The return of race law

GRAPHIC: Radio Free South Africa

By Dirk Hermann | 16 July 2021

RADIO FREE SOUTH AFRICA — In its concluding observations on the fourth to eighth periodic reports of South Africa[1] the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination raised, as one of its concerns, the fact that ‘the classifications used to gather statistical data are from the former Apartheid era’.

Of concern to the UN was the undeniable fact that our democratic dispensation from government at present, and private institutions (to the extent that they are forced to do so by consequence of legislation), still obliges South African citizens to be classified as either black, white, Indian or coloured.

The government may have abolished certain racial laws from our past, but they have created new racial laws and regulations, based upon the racial classification system created by the Apartheid government. This concern of the UN has to date, received no attention whatsoever by the South African government.

The South African racial laws have one common theme and that is to transform our society as a whole by imposing certain racial requirements and/or empowering Ministers and/or their delegates or employers and businesses to have a regard for race as a factor in some way or another. […]

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