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Whites: ‘Take Your Place in the Back of This Bitch’

Whites 'so sorry' for being so pathetic

The following video shows an organizational session before a “Black and Brown Resistance March” that took place on July 26 at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

The video shows a fat black racist woman leading the march as she repeatedly shouts, “White people, go to the back of the crowd!” A few Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) eventually decide to pitch in and chant “get back, get back” at any and all white people.

The crowd is confused — with some even getting angry — and the segregation process is not smooth. The black gets angry when some whites apparently do not listen to the instructions. So she escalates and says they will be banned from the march if they don’t get to the back immediately.

Best quotes from this spectacle:

“You will appropriately take your place in the back of this march.”

“All y’all, go to the back.”

“Take your rightful positions and get behind us [black people].”

“That’s right, black people love their own leadership.”

“So if you see any white folks, direct them to the back.”

“Get back or you’re out of this march. We are not afraid to put you out.”

“Black media get to the front, white media go to the back.”

I wonder how much more of abuse white SJWs are willing to take. I suspect they welcome opportunities like this to display their servility and prove how “not evil” good whites can be.

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  1. Some like their penitence, builds strong guilty selves. Next, I think they need to take off their shirts and flagellate their naked backs. We need more theatrics. How about a cross?

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