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The Miseducation of America’s Elites

PHOTO: Campus Reform

Affluent parents, terrified of running afoul of the new orthodoxy in their children’s private schools, organize in secret.

9 March 2021

COMMON SENSE WITH BARRI WEISS — The dissidents use pseudonyms and turn off their videos when they meet for clandestine Zoom calls. They are usually coordinating soccer practices and carpools, but now they come together to strategize. They say that they could face profound repercussions if anyone knew they were talking.

But the situation of late has become too egregious for emails or complaining on conference calls. So one recent weekend, on a leafy street in West Los Angeles, they gathered in person and invited me to join.

In a backyard behind a four-bedroom home, ten people sat in a circle of plastic Adirondack chairs, eating bags of Skinny Pop. These are the rebels: well-off Los Angeles parents who send their children to Harvard-Westlake, the most prestigious private school in the city.

By normal American standards, they are quite wealthy. By the standards of Harvard-Westlake, they are average. These are two-career couples who credit their own success not to family connections or inherited wealth but to their own education. So it strikes them as something more than ironic that a school that costs more than $40,000 a year — a school with Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett’s right hand, and Sarah Murdoch, wife of Lachlan and Rupert’s daughter-in-law, on its board — is teaching students that capitalism is evil. […]

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  1. Hate to use this trite phrase, but this goes to show how times have changed. I remember all too well being a student at a school just like these, in New Orleans, many years ago. A school official made the ‘terrible mistake’ of inviting a group of folk singing and dancing students from an almost all black public school to come to our school for an afternoon of singing. At some point, the black students from the public school came to the front of the bleachers where we were sitting and held out their hands for us to join them in dancing. We were all girls and we were thrilled to dance with them!! We ‘even went so far’ as to mingle and talk afterwards at the streetcar stop. No words can describe the absolute uproar that came from this day!! Letters from the Priciple and Board of Directors of the school, apologizing to the parents for the ‘mixing with the black students at the streetcar stop and especially for the dancing.’ There was even a now infamous yearbook picture of the Principle’s shocked expression as the pristine, Uptown, future debutants danced with the black boys from a public school. We’re not talking about the Deep South in the 1950s, but instead we’re talking about 1972/73.
    The agenda certainly has changed since then! Children are still heavily indoctrinated, but in the opposite direction. I now live in a European country that’s dealing with the United Nations Migration Repopulation Plan. At least the “you will be forced to be ashamed of not being ‘woke’ isn’t part of it. Not yet, at least!!

  2. These are the rebels: well-off Los Angeles parents who send their children to Harvard-Westlake, the most prestigious private school in the city.

    There are good reasons to send your kid to private school in LA without trying to portray the parents as ‘rebels’: it is one of the most illiterate cities in America, and LAUSD is one of the worst, with a HS graduation rate a few years ago of not much above 50% (and you can imagine the level of many of the graduates).

    Trump did not do well among college-educated Whites; I’m sure if you exit-polled those people in a heavily blue area like LA you’d find they supported Clinton and then Biden by > 2:1, which means their votes have helped bring about the dramatic decline of educational standards and achievement you see all over CA, especially in an immigrant dense city like LA.

    And I would not say Buffet et al are good examples of capitalism/wealth creation — people like him are part of the FIRE economy (finance, insurance, real estate).

  3. The article is indicative of a much larger problem that has now become systemic in schools everywhere. Everyone is being made to ‘see woke,’ if you will; even those against the agenda will walk on egg-shells and be measured in how they respond- if at all! Things that might have been trivial or non-existent before, will now take on meaning and be brought to peoples attention like never before. Case in point: the most recent woke Twitter issue of the day- ‘equity’ and ‘fairness’ in the current women’s college basketball tournament.

    Female Oregon Duck’s basketball player Sedona Price decided to take to Twitter a few days ago about how the weight training equipment provided for the woman’s college teams at the arena were not equal to the men’s. Here:

    As one can see from Senator Gillibrand’s response, it doesn’t just stop at weights. There is always going to be ‘something’ that needs redress. It doesn’t matter that nobody watches women’s college basketball, that it isn’t even a revenue generator; or, that,… in order to even have a woman’s college basketball program to begin with, it has to come from the money that the MEN’S football, and in many cases, basketball programs bring in to the specific university that allows them to pay for the other non-revenue generating sports.

    So now, will the NCAA have to begin budgeting every year to have the identical amount of weight training equipment for woman as well as men? Will each specific school (Divisions I, II, & III) now have to provide the same? Will women’s sports now have to be provided with the same year round training table that Div. I men’s football programs are provided with? One can see where this can, and in many cases, will lead. An absurd inverted and upside down world!

  4. Who’s Miseducating America’s Elites? — 7 of 8 Ivy League Presidents Are Jewish

    >the Principle’s shocked expression

    Leaving aside the annihilation of a genetic heritage crafted by evolution over millennia that multiracial offspring represent (it’s practically impossible to find organ/tissue donors for them), statistically there are very good reasons for the ‘shock’ or alarm/concern — a white woman who has a child with a black man has a significantly > 90% of being abandoned/ending up a single mother — also a white woman with a black man is approx 20x more likely to suffer partner violence or be killed by him (as compared to a white man).

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