The Use of Cultists and Serial Killers in Death Squad Hits

Editor note: This is a repeat of a previous article that we are reposting and it ties into- Who and What Was Behind ‘The Exorcist’ Movies?

There are several levels of death squad hits. At the first level are high level political assassins, such as Operation 40. These individuals are more black ops types that come out of military and intelligence.

But there is a need to conduct hits at a lower level as well. These death squads get rid of innocent witnesses or nosy people. They enforce the Mafia, CIA, Mossad, police and cultists operatives’ strict, enforceable code of silence.

I also now suspect that there are targeted hits done under the murky cover of the staged deceptions. This may have happened in the Las Vegas event and certainly on 9/11.

For me it was this pardon that connected the dots.  Bush let hundreds of death-row prisoners, including women, an elderly grandmother, crimes of passion murderers and, as it turns out, a few innocent people — but not ol’ Henry, one of the most evil serial killers in history. Meanwhile, brother Jeb in Florida commuted the sentence of Lucas’ vicious partner in crime, Otis Toole. Both were kept in high security blocks in prison to spare them from the general population.

Both also claimed to be members of a cult called the Hand of Death. The most talented of this group were hired as contract killers. Lucas was extremely lethal with a knife.

Many of the worst killers in recent American history have this bizarre, satanic, cultist or ring affiliation and/or military background. The video below covers deliberate military programs to find and train command assassins. I also believe, based upon other research, that death squad activity in America (and abroad) is much more widespread than anybody can imagine.

Profiles in Sadism: The Highly Decorated, Highly Despicable Canadian Colonel David Russell Williams

American culture is so depraved now that there are scores of videos, games and entertainment around the theme of contract hit men, cult assassins, death cults, etc. Throw in some MK Ultra and Phoenix program influences, and one can only imagine what evil is being unleashed on the world. And how many little Palestinian kids or Middle Eastern street urchins have been kidnapped and put through these Manchurian Candidate programs over the last decades? How many are being plucked out of refugee camps today?

Is it a coincidence that serial killing was some “modern-era plague?” Both Lucas and Toole admitted that they were professional hit men when they weren’t involved with their normal hobby of recreational murder. But they adamantly refused — as if following a Mafia code — to give any particulars about their professional activities.

I believe the theory of killers from cultist groups makes more sense as cover than hiring Mafia hit men. Nobody would really believe the former anyway. David McGowan wrote a book called “Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder.”

What’s the connection to Bush you ask? George W. was “doing family business” in Brownsville, Texas, and brother Jeb was in “banking” down in Venezuela. Here’s another Occam’s Razor scenario for you: Do you think it was ratline drug-money laundering and smuggling via Texas Commerce Bank? Why would the son of a billionaire family be in an ugly border-town hellhole like Brownsville, Texas? Earning his crime cabal spurs is my “conspiracy theory.”

Going a little deeper down the Texas Commerce Bank rabbit hole …

Saudi Investment Organization Dallah Al-Baraka Holding (Mahfouz) did a 1985 sweetheart purchase of the Texas Commerce Bank Tower for $200 million during the mid 1980s Texas oil business crash. Mahfouz’s purchase greatly benefited the fortunes of Papa Bush’s confidant and Secretary of State James Baker, law firm Baker & Botts and the Baker family — founders and principal holders of Texas Commerce stock. For those who may not have been following the story, Mahfouz was a principal shareholder of the extremely corrupt BCCI in the ’80s and is Osama bin Laden’s brother-in-law as well as major financial supporter.

So back to Brownsville. Wouldn’t you know it, Henry Lee Lucas was there, too, living on one of the satanic-cult ranches out in the desert. Perhaps you remember a story from a couple decades ago about the discovery of a mass grave out at one of those ranches. If not, here’s a Texas Monthly article from 1989 about it.

In one of his interviews, Lucas said that was a neighboring cult ranch but that “we had the same thing going on.” Mass burials around Brownsville got back on the news radar in recent years; but in reality, it has been going on in one form or another for decades. Lucas is often dismissed as a pathological liar, then later his claims often turn out to be confirmed.

When lawmen finally began to sort things out, the ritual killings seemed almost predestined. A map drawn two years ago by confessed mass-killer Henry Lee Lucas had predicted with inexplicable accuracy that the bodies of victims of satanic rituals would be found about where Kilroy and others were found.”

So here we see the mafia code being employed. If you show no loyalty or some support to your death-squad goons, word gets around that you are a bad don to work for. So a powerful crime family like the Bushes’ has to take care of their own “employees” as part of doing business. The arrangement is fundamental to answering your question. Hit men like Lucas and Toole maintain the code of silence to their death, and their death sentences are commuted and they can serve time in relative comfort in a security block. Start talkin’ shit and they would be shanked in the general prison population.

Please visualize this properly. In no way am I saying George W. was hands on in dealing with Lucas. That’s called plausible denial, also a Mob method. There is a cadre of Saul Goodman-type lawyers to handle such filth. In fact, the Bushes humanitarian gesture toward notorious serial killers may not involve their own rackets at all, but may have been for some other member of the cabal’s crime network, including the alphabet agencies.

Cover ups are conducted at high levels and the U.S. press is now completely worthless as far as uncovering truth. If anybody asks tough questions, they are labelled, humiliated and mocked. In the past, whistle blowers and investigative journalists might emerge, but that is rare anymore. The fates of these courageous people are most sickening of all to me personally, and it’s the most damaging to the country. The assassination of investigative journalist Michael Hastings is illustrative.

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  1. My neighbor, a former USAF colonel, has a son who is a lifer in army Special Forces. The son’s area of specialty is Latin America. “They kill people down there all the time” was how the proud father described the son’s activities to me.

  2. Wow.

    Re Timothy McVeigh: probably not a serial killer. See: The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror 1998

    Hoffman’s argument that Timothy McVeigh was a pawn of others in the April 1995 Oklahoma City bombing begins with a single but powerful premise: that a bomb made of fertilizer and fuel oil couldn’t have caused the massive structural damage to the Murrah Federal Building, despite the federal government’s insistence to the contrary. Hoffman’s experts argue that it would have taken either a special explosive additive to the fuel oil-fertilizer bomb or military-type explosives to create sufficient destructive power. Both suppositions point to a conspiracy larger than simply McVeigh and his friend Terry Nichols. Hoffman believes the real architects of the tragedy are neo-Nazi groups McVeigh mixed with, possibly connected to Middle Eastern terrorists. With McVeigh and Nichols both found guilty, some people wish to end the matter. Hoffman’s mountain of evidence will suggest to others that additional co-conspirators may very well exist. Brian McCombie

    The Oklahoma City bombing appears to be a template for a drill that goes live without the publicly identified “perps” being aware of that. Pretty fascinating and sickening stuff.

    • This book is pretty far behind the curve on the OKC bomb plot. The principals were Andreas Strassmeir, Rahm Emanuel and Rafael Eitan. The problem is getting the case to court.

  3. ‘ …the U.S. press is now completely worthless as far as uncovering truth. If anybody asks tough questions, they are labelled, humiliated and mocked. In the past, whistle blowers and investigative journalists might emerge, but that is rare anymore.’

    NYT’s Risen’s recent long article demonstrates how tightly the lid is kept closed and how scripted the ‘news’ is

    • The NYT is a Mexican Narco-terrorist propaganda site. It should be considered part of the underground terrorist network.

  4. A little home grown narrative from the southern/midwestern town I live in. Insignificant as it is, to say Gotham City, the town of Memphis Tn. has some pretty interesting history. The town itself’s name is derived from Egypt and was founded by a freemason, John Overton. The principal ruling potentate is Fred Smith of Federal Express fame. Fred was a classmate and fellow skull and bones member with George W Bush. An interesting local published bio came out in the 70’s on the rise of Federal Express and Fred Smith….as I recall he was in Marine intelligence, but I certainly recall the fact that Fred killed a man with a car on the streets of Memphis. No formal charges were filed. And anyone who suggests that this was a ritual killing that was a necessary rite into fame and fortune skull and bones style must be crazy. This is also the town that produced Georgia Tann who ran a child trafficking ring for decades with the collaboration of a local judge and the sure knowledge of the Crump machine. She stole babies and sold many to the hollywood elite. The numbers involved reached into the hundreds if not thousands. A historical incident worth looking into. Here is the home of that great influence on American culture, Elvis, Whose memorial every year draws thousands in August to the grave site that has the star of David symbol planted on it. Just across the river is West Memphis where the young boys were satanically murdered in the 90’s and the hollywood elite showed up to free the killers some years later. And of course the murder of MLK that shook the whole world occured here. A jury found some 35 years after the fact that the American Govt. was directly involved in the killing. Never made a dent in the MSM. Well just a little narrative from a mid size southern city….as you say…nothing really to see here so just move along.

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