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Rampant Shoplifting Forces 10 Bay Area Walgreens to Close

By Tyler Durden | 5 March 2021

ZERO HEDGE — The effects of the virus pandemic and socio-economic implosion that followed compounded with failed liberal leadership could soon transform San Francisco into an empty ghost town.

Such is the case with pharmacy giant Walgreens fleeing the metro area amid a rash of shoplifting. Since 2019, Walgreens has closed ten stores in the city, with the latest store set to close later this month. The closure is the third since October 2020.

According to Washington Examiner, the Walgreens at the corner of Bush and Larkin streets posted a notification on their front windows announcing the closure on Mar. 17.

“All of us knew it was coming. Whenever we go in there, they always have problems with shoplifters,” a regular customer, Sebastian Luke, told the San Francisco Chronicle[…]

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  1. LOL, here’s how the Washington Examiner reports on an incident of shoplifting shown in a video:

    One October incident was caught on video as Inside Edition reporters were following a story on the rampant larcenies. A thief, donning black clothing, was seen on video scaling a counter, grabbing an air vent, and leaving the store on a scooter as shelves in the store were left bare from similar sprees.

    I think the fact the shoplifter is black is a LOT more relevant to why these stores are closing than the color of clothing the shoplifters wear — rampant shoplifting in SF caused by the DA’s policies (it does not have much to do with the “virus pandemic”) is a notorious problem in the SFBA; I commented about it here before — there are a number of videos showing the shoplifting; the vast majority of the shoplifters in the videos I’ve seen were black, a few were brown — I never saw a White shoplifter in one of these videos — if anyone finds a white person shoplifting in one of these SF shoplifting videos, let me know/post a link.

  2. This all started with the reprobate Gavin Newsom. During the era of Joe Montana we would stay at the St. Francis after Christmas and through New Years. It was a great town with the 49’rs spirit, the shopping, the wharf, and China Town. Now it’s all gone.

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