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Good Riddance, Ginsburg. Hola, Lagoa? (Updates)

Notorious RBG Painting by Joel Tesch
‘Notorious RBG’ painting by Joel Tesch

Has our October surprise come early? Officials announced the death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday evening. (Are they sure she’s not just napping?)

Russ’ Take: She’s hasn’t been seen since February. Was she put in a morgue cooler earlier this year? The timing of her death on the Jewish new year (rosh hashanah) goes toward contributing to even more chaos and crisis. It’s sketchy at best. What’s in the script now?

With the announcement, the Lugenpresse disclosed Ginsburg’s dying wish: Do not fill her SCOTUS seat until there’s a new president in office.

One day later, (it had appeared that) Trump had sent to the Senate his choice for her replacement: Barbara Lagoa from the election battleground state of Florida. Lagoa is a Trump-nominated member of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, vetted in October 2019.

Barbara Lagoa
Barbara Lagoa

Lagoa’s also the 52-year-old daughter of migrants who fled Castro’s Cuba. At cursory glance, it appears that — unlike Ginsburg — she’s probably not Jewish nor a cultural Marxist.

Happy Hunger Games, Barbara!

UPDATE: Sunday afternoon, I learned that Trump’s nomination of Lagoa for SCOTUS is not certain after all. The Lugenpresse universally are reporting that she is one of a few women Trump is considering for the post.

According to Fox News, aside from Lagoa, the other top contender is Amy Coney Barrett from New Orleans. Trump appointed Barrett to the bench of the Seventh Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in 2017. Revolver offers a good cursory review and analysis of Barrett’s strengths and weaknesses.

Trump will make his decision “next week,” Fox reports.

Who is Amy Coney Barrett? - YouTubeI discovered the news of Lagoa’s nomination late last night while reading her Wiki bio. After doing a double take on the news in the third paragraph of her Wiki intro, I confirmed it with a few other common news sources. But on Sunday afternoon, I discovered the news was reporting the nomination was not decided. Her intro on Wiki page has since been scrubbed from a couple paragraphs down to one sentence, and the mention of her in relation to SCOTUS is now much further down the page. I see no news corrections.

Election Impact

Both Democrats and Republicans claim their opponent is going to pull shenanigans to steal the election.

Republicans claim Democrat states are essentially using the scamdemic as an excuse to deploy helicopter ballots (like “helicopter money”) across Democrat-controlled communities in order to stuff postal service mailboxes with fraudulent votes.

Democrats claim Republicans are going to try to suppress votes by deliberately slowing down the operations of the U.S. Postal Service.

Questions still remain as to how long precincts will be allowed to accept mail-in ballots. Is extra time really needed — or even legally allowed? How many more provisions of our constitutional democracy will be tossed aside in the age of Covid?

Trump added fuel to the fire in July when he told Fox News he might not step down should he lose the election.

Donald Trump refused to give a clear answer on whether he would accept this year’s presidential election results in an exclusive wide-ranging interview with Fox News, which aired Sunday.

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace pressed Trump to “give a direct answer” on whether he would accept the Nov. 3 election results or not.

“I have to see. Look, you — I have to see. No, I’m not going to just say ‘yes.’ I’m not going to say no and I didn’t last time either,” Trump said.

Hillary Clinton in an interview last month said Biden should not concede the 2020 presidential election regardless of the outcome, and it wasn’t the first time she’s made such a statement.

“Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances, because I think this is going to drag out, and eventually I do believe he will win if we don’t give an inch, and if we are as focused and relentless as the other side is,” Clinton said in an interview with her former communications director Jennifer Palmieri for Showtime’s “The Circus,” which released a clip Tuesday.

Here’s a lesser-known fun fact: Hillary has been advising Harris on her campaign since late last year — maybe longer. And Harris’ sister, Maya Harris, was Hillary’s senior adviser for her 2016 campaign. Cozy, isn’t it?

So there’s more than a fair chance that SCOTUS will have to weigh in on the 2020 election. This happened in the Bush-Gore election of 2000. Remember the hanging chads in Florida?

  • Bush v. Gore531 U.S. 98 (2000) The recount of ballots in Florida during the 2000 presidential election violated the Equal Protection Clause because different standards of counting were used in the counties that were subjected to the recount. This decision effectively resolved the election in favor of the Republican nominee, George W. Bush.

If eight SCOTUS justices (rather than nine) are called upon to decide the 2020 election and the decision is deadlocked, then what? A do over? Or is it possibly treated as a contingent election?

A contingent election happens when the electoral count and popular vote is non-conclusive for some reason. In such a case, the U.S. House of Representatives (currently Democrat-controlled) steps in to decide who becomes president, and the U.S. Senate chooses the vice president. Until such decisions are made, the current vice president becomes the acting president. This is my non-legal amateur interpretation of a possible scenario, for whatever it’s worth.

SCOTUS justices are appointed by the Senate, which is currently controlled by Republicans by a narrow margin. If Republicans lose control of the Senate in the upcoming election, they will still have until Jan. 3 to appoint a new justice. If Republicans retain control of the Senate but lose the presidency, they will have until Jan. 20. The November to January period between the election and the transitions of power is called the “lame duck” session.

UPDATE: On Sunday, Democrat House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California said she will not rule out impeaching Trump and U.S. Attorney Gen. William Barr if the U.S. Senate tries to appoint Trump’s nominee to the bench during the lame duck session.

If the Senate fails to appoint Lagoa and Biden wins the election, Biden plans choose the next SCOTUS justice from his list of black women, a list he said he would provide prior to the election but has yet to reveal. Given his choice of Kamala Harris as his veep, expectations are low.

Eulogizing Ginsburg

Now, I know it seems kind of harsh to dance on the old yenta’s grave before she’s even reached room temperature, but for far too long Ginsburg has been a malevolent force driving much of what is wrong in the United States today, and a political hack to boot.

In her 27 years on the bench since Bill Clinton appointed her in 1993, this New York judge developed a long track record of standing against constitutional liberties and Christian values while being a champion for homosexual movements.

Ginsburg believed that a Christian conservative wedding cake designer in Colorado should not be allowed to decline an order for a homosexual civil union.

She believed only militias should be allowed to have guns.

She believed the Boy Scouts of America should not be allowed to deny membership, including troop leader positions, to homosexual adult men.

Read “The Discordian Pederast Destruction of the Boy Scouts of America”

She held that students should not be allowed to pray during school football games, and that religious schools, such as Catholic schools, must be prevented from receiving public funding.

She supported ending restrictions that prevented children from purchasing violent video games.

And she supported no restrictions on abortions, including controversial partial-birth abortions.

She believed that people should be allowed to rally and picket at funerals without fear of being sued by the deceased’s family for emotional distress.

She held that corporations and labor unions should be allowed to give unlimited political donations to candidates, but an individual’s contributions should be limited.

She believed that employees should be forced to pay union dues even if they don’t want to be members.

She did not believe individuals should have the right to grow marijuana at home for personal medicinal purposes.

And she held that religious symbols should not be allowed on public lands, such as Christmas trees in government buildings and holy crosses at war memorial cemeteries. She felt it violates separation of church and state.

Ginsberg 2.0

Though Ginsburg is (probably) gone, her proxy remains: one Justice Kagan, a mediocre Obama appointee whose decisions have been in lock step with Ginsburg’s since taking the bench. Be sure to check out Russ Winter’s article on Kagan.

Read “Appointment of Justice Kagan to Supreme Court Was More Tribe Nepotism and Hackery”

Supreme Court Justice Kagan laughing all the way to the bank. PHOTO: Bloomberg/Rod Lamkey Jr./AFP/Getty

18 Comments on Good Riddance, Ginsburg. Hola, Lagoa? (Updates)

  1. Reading the USA 12th amendment from 1804 that governs contested elections, one key point is that in possibly selecting a President, the USA House votes not numerically, but by state delegation each having one vote … so a state with one congressional rep is equal to California with its 52 congress persons

    Currently there are 26 Republican states, a majority, in the Congress House, the Democrats being more in big states … that could change however

    The Congress voting for President in January will be the new Congress ‘elected’ in November. US federal law says that the winners of the November election, are ‘certified’ by the governors of the states … 26 states currently have Republican governors.

    But the US Constitution also says, above that law, that ‘Each House shall be the Judge of the Elections, Returns and Qualifications of its own Members’

    So the House or Senate could possibly pre-rig the vote, by denying House or Senate Membership to people it claims were ‘unjustly’ elected

    The corrupt – and as Israel Shamir notes, quite Judaic – practice in the USA, is to toss things to the courts like in 2000, tho actually the USA Constitution makes the Congress supreme over even the Supreme Court –

    Because it gives unlimited powers to the US House to impeach, and to the Senate to hold trial and remove, any and all USA Supreme Court and federal court justices and judges, if they are not in ‘good behaviour’, such as acting against the Constitution or USA citizenry

    But they hardly ever do that … when the Supreme Court declared in 1993 that being innocent gives you no right not to be executed, and joined with Texas governor Ann Richards to put to death plausibly-totally-innocent Latino veteran Leonel Torres Herrera, all 6 of the Justices who voted for that should have been immediately impeached as satanic corrupt individuals. As dissenting Justice Blackmun said at the time, the Supreme Court essentially became murderous.

    powerful meme photo, Leonel Torres Herrera

    • It’s a horrible devil’s bargain in the U.S. if you’re wrongly accused of murder in a capital punishment state. Typically, if you plead innocence and are found guilty, you’re put on death row. If you plead guilty, you remove the risk of execution and might even be able to eventually receive parole.

    • Brabantian, Congress has the power to remove jurisdiction from the federal courts (including the Supreme Court) any issue it pleases, thus unbinding the Government from any erroneous or unconstitutional rulings. this should have been done anytime the court legislated from the bench. Of course, this would require a spine and moral fortitude, this lacking in the professional political class.

      OT, I believe any serving government official, especially elected ones should not hold dual citizen status. One must give up this status in order to serve in an elected (or appointed) position. That would eliminate a major hold Israel has over Congress.Most commie traitors in both houses seem to hold this status.I guess one can dream, right?

  2. Ding Dong the Witch is dead…. Congratulations to the United States, the grotesque Ginsburg is gone. Thinking Americans must be relieved and celebrating. The question must be who will replace her? Not another Yenta for pity’s sake.

  3. There is absolutely zero difference between Trump promising to nominate a woman and Biden promising to nominate a black woman- both are promising to adhere to identity politics and it’s disgraceful. This ain’t a meritocracy, folks.

  4. RBG was a Zionist first, and an American much farther down the list. She enabled LGBT deviants to be able to get to the stage they’re at.
    Take a moment, listen to the Supreme Court Justices ask questions of the plaintiff and defendant. You will hear the questions RBG asks, and WoW was she outclassed by her peers on the bench. Not saying she was dumb. I am saying all this Notorious RBG is a real Psyop.

  5. Very few humans are given jobs for life: popes, monarchs, dictators, slaves, some professors, and judges. Equality is equality, so everyone should be forced to retire from their career job at the same age. Then they are free to continue working freelance or for some other company if they choose, or change careers, or relax and enjoy the fruits of their labour, instead of clinging on to their old job like a lamprey, jaws sunk into the side of a fish.

    Two things astonish me about this Drooling Lamprey Ginsberg saga. First, that Americans threw off an unelected monarchy appointed for life, only to establish a “Judocracy”, Rule by Unelected Judges appointed for life, whose edicts override all other branches of their supposedly democratic government.

    Secondly, that Americans turn a blind eye to the indisputable fact that Supreme Court Justices have been trampling on the Constitution for decades, spewing out edicts on matters over which they have NO JURISDICTION. If it ain’t in the Constitution, it’s no business of the Supreme Court. And that means all their grandiose judgments on abortion, sodomite marriage & all the rest of it, are NULL & VOID. The fact that neither the legislative nor executive branches have called out the Judocracy for this overreach shows they are all complicit in the Satanic Globalist agenda.

  6. I reckon it’s plausible that ginsburg has been dead a while and was put on ice to delay her replacement. But I’m a serial doubter living in conspiracy land. But following the open source admissions of her activity- she’s been out of sight since March. The supreme court handed out a couple rulings and their written opinions *online* in July (a key difference from how justices usually announce their decisions- from the bench), after meeting and arguing via telephone in May, in which their voices *but NOT their images* were made available to the public. I guess like the public schools, the supreme court couldn’t figure out zoom meetings either. So she hasn’t been seen in 6 months, sans a single (and I reckon easily faked) Twitter pic of her presiding over a wedding in August for a democratic operative. The wedding was a month after announcements were made that she was getting chemo treatments again, during a pandemic in which she’s in the most at risk population, being 87 with cancer… Cool story! Lugenpress articles considered this a public appearance, even though it was a private wedding held at a private residence. So to recap: one Twitter pic and some voice recordings in over 6 months, to prove that this woman was still alive. I ain’t buying it. And then to top it off, the media comes out with the sob story of her dying wish to not be replaced by the president before the election- an opinion that exemplifies her obvious lack of knowledge of the constitution, and her blatant disregard for it.

  7. Russ, I can’t believe my comment was not allowed to stand. As Tom Cruise famously
    said in ‘A Few Good Men’ > “Now that was damn funny.” I thought so anyway 🙂

    • Russ didn’t remove your comment. I did. I don’t tolerate trolls in the comments section of my posts. Before chiming in at Winter Watch with commentary that bashes all women kind, I recommend you check the post’s author. If it says “Torchy,” move along.

  8. One issue that convinced me that RBG was unfit to serve in the courts was her comment about lowering age of consent laws to the age of 12. This stance was a tell that she was a very wicked soul and more than likely not playing with a full deck. Good riddance.

    Most likely she will be replaced by a closet globalist whom will serve the interests of the “Tribe”. Even if we don’t get an outright commie I’m willing to bet that the individual will be compromised so when an important ruling comes up, they will vote the way the blackmailers will it to be.

    either way the usurers win, we lose..

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