Florida Braces for ‘Freeze-Mageddon’ as Citrus Growers in Cross-Fire

By Tyler Durden | 26 January 2022

ZERO HEDGE — What we’re about to share is absolutely stunning and could put South Florida in the path of an Arctic airmass this weekend.

The National Weather Service (NWS) in Miami warns of an “Arctic air mass heading into South Florida this upcoming weekend.” 

NWS Miami provided an infographic explaining the potential setup that could leave area-wide frost and freezing conditions in South Florida.

“Temperatures on Saturday are forecast to not get out of the 50s over most of the area, and even southern areas around Miami may struggle to reach 60 degrees under clearing skies and gusty northwest winds,” NWS Miami said. “This will set the stage for the coldest night and morning which will likely be Saturday night and Sunday morning.” […]

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  1. This January is perhaps the coldest, snowiest in my 70 years of memory here in south central Ontario. All the climate changers/human caused global warmers have suddenly quieted down. Although this cold snap in Florida is not the first, it will be one of the worst. The cycles of the Sun, plus cloud cover degrees control our weather, not internal combustion engines.

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