The Vanishing Confederacy – 5 Things Not Mentioned

PHOTO: via Renegade Tribune

20 August 2017

By Callwen | Renegade Tribune


Many of these Confederate monuments honor the dead. And what is happening is a hateful spitting on the graves of those who lived in a very different time, over 150 years ago.

The subversive message here is White Lives Don’t Matter. And the random acts of anti-white violence and rhetoric that spins off it, is the desired effect.


Many are works of art in themselves, from the Victorian era of the late 1800s, when mourning was an art form with its own symbolic language. They were built of enduring material, lasting 130 years in the elements, and often tell a story with guardian angels, weeping willows and laurel wreaths held close in defeat.


It’s a women’s issue.  From San Antonio to Savannah, it was Southern women that raised the money to honor their fallen men.

Confederate Memorial services, Arlington, Virginia 1922

The Lion of Atlanta was erected in 1894 by the Atlanta Ladies Memorial to honor 3,000 unknown Confederate dead buried right there in that area. It’s symbolic of the courage they had to fight for what they believed in.

One of the four statues taken down in Baltimore under the cover of night, and with no public notice was the Confederate Women’s Monument, dedicated in 1917. […]

4 Comments on The Vanishing Confederacy – 5 Things Not Mentioned

  1. Why would we as a nation care about these monuments if they are as you say they are…. Monuments. After all the dead they supposedly commemorate are treasonous soldiers of an enemy state.

    Besides there are ZERO confederate monuments where people visit to honor their great-great grandfathers. They are used to catch pigeon droppings and as backgrounds for the occasional KKK get together.

    • Absurd points. Why don’t you give us the location of your family cemetery where the real long forgotten old timers are buried and we can send somebody over to shit on and otherwise vandalize their headstones. We can check your attitude about it afterwards.

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