The Moral Relativism or Perv Justice Warrior (PJW) Question

TNN readers may have seen examples of moral relativism in the comments section of Pedogate stories. TNN has dubbed those who make comments defending pervs “perv justice warriors,” or PJWs.

For example, commenter “planetoftheatheists” showed up, apparently looked over (or just mouthed off without examination) all the pizzagate horrors and depravity, shrugged it off and declared the pervs innocent. He (or she) then feels compelled to go on the attack against the messenger. I would submit The New York Times operates under the same mentality.


The idea is to make interpersonal criticism and judgement difficult or a “hate crime” [see “Putting the Word Hate in Proper Context“] and create an anything goes, satanic-like world. Moral relativism (sometimes called nihilism) needs to be focused upon and aggressively countered by people who are still good and decent.

So, ruining the lives of these innocent business owners isn’t enough for you degenerates? I hope they sue the shit out of you.

Innocent? You sound like a moral relativism extremist who likes to use reverse projection. Your avatar name is descriptive as well. You are a perv justice warrior (PJW) .

At the bare minimum Alifantis is a world class douche bag, degenerate and pervert. And there is clear evidence and signs he is much, much worse. You won’t silence me.

Serious TNN readers are highly advised to watch this brilliant discussion by Mark Passio on this threat and what humanity faces. The alternative to subjective morality is objective truth and natural law, a core new nationalist principle.

How did jurist (((Richard Posner))) get his job and such clout? Consider that, according to Wikipeda and his Journal of Legal Studies, he is the most cited legal scholar of the 20th century. Cited by whom for heaven’s sake?

I have read his blogs and quotes and he is always acting outraged and shocked. Posner is a big time moral relativist: Katie bar the door on social issues, the more depraved the better.

On national security, Posner is unapologetic and comes up with gems such as, “I’m shocked at the thought that a company would be permitted to manufacture an electronic product that the government would not be able to search.” So in this world a subjective moral relativist gets the power to ride herd over everybody, Cheka style. May God have mercy if you ever face his PJW court and star chamber system.

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