Tim Kaine Liar/Jesuit/CIA Operative with Dark Past

By Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, MD, PhD | 22 August 2016

STEVE PIECZENIK TALKS — When I hear a Catholic political candidate speak, I am compelled to ask myself “what he is he really saying?” I double down on my doubts if that Catholic candidate was particularly proud of going to an all boys Jesuit High School. In fact, I am completely incredulous when a person like Senator Time Kaine waxes poetic about his peon days in Honduras while serving the poor and hungry, during the turbulent Reagan era of the 1980’s.

Thanks to Daniel Hopsicker’s MadCowNews article entitled, “Tim Kaine’s Unlikely Biography”, I was finally able to understand the blatant lies behind this penultimate sociopath-Tim Kaine.This stuff will never be exposed in the biased-rigged-owned-by-drugpeddling-Mexican NYTimes.

Kaine is the doppleganger to his teammate, Hillary. I should have realized that she would pick this effeminate-male-counterpart to her masculine-brain-damaged-assertiveness. Hopsicker correctly points out that Kaine was sent down to Honduras during the tumultuous time when the Jesuits were working with CIA summa cum laude operative, Ambassador John Negroponte.

Suis generis, Jesuit missionaries working in Honduras would have been understandable. A Jesuit working in concert with Negroponte, then we have a Vietnam/Laos redux a la Catholics In Action [CIA]. Both these men created a scenario of “blood and guts” spilled all over cocaine crates and countless thousands of dead innocent Honduran bodies.

In contrast to Kaine’s descriptions of living a simple, humble life along with Honduran peasants, Tim really lived like this: “Timmy slept in a gated community with restricted access and grounds that included offices, residences, a swimming pool, a country club, and part of a golf course. A subsidiary of United Fruit Co. had generously sold their company retreat to the Jesuits for its headquarters.”

When he spoke of teaching students carpentry  and welding, he forgot to mention that Americans were shipping, at the insistence of Jewish neo-con Elliot Abrahms, [now at the CFR leading democracy studies], over $282M USD of bulldozers, weapons and military accessories.

The reason Kaine and Negroponte were in Honduras at the same time doing the devil’s work was to create an illegal army [Contras] to fight in Nicaragua against the Sandinistas.“American troops poured in for saber-rattling maneuvers to intimidate the Sandinistas. American intelligence agents [Tim Kaine] trained Hondurans in surveillance, interrogation and torture……”

Doesn’t this sound familiar to Vietnam/Laos/Cambodian veterans? CIA creates the ongoing disaster and the U.S. military extracts us out of it. Never one to miss an opportune moment, Kaine blabbered on about his volunteering “in exchange for meals and a place to sleep.”
Sounds humble and touching!

However, United Fruit Company [CIA cut-out] provided free passage aboard its planes, boats, cars, trucks for Kaine and his cloistered buddies; as well as, making a generous donation to the order of St. Ignatius of Loyola every year. Without a doubt, Kaine was also involved in the CIA inspired drug runs between Honduras and Florida, eventually creating the ten year cocaine-wars of Miami/Miami Beach.Those cocaine deliveries were so standard that the pilots called the CIA set-up, the ‘Trampoline’. []

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  1. Jesuit-trained Vice-Presidential candidate Tim Kaine apparently abusing his mistress with verbal violence, screaming at her like a deranged & mentally unstable psychopath, 2min20sec

    • Jesuit-trained Vice-Presidential candidate Tim Kaine, audio tape where he is apparently abusing his own 11-year-old daughter, with obscene language & shocking psychopathic verbal violence, 2m12sec

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