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Super Mario Run Promotes Healthy Gender Roles – ‘Inappropriate For Children’

Obviously by now Nintendo should have made Princess Peach an empowered lesbian – what are they thinking??? IMAGE: Bros.

By Penarddun | 28 December 2016

DAILY STORMER — This white knight game reviewer Chris Suellentrop is leading a fight against Nintendo’s first Mario mobile game Super Run Mario, claiming that it’s inappropriate for children due to its stereotypical gender roles.

The retrograde gender politics of Super Mario Run are disappointing, even if this tweet makes me feel like a cliché

The horror of Princess Peach baking a cake.

Apparently it’s disgusting for any female to do that now. Feminism is clearly not a choice, and is something every female must submit too, otherwise they’re poison to their gender. Too bad they can’t realize it’s actually the other way around.

The Sun:

But feminists have rounded upon the game, with one writer suggesting it was time Mario was rescued BY his love interest Princess Peach, rather than going on missions to save her.

Chris Suellentrop, a top games reviewers at the New York Times, said the recent iPhone Super Mario Game was “inappropriate for children”.

In an era where we can watch Frozen or Moana…this is not okay,” he said on his podcast, Shall We Play, according to Heat Street.

People give Nintendo a pass because they’re family-friendly, you know what? This is not family-friendly.

Right. I wonder what he would consider family friendly…

Like Nintendo, get with the times.

Suprisingly-Not-A-Virgin-Chris’ review of the game was literally published in the New York Times:

In isolation, there’s nothing wrong with princesses or baking. My daughters love those things, too.

But Super Mario Run relegates its female characters to positions of near helplessness.

So Peach can bake a cake and be a princess but she has to be the hero of the game, otherwise it’s an attack on women? It’s a very simple, straight-forward story line and is a classic. They do not need to revamp it to avoid triggering self-made victims.

And honestly, I don’t know anybody who sits down to play Mario and actually consciously thinks about this crap. Mario is not holding women back and it’s not telling little girls they aren’t worthy or good enough. Adults are telling them that by putting those ideas into their heads.

Peach and Toadette become playable only after you complete certain tasks, which makes the women in the game feel like prizes. (To be fair, the same is true of a few male characters.)

Okay? So because it also applies to male characters are you then admitting that it has nothing to do with being sexist against women? Mario is dominated by male characters, the chances of a female character being one you have to unlock is very high.

Unlocking a character is usually considered a good thing. Games have to have some sort of reward system.

If you want something to genuinely be worried about when it comes to Mario

I think maybe Chris should reevaluate why he would put such a silly meaning behind it. I honestly feel like only someone who has a questionable outlook on women would be able to come to such warped conclusion. […]

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