        “In 2025, US aerospace forces can “own the weather” by capitalizing on emerging technologies and focusing development of those technologies to war-fighting applications. Such a capability offers the warfighter tools to shape the battlespace in ways never before possible. It provides opportunities to impact operations across the full spectrum of conflict and is pertinent to all possible futures. The purpose of this paper is to outline a strategy for the use of a future weather-modification system to achieve military objectives rather than to provide a detailed technical road map.”

        • On the weather modification:

          Yes, I would agree. This was a dream for General Leslie Groves, who also was happy to nuke most of the planet if permitted (he really did not understand things like WIND very well…moving on).

          To my understanding, weather modification experimentation began out your way, Arizona and Texas during Eisenhower. Then the first “live” tests were used in Vietnam.

          Eventually, HAARP and other stations were created to really move systems, instead of just changing the weather over a fixed location (e.g. the Ho Chi Minh trail or over Cambodia around the Christmas bombing).

          Evidently more nations have HAARP type stations, and can make all sorts of changes to climate conditions.


      • On Florida: Yep, I was thinking the same exact thing.

        Also, folks SD is extremely cold and being battered by weather right now. Of course you could say to “SC, what is really new about that; SD always has a big winter?” Yet, I would (very humbly) opine that this one is really rough and winds / drifts are out of a normal range.

        No matter how you may feel about Governor Noem, the fact is that the current administration is not her friend and / or ally by a long shot. Even if she took in a lot of illegal occupants at one point, which I think she did for 2 reasons:

        1. it was a hopeless situation that needed a temporary reset, she was not thinking permanent settlement in SD


        2. she was motivated by Christ to offer relief for a, brief, bit of time that will now turn into forever at this point

        I do not think (as many have opined on other websites) that she was seeking to provide unlimited labor to SD farmers or that she was hoping to drive wages down with, current, farm employees by offering the land owning class illegal labor. My feeling is that she looked at the whole situation from a humanitarian point of view (possibly for political gain down the road, or possibly because she is a Christian).

        Watch to see if this is one of the worst winter on the “books” either for quite some time or in history. Then keep an eye on the mosquitoes (possible vaccinations by mosquitoes) and any spike in Lyme disease, within SD, come this summer.

        Although I do think she will eventually be on a ticket with Senator Paul, I believe it will be DOA. The one to watch is the Purple Ticket of the future: Nikki / Tulsi. This one could be in our lives for 16 yrs (with a switch in roles — trying to keep the language clean on this one = ), if we do not blow up the planet before hand.

        • I’m motivated by Christ to ask why you felt the need for this follow up post. It seemed you were getting warmer in your initial reply to our well read malt blend.

          Cold in South Dakota? Yeah, no shit.

          My forecast? When it’s SD’s turn for a weather modification psy op is for a long summer of the brutal Texas winter heat.

          TSB in Dallas

            • Okay.

              Sorry, I am not sure that I follow you here.

              So I spoke of more than one state that could suffer, in various ways, under an administration that might wish to use public theater to exact revenge on many levels.

              Further, I mentioned unusual conditions regarding this South Dakota winter (specific to wind movements and drift).

              What is our issue here?

              My point was to mention that other states might find adverse conditions (of all kinds) as a result of the current political climate.

              Unfortunately, I am unclear as to why you may have found my statements disagreeable.

              Certainly, you and yours are in my prayers either way.


              • SC,

                It is I who owe you an apology, not the other way around.

                I really shouldn’t have brought Christ into my response, so I definitely apologize for doing that. As I relate below, I’m clearly placing the blame squarely mortals (oil and gas ones) who know mortals in Alaska with access to HAARP buttons.

                Most of the Christians I have known, including my parents and family, have a fatal flaw in their line of thinking, according to me. This is a drive to see prophecy fulfilled so badly, that they unconsciously and counter-productively hope TSHTF so that God’s will comes to pass or something. I’m not suggesting this is applicable to you, just identifying where my intolerance for attributing causal blame to God where man could easily be at fault. right here on terra firma.

                There also seems to be little desire for reform or course altering choices for the same unconscious counterproductive desires. And in my opinion complacent and easy targets as this end game ramps up. We don’t have time to intellectualize this any longer and ponder what ifs.

                In the thick of it all, the real issue here in Texas became clear around mid week last week, which is this was a weather modification psychological operation to induce trauma in the population, steal more assets through power companies, further destroy small business, the casualties of course. I was disappointed not to see this included as at least a potential contributing factor to the problem with weather models.

                One friend huddled around a space heater with a neighbor was complaining about the grid squids, and neighbors with power who were complaining when they had power. Then she wondered aloud whether God weren’t punishing them.

                I said it’s not God who’s punishing us, it’s psychopaths with tremendous power and access to technology that makes them appear to have God-like powers. Add in and ego complex that drives them to make us view them as our gods, and, well, here we are.

                With the price squeeze coming up for people who had power such as myself, we a classic crime syndicate psy op run out with the trauma and tension build up and then flashpoint ignition.

                I don’t wish any psy op upon you, but everyone’s going to get a go in due time, The further north one is from me, the more likely they turn up the heat, especially once we reach no air conditioning territory.

                I guess I may have viewed the story as being about Texas. Perhaps this lead to my wanting us to stay focused on that topic, and hence the attitude.

                Trust me, I don’t deserve much in the way of sympathy as far as suffering goes, even an outrageous bill isn’t that big of a deal compared to other folks.

                I guess I should apologize to all the weather forecasters, too….

                • TSB,

                  Thank you for your kind response.

                  Certainly, I cannot relate to the specific situation everyone is under in TX; however, I live in DC (under a martial law psyop currently), and I came from NYC (lived downtown on 9/11 and saw the first plane hit on my way to work; although I still swear it was a Lear Jet or something around that size…oh well…) where I experienced my first psyop (for me that is) in this lifetime.

                  From about 2002 on, I went from a “happy go lucky sort of fellow” to a happy guy (still), but one who is more focused on learning about the deeper truths in our world. So I am familiar with weather modification (since the 1950s), HAARP (and stations just like it; to my knowledge there were about 8 of them in the world as of 2014), chemtrails, and calcium particles / deposits being pumped into the sky for darkening purposes (a Gates III program).

                  In no way do I doubt anything you are saying. To the contrary, I agree with you wholeheartedly and wish you, your community, and the state really well. The few times I have visited TX, people were extremely kind towards me and I have nothing but respect for the state and its citizens.

                  As for the Lord, I like this form of life and I am in no rush to bring on any changes through my prayers, other than improvements in my own thoughts and actions. Although I do understand what you are saying and the folks you are referring to, I am truly a simple guy who likes life and will go when the appointed time arrives, without fear and /or regrets; I am in no rush of any kind.

                  To your point, the good people of TX have done ZERO wrong and I would say the Lord is all good with everyone there. If anything I concur with you completely. Some really bad people are doing some really horrible things. If anything, the Lord is simply making clear how mean these people can be and that they have no ethics or care for even the most basic aspects of humanity. They lack empathy and so much of the basic love for their neighbors, as to cause harm using the most draconian of means (I would opine weather modification is tortuous on many levels).

                  Also, I do not overlook the desire to force Texans out of Texas by an elite that wishes to change the very fabric of the state (along with Wyoming) for political gaming reasons. This whole pysop is crushing, and I do believe that the 1% of the 1% would like to make Texans think about migrating from their homes; I find this whole notion detestable on so many levels.

                  One of the things I enjoyed about Texas on my visits was how naturally happy Texans seem to be in Texas; we should not overlook this point since I have been in places (e.g. Alabama and Arkansas come to mind) where people could get really glum about their state and its future prospects. Loving where they lived made them more relaxed and very positive in terms of outlook and the future. As I did not know what to expect on my first visit, it was refreshing to spend time with very optimistic folks (plus it was winter in NYC and the weather in Dallas was far more spring like — really helps the old mood out).

                  Again, thank you for your response. Certainly, I will keep praying on my end for a turnaround and the safety, as well as care, regarding the citizens of TX. Perhaps this event will bring about the separation of the Lone Star from the current Titanic that is our nation.

                  Please be well.

                  Simple Citizen

                  • All very accurate perceptions of Texans, which would be further support for a possible motive for targeting Texas, which would be secession from the union.

                    This process would be easily facilitated by the fact that a renewal clause was included when Texas rejoined the union whereby Texas has the option to opt out every year (or however often it comes up…), effectively seceding. We are the only state with that option, if memory serves.

                    Our past experience with independence and diverse natural resources to potentially sustain such an endeavor would make us a threat in that independent spirit sense. However I do not believe the spines exist to actually try it at this point.

                    As an example of this, I read a piece a number of years ago stating that when one of the Hunts had tried to corner the silver market back in the ’80s, that this was related to a plan hatched to secede and use that silver to coin currency. They further suggested that the financial hardships which followed were punishment for that. Just a rumor, but it points to the real global influence those mortals in oil and gas can wield.

    • In reply to Brabantian–I was thinking the same thing. As for secession, that line of thinking is starting to make its way into my neck of the far west Texas woods (where, in 1997, we experienced the so-called “Republic of Texas Standoff”)

  3. I love talking about the weather … or used to. I just take issue with the notion that the models are “flawed” . That assumes that the modelers are attempting to accurately model – you know – make true assertions and testable, correct predictions. They are not. They are hired by persons who wish to control and enhance their power and wealth.

    It is not about climate, it is about power. And it has been that way now for close to 35 years. Hanson made his NYC West Side Highway under water prediction 35 years ago. Did he and his colleagues subsequently adjust their models so as to make them more accurate. No, in fact, it is now said he either did not make that prediction or he was “essentially correct”.

    Don’t bring truth to a gun fight.

  4. Okay, so I may or may not be allowed to speak about: aliens, planet Xenu, Coast to Coast with Mr. George Noori and / or Eisenhower’s secret meeting that resulted in President Kennedy’s departure from this Earth, while the mannequin was shot in Dallas 1963.

    With my hands tied, I will do my best here… just kidding of course; happy Friday to all at WW!

    First, I am so glad to see this thread here. Although there is a lot of suffering going on that I think we can pray and / or keep a good thought on regarding our neighbors in TX, in the end we will all want to know the “WHY” in the hopes that situations such as this one, may be prevented moving forward. This thread begins that second step quite well.

    All of the thread struck me as headed in the right direction, but the paragraph that stood out in my mind the most:

    “The causa proxima is climate modeling based on global warming, which ASSumes that the Texas deep freeze just experienced was an almost impossible black swan or Sigma 5 event. In reality, as we have been warning, there is a Cold Sun/Grand Solar Minimum in play that will create havoc with warming models.”

    As we know, false models cause fiscal bubbles that are often deemed “Black Swan” events; there is a famous text, that I will not mention, about this very topic (it can be easily found if anyone is interested; I just felt the book was hogwash and the author an insider, lackey, fool). Now we have many false models in so many professions, including meteorology, that are wreaking havoc on our planet. The weather itself may be easily prepared for, but in order to do so, we need very basic data, and not contrived inputs designed to support an erroneous, hypothetical, psyop.

    Now we know that Doppler 9000 (or whatever versions they are up to now) means nothing. Meteorologists are either insiders (Gov. employees, and yes we employ or subcontract a whole lot of meteorologists and in some of the oddest departments — check OPM if you are interested), or using a “best guess” option in the private sector, since the outcome of weather is now fixed through manipulation. What a shame when you cannot even trust the local weatherman or weatherwoman.

    Now to my first, goofy, paragraph and a change in course:

    With all seriousness, I have contended that going to Mars is a waste of time and money. If we were really concerned about the future of our solar system and our planet, then we would spend our resources in a more serious exploration of Venus.

    Lots of unmanned (obviously) probes, possibly some fixed satellites (at a distance) and as much data as we could gather on this planet. Quite a few astronomers hypothesize that Venus may have been very similar to Earth, but was thrown off its rotation and revolution. Therefore, the planet (over a good deal of time) turned more vaporous and evolved into what it is currently. As our sun continues to grow, but become weaker; it may be very useful to work on models dealing with Venus’s past, present, and future.

    Then there is the “brown dwarf star theory”, which I will not comment on, but will provide some links regarding this idea:

    And a hat tip to Mr. Mueller for his excellent thread yesterday, as I post the “GAIA” link about the “EVIL TWIN” (gosh there is a whole lot of evil often mentioned in the context of “Gaia” by “environmentalists”; deep down, I guess they really hate Earth, other people, and themselves):

    Simple Citizen

      • Little pressed on time and want to get to your other comments, but this looks fascinating, so I will definitely squeeze it in over today or the weekend.

        Many thanks!

      • This became my lunch break (went a little over my time limit). Well done and very interesting. Thank you. Oh yeah, and where was the blood that was supposed to be on the white gloves??? Never pondered that one.

        Now I will relay one back to you about that pageant they threw on the Hill, January 06, 2021.

        You may or may not recall that I gave some info on the Capitol layout / building materials, the USCP, the Sergent at Arms office, and the use of “squibs” in a WW thread at that time. Also, I actually linked a shop in NYC where one could acquire the materials used to create “action events” in theater and television (had friends who worked on NYPD Blue, Sopranos, SNL and a bunch of films who used Alcone in NYC for those type of scenes).

        Well a friend sent me this video, and I fell out of my seat laughing:

        I do not know the people who produced it and neither does my friend, but we both agreed the creators were on point.


        • @ Simple Citizen. Once you see through one of these psyops it becomes easier to see through them all. The Capitol charade just being the latest example.

    • “in the end we will all want to know the “WHY” ”

      Answer: weather modification.

      There, see. and I don’t even know if it’s over.

      • Wishing you and yours well. It is a travesty on so many levels, and I think all of WW would send a good prayer and / or thought your way.


  5. Outages Morph Into Outrage As Texans Slapped With “Mind-Blowing” Power Bills

    Days after power prices jumped from $50 per Megawatt to more than $9,000, the horror stories pour in for those who had power this week during grid chaos as they are mind-boggled how their energy bills skyrocketed.

    Texans who were on a variable or indexed plans with power companies are only now reporting their bills have jumped hundreds of dollars, if not thousands of dollars for the month.

  6. Where I live, we see scalar waves whenever there’s storm clouds. It’s been very rainy over Southern Africa this summer so we have seen quite a lot of lovely storm clouds building then torn up by the characteristic circular cloud patterns. They’ve been moving the weather around for years and out here in the middle of nowhere (I have ska, the large telescope array, just to the north) and SALT, the SA large telescope which is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, a stones throw AND on the flight path from Johannesburg to Cape Town and the “contrails” float down on top of my house of a starry night). So let’s just say I know what I know about weather engineering and even the farmers believe it too. Granted it took me years of belief, then disbelief because of the chaos magical level of psyops on this subject but Tom beardens work is still up. I found in the USA last year global weather control is regarded as an open secret by most of those Q boys ran into. The UN stayed long ago it would have 100% control by 2025

    I’m sure they’ll brag at some point like they’re doing now with chemtrails, openly funding universities. They can’t help themselves really. All that said I’m not sure about the arctic inversion but they seem pretty good at it.

    I feel so bad for the people in Texas.

  7. >… but nuclear power plants can operate without disruption in Russia?

    Nov 19, 2020 – Weaponized weather halts power plant in Vladivostok, Russia
    [Overnight powerful storms brought freezing rains, heavy snow and frigid temperatures to Vladivostok on early morning Thursday, November 19. … This weaponized storm cyclone wreaked havoc across the region and prompted city officials to shut down the Vostochnaya Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHPP) in Vladivostok.]

    I’m not sure if the Vladivostok plant is nuclear or not — but re power generation, power plants use steam to drive turbines, so they have similar water/cooling needs — daily mean temp during the winter in Vladivostok is approx -10C.

    The facility near Houston has two reactors; two water pumps failed in one reactor, so it shut down automatically — the other kept operating, as did a two reactor facility near Dallas (I find it difficult to believe the design criteria for a nuclear power plant differ significantly between Houston and Dallas).

  8. I desperately wanted to stay in states last year. I was looking all over the map and I found a tiny little town, just hanging on, the last place in the panhandle on your way out to NM. It looks so nice there, just starting rolling hills with some mesas and the easiest place in the world to have a few chickens and rabbits and pumpkins. Then I googled oil and gas wells and while they do stop there in the last county out, I just couldn’t abide. Also, fema seems to have a setup just over in CO, 50 miles as the crow go. At the end of the day it’s God’s retribution and he uses satan to do his dirty work and he does love the electromagnetic Schumann frequency resonating planet that Romans called Gaia. They wanted to frack here where I am now but shell couldn’t cut a deal with the ANC because of their greed. God has a great sense of humor but I sure do miss those Q boys with their glock

    • That is nice to hear. Hopefully folks are getting outside and enjoying the break.

      There is a lot of ice in our nation’s capitol. Some snow, but mainly lots of ice.

  9. I have spent more time watching space weather over the last decade or so than looking to see if it is raining or not locally. It is a great indicator of future earth weather and events, I particularly look for solar flares. We have around 48 hours to react to these before they hit earth.

    I highly recommend ‘The Sun Kings: The Unexpected Tragedy of Richard Carrington and the Tale of How Modern Astronomy Began’ 2009 by Stuart Clark, a book which changed my life.

    The analogies with modern global warming promotion and monetization and hysteria and the centuries of european belief the sun revolved around earth and punishment of heretics is particularly pertinent right now. Always in the back of my mind re Texas, fires etc…’what did they know and when did they know it?’

  10. What has happened in Texas leaves a bad aftertaste in my mind. So much is orchestrated now and and the enormous forces of decline that are operating and working against us. Such a monumental task ahead! There are still those ‘little things’ that get us by from day to day though! Contained in those ‘little things’ is the secret of our victory!

    • My bad aftertaste was in my mouth. While the power outages had not affected us** (suburb north of Dallas), my wife and I discovered there was a water boil order for consumption and bathing (?!) in place after her soup tasted really off with a weird film on it. This after a rash began developing on my hands when washing them earlier that day.

      **I reserve the right to change my mind on whether or not this affected us until I’ve seen this month’s electric bill.

  11. This is an OP. I work in the Permian and drive across the whole state every three weeks. Lived in Austin for a few years, mom still does.
    These articles trying to explain why the power was shut off is total BS. It gets below freeze quite a bit. To say this is extreme is a bit of a stretch. There are windmills everywhere and someone decided to make them stop. How is it they work all over the world else where but here they don’t? Same with the Nuclear BS. We had plenty of notice the cold was coming. At least a week. They make industrial trailered heaters ya know.
    This was a grift to steal money, demoralize, and in some instances kill off more poor people. This was nothing short of a terror exorcise. Something you might not know….There was almost no fuel to be bought. I drove all the way across the state. Very scarce. Also, water was shut off for whole towns. Try living without water, power, and fuel in winter. Not a lot of options. And now they want those that did have power pay through the nose? Fuck off.

  12. Weather modification via HAARP, the fatal flaw meteorology. Training airheaded cupcakes to point at green screens as spokespeople doesn’t help improve the forecasting models either. Were there an actual; desire for an improved model, then an honest investigation into Wilhelm Reich’s orgone energy flow hypothesis might yield a more reliable one.

    However, as long as weather modification psy ops such as we have just endured in Texas continue, no ,model will be reliable

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