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How Societies Are Imprisoned: The Whole World Will One Day be Like Hollywood?


By Brandon Smith | 24 February 2021

ALT-MARKET — I rarely write about Hollywood or the film industry, primarily because there is a vast array of analysts and YouTubers in the alternative media that discuss the bizarre behaviors and trespasses of Tinsel Town on a daily basis. They usually have it covered. That said, every once in a while I find that events in Hollywood reflect a much more pervasive dynamic in our culture and that the bigger picture needs to be addressed.

I also want to be clear that when I talk about “Hollywood” I am not only referring to the place; I’m referring to the entire corporate empire. I’m including Netflix and other streaming companies that may not work completely out of LA. They are all funded and run by the same people anyway.

Hollywood and the corporate cabal behind it have long sought to be the center of America’s cultural universe. In other words, they are seeking to pervert the natural dynamic so that life imitates art instead of art imitating life. And, if they control all the art then they control people’s perceptions of life.

The concept of “Manufacturing Consent”, posited by people like Noam Chomsky, plays a role here, but I think it goes far beyond that. Rather, Hollywood seeks to not only manufacture consent from the public, but also to manufacture the public’s relationship to reality. They don’t just want us to keep our heads down and begrudgingly accept their ideological zealotry; they want us to believe that their way is and always was the ONLY way. […]

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  1. ‘The Prisoner’ tv show provides a great example of ‘Number 6’s outwitting the predictive programming & its all out use of brutal techno/drug torture to get ‘information’. The idyllic ‘village’, which residents are happily broken -compliant citizens, provides perfect cover- unlike our current world where ‘predictive programming’ rears its ugly head here, there & anywhere for us masses to ‘tolerate’.

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