‘Y’all Country Is Nuts’: Citing Racism, U.S. Rapper Azealia Banks Vows to ‘Never Ever Ever’ Visit Israel Again

PHOTO: via 4chan

Banks went on a tweetstorm about the racism and rudeness she says she experienced while in Israel for her concert in Tel Aviv

American rapper Azealia Banks performs at the Barby in Tel Aviv, Israel, May 8, 2018.By Maya Asheri | 9 May 2018

HAARETZ — American rapper Azealia Banks vowed on Wednesday never to visit Israel again, claiming she encountered racism while in the country for her show in Tel Aviv on Monday.

Banks said she was treated badly on account of her skin color on multiple occasions, claiming that a rabbi sitting next to her on the plane offered her money for sex, and that service vendors in Tel Aviv treated her badly because she’s black. She also said she was held up at Ben-Gurion International Airport because of her skin color.

“I will never ever ever ever ever go to Israel again. I love my fans but y’all gonna have to fly out to come see me because y’all country is nuts,” Banks tweeted. […]

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