5 Comments on Trump doubles down on the worst of the worst neocons

  1. LOL — Trumptards won’t notice or care — generally they are dumber than Trump, if you can believe that.

    Trump will likely be convicted of a felony for falsifying business records as part of the 2016 campaign; we’ll see what happens after that — the man is unbelievably stupid: does he not have personal funds? — why not pay the money out of his personal funds? — there’s nothing illegal about that, he can give money to whomever he wants for whatever reason he has — instead he apparently used a business account, then attempted to hide or disguise that — it makes no sense, unless you remember that Trump is an abject moron — then it all makes sense.

  2. Trump isn’t “considering anything.” He appoints who “they” tell him to appoint. People still think presidential candidates actually have a say……..

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