Reddit Crawling With Bots, Especially on Pizzagate-Related Posts


Reddit is an out of control cesspool of the worst order, which why discussions are apparently migrating over to Voat. I hope that solution works.

Today’s New Nationalist (TNN) article shared over at Reddit earlier this morning drew a prima facie and rather comical example of a bot trying to disrupt the conversation on Pizzagate. “Clovize” is TNN and, of course, “Jpop” is the non-human bot. Jpop made the first comment within minutes of the post. Who funds this kind of operation? Naturally, the Reddit moderators take all this down after five hours, but here is what transpired.

jpop23mn 0 points an hour ago

oh, c’mon! This is clearly the fake news that makes us lol bad

clovize[S] 2 points an hour ago

Given your garbled syntax, I have a capcha to determine if you are a human or a bot. Answer this question: are dominos played on cheese or pasta?

jpop23mn [score hidden] 59 minutes ago

I’m still not convinced

[–]lemonyfresh3667 [score hidden] 57 minutes ago

A bot lol, gives the same comment to every pizzag8 post

jpop23mn via /r/conspiracy sent 9 minutes ago

bot? Shill? That’s original

[–]clovize[S] 1 point 4 minutes ago

Wow, first hand glimpse of a non-human bot in action.

TNN learns a little more about jpop23mn-

And then you see the wear-them-down snarky comments like this exchange. Is it from real humans, or zombies?

[–]TheRedditRockhound [score hidden]

Read his post history, he is trolling you… And you look like an idiot because you couldn’t figure it out for yourself


5 Comments on Reddit Crawling With Bots, Especially on Pizzagate-Related Posts

  1. Re the demise of Reddit etc … Will the last forum allowing truther postings please turn out the lights before departing the internet

    Cabal is getting pretty good at subverting or inducing censoring on, every major internet forum for expressing alternative views … & marginalising anyone who isn’t co-operating, shunting them into web ghettos that are fragmented & with little outward reach … plus soiling everything with good dollops of confusion

    And even seemingly sincere part-truther people are getting hooked by one or another cabal-sponsored semi-truth meme, e.g., more passionately anti-Hillary or more obsessively anti-Trump … and so become self-limiting or even petty dictators of agendas, ex-truthers really, on sites which they control or on which they have influence … so they too lose audience & relevance & value

    The younger generations do not know enough of life … and have the raw survival instinct that, living in surveillance world (which CIA hoaxer & fraud ‘Edward Snowden’ was created to publicise), if they want to make a little dosh they need to not fight the flow too much … so they tend to accept the framing dominant in search results etc … We may be fooked beyond all hope

  2. Voat itself has been totally shut down before by its web-host provider, & Voat itself publicly says it may need to censor just to survive … Voat in 2015:

    « Our hosting provider, has terminated all our contracts and shut down all our servers without issuing a warning or trying to talk to us … The reason they gave us when they notified us that they have cancelled our contract is “…we have received significant information that the content on your server includes political incorrect parts that are unacceptable for us … we cannot keep bond of trust to you as our customer” … Ladies and gentlemen, my eyes have been opened by this. I don’t know about you, but we are living in a weird world. We will have to carefully evaluate our long term options of providing a platform of free speech if we are to stay online »

    Voat was started by a Swede & run by 2 tech people in Switzerland, says content must be ‘legal’ but that’s the rub … most any politically-connected criminal can get some judge to say a site is ‘illegal’ etc … already US political criminals bribe US judges to give court orders to ban sites from Google … The other year ZeroHedge & its Bulgarian-American owner, Dan Ivandjiiski aka ‘Tyler Durden’, who hosts in Switzerland, was threatened by the Swiss with shut-down unless he promptly purged ‘anti-Semitic’ commenters

    Voat commenters warn of « constant attempts to get whatever ISP hosts Voat to terminate all services and shut it down … legal actions covered by gag orders that will force any US-based services to comply silently (hi cloudflare) … astroturfing and a rise in paid forum operatives attempting to control speech on Voat … [Voat’s] PayPal account will be the next thing to go » … Article on the past VOAT closure:

    • I was one of the purged commenters on ZH. One day my account was randomly removed. I called a spade a spade there more often than not. All that is left on ZH are pro-state Trump voters and the hive mind. Not much worth reading. Also, IMGUR and Reddit are hand in hand with CIA compromised content.

      • I’m surprised. You seem like a perfect commenter for ZH, awake, smart, well informed, add levity. Did you overpost, LoL? I am probably much worse than you, and just sail along.

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