Jews Cry Foul: Candidates Aren’t Pandering Enough to Israel (This 5 Minutes)

Protester burning an Israeli flag now in front of a secure perimeter outside the DNC convention while chanting "intifada." PHOTO: Screenshot/Byron Tao/Twitter

Republican Jews Slam Democrats for Anti-Israel Tone at Convention

By Nathan Guttman | 29 July 2016

FORWARD — Jewish Republicans were watching the Democratic convention in Philadelphia very closely — and they didn’t like what they saw when it comes to Israel.

A 60-second video ad put out by the Republican Jewish Coalition Friday derided the Democrats as Israel-hating radicals.

The RJC’s recap of the week’s highlights include Georgia Rep. Hank Johnson calling Israeli settlers termites, the waving of a Palestinian flag on the convention floor, and the burning of Israeli flag outside the convention.

“Anti Israel voices are all around Philadelphia,” the RJC ad states. Expressing what could be seen as nostalgic longing to a time when, apparently, Jewish Republicans were sympathetic toward Democrats, the ad concludes:

“Sadly, this isn’t the old Democratic Party’ it’s today’s Democratic Party.”

Watch the full RJC ad, here. []

Donald Trump Brushes Off Questions About Trip to Israel: ‘I’m Not Traditional’

By Drew Gerber | 27 July 2016

FORWARD — Donald Trump brushed off questions about whether he will travel to Israel before Election Day.

The Republican presidential candidate insisted at a Wednesday press conference that he would not necessarily follow in the footsteps of other White House hopefuls who have journeyed to Israel.

“It’s a tradition, but I’m not traditional,” said Trump. “I don’t know, I haven’t set my schedule.”

In May, Trump said he was planning a trip to Israel, and as recently as last month campaign sources told New York Magazine that the candidate was planning an Israel trip prior to the Republican National Convention.

However, Trump has not visited Israel since he declared his candidacy last year.

At the press conference, Trump argued that while he would like to go to Israel, he already has a strong relationship with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Before moving on to other questions, Trump slammed President Obama for not being a strong enough supporter of the Jewish state and emphasized that he stands with Israel “100%.”

However, Trump canceled a trip to Israel to meet with Netanyahu last December after the Israeli Prime Minister publicly condemned Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims. Instead, Trump tweeted that he would meet with Netanyahu “after I become President.” []

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