LEAKED! Suppressed Police Body Cam Videos of George Floyd Incident Debunk ‘Police Abuse’ Narratives


Watch it While You Can

For the first time since the George Floyd incident two and a half months ago, the public is finally able to watch full, unobscured, uninterrupted body-cam videos totaling 18 minutes from the perspective of the officers. Footage includes body-cam videos from officers Alex Kueng and Thomas Lane.

Minneapolis prosecutors are attempting to try the case against the officers in a star chamber. Previously, very limited and brief body cam footage released to the public was obscured by black boxes, and ultimately showed nothing. When the officers’ defense attorneys requested the footage some weeks ago, they — and the public — were provided with mere transcripts. And now prosecutors are trying to block public and media access to the trial.

A screen shot example of limited, block-boxed, body-cam footage previously released by the Minnesota State Attorney’s office

But it seems someone somewhere who had access to a compilation video of the body cam footage leaked it to the Daily Mail (aka Daily Fail). The video looks like it might be trial evidence to present as part of the pending case. Someone somewhere recorded it’s playback on a laptop, thank you very much.

But the Daily Fail couldn’t let the leaked video speak for itself. It ran a police abuse narrative that fails to correspond with what we see on the screen.

“It also shows how belligerent cops cursed at and manhandled the sobbing suspect, ignoring his pleas for compassion,” the Fail reports.

With the three videos we’ve embedded below, you, the viewer, can make your own judgement and not be totally subjected to neuro-linguistic programming narratives. To fully appreciate what transpired, you must see the 18-minute video (the third of three below).

The Fail claims the officer “terrorized” the 6′-6″ 250-lb. Floyd by aiming his revolver as he sat in his driver’s seat. Left out of the Fail’s narrative and clearly visible on the cam is that Floyd is not complying with the officers’ command to put his hands on the steering wheel.

One important detail from the longer video is that the officer Kueng takes Floyd’s name and date of birth at minute 00:04:10 and runs his name through their database for priors. Of course, at that point, they would’ve undoubtedly discovered that Floyd had a rap sheet that includes violent offenses. Given this fact, my sense is that police were remarkably patient but quite understandably cautious in handling this drugged-out felon. Race has nothing to do with it.

Throughout the video and up and until his last few minutes, Floyd protests, thrashes about and speaks out non-stop. He looks (and is) higher than a kite. Indeed, the post-mortem blood test shows him to be a heavy-duty drug abuser.

Angelic St. Floyd told cops his mom had just died. She’d been dead for two years. He said he’s too claustrophobic to get in the police car. He was just sitting in his own car. He said he couldn’t breathe and was going to die while he was still standing outside the police cruiser. He repeated he couldn’t breath well before being laid out on the ground. He requested to be allowed to lie down. 

An autopsy conducted by the Hennepin County medical examiner stated there were “no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation,” but it did conclude that Floyd suffered from coronary artery disease, hypertensive heart disease and high blood pressure. Certainly, the meth and fentanyl didn’t help these conditions. He said he had also had coronavirus, which was another lie. He lied about “not being a bad guy” despite his extensive criminal record.

St. Floyd was a heart attack and/or drug overdose waiting to happen. Several arteries were 75% blocked and one was 90% blocked. Floyd also had an enlarged heart — “48% bigger than it ought to be” — which is a sign of impending heart failure.

Floyd worked himself into a state of serious agitation. In the longer, 18-minute video, one can hear the voice of a bystander advising Floyd (@ 00:08:50) to “get in” the police cruiser. At 00:10:00, the bystander advises Floyd that he’s going to give himself a heart attack. Indeed, that was the coroner’s ruling on the cause of death. Even prone on the ground, Floyd went on for some time.

He eventually quieted down a bit and then indeed died from heart failure at some point. At 00:15:10, officer Lane can be heard suggesting to Chauvin that they roll him on his side. At 00:17:00, Lane asks to roll Floyd on his back, but Chauvin persists with the knee-hold position. This part of the video reveals a lack of what could be called “duty of care,”- but not murder. We saw nothing that should be chargeable offenses to the other three officers.

Here’s the three-minute video — the only video we know of — that clearly shows Floyd’s face while being restrained on the ground. It’s cell-phone camera footage taken from a passerby on the sidewalk. It’s this video that that was a catalyst for BLM riots.

Next, we have this eight-minute video from officer Thomas Lane that appeared Monday on Daily Mail. This one still can be found on Fox News, start at 6:00.

So again, it appears that somebody played this video on a laptop and recorded the laptop screen with a cell phone camera. Then somebody leaked it to Daily Mail. We’re glad it’s finally out there, but why the Fail?

This third Alexander Kueng video from Daily Mail shows the full events leading up to Floyd’s arrest and the last eight minutes of Floyd’s life — footage that’s missing from the eight-minute recording above. Why so many versions? And why did this have to be leaked two and a half months after the event?

Minnesota Attorney General and Antifa supporter Keith Ellison, who’s leading the star chamber prosecution, tried to suppress the body cam videos. He’s now conducting an investigation into the leak. So watch these videos while you can.

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24 Comments on LEAKED! Suppressed Police Body Cam Videos of George Floyd Incident Debunk ‘Police Abuse’ Narratives

  1. Did you grab/link to your own copies of the videos?

    We are providing it as an alternate resource just in case the Fail removes the footage from the Internet.

    Shouldn’t matter — with most browsers you can right click, then view page source — usually the video/media URL is not difficult to find.


    At the above is the URL of the first video on the DM page (8m38s) — just copy then open it in a window/tab, right click and save/download it.

    This does not always work; there are ways to protect media — but it works here.

    • Twitter/Bitchute

      It appears as if Twitter has started blocking all Tweets that contain Bitchute videos … Please test this and share your experience in the comments below

      Seems to be true — many replies confirm it is not possible to format + send a tweet containing a link to a video on Bitchute.

      But Bitchute was able to tweet about this.

  2. Just to note: the damage done in and to America cannot be undone — the most important outcome from the release of these videos will be the reduction or dropping of charges against these cops — otherwise, I don’t expect much to change; after all, they don’t call it a “narrative” because it is dependent on facts.

    Recall it was again very recently decided not to charge Darren Wilson in the Michael Brown case — this new “narrative”-driven inquiry happened even after Wilson was cleared by extensive investigations, including a federal/DOJ review, years ago right after the incident.

    The ‘Hands up don’t shoot’ lie in the Brown/Ferguson shooting was the last time I watched a mainstream media outlet.

  3. I don’t understand how people continue to take this seriously. It’s turned into such a cluster-f at this point that these “leaked” videos are only going to add to the intended theatrics of this whole PsyOp, as intended, no doubt. Let me guess, this “leaked” video is available on YouTube, as well. At least 7 people posted it yesterday on Bitchute, which has been going the route of YouTube and has vigorously clamped down on censorship in the past 5-6 weeks or so.
    Why would this video be “leaked” 2 and half months later? Why wasn’t it “leaked” while the riots//looting/burning of police precincts and stores was still going on, and absurd puppets like Al Sharpton were delivering pathetic, nationally televised, heavily freemasonic coded memorials for this career criminal deadbeat? Nah, that would have been wayyyy too convenient.
    I feel this is just more bread & circus being thrown to the people – to keep them busy looking “over there” while they are doing their misdeeds around the corner.

    • Very good points – you likely are correct. And silly me was thinking the “leaking” was a small act of resistance somewhere along the line.


    • It sets up another double bind as there is grist for both dialectics. Still the videos points to a weak basis for prosecution of at least three of the officers, if not all four.

    • Yes indeed Danielle – well said. See my comment above – I find it hard to believe that
      so many are ‘buying’ this “event” (& talking about it) as if it is anything real or organic
      where someone (this man here) actually died. All I needed – and I was “done” before
      that – was to see that State funeral for royalty he received with total network blanket
      coverage. Good God – they couldn’t slap you in the face any harder. Prior to that, it
      was deconstructed (in parts) pretty quickly by the usual sharp people online waiting
      to do that. So if “parts” are pretty clearly fake (and they surely seem to be) then how
      can other parts be real or actual ?! That’s the thing. I don’t buy any of it. I wouldn’t
      be surprised if those guys – any of them – were actually cops. Doesn’t everybody
      remember how Chauvin’s supposed neighbors said they didn’t even know he was
      a cop. C’mon now ! Of course that’s one of the minor inconsistencies.((F-A-K-E))
      Every. Single. Time. (And yes – SOME things are real – but this …Nah !)
      AND remember how White people w/ guns showing up at State capitals just
      went the way of the passenger pigeon soon as this ‘event’ hit the screens ?!
      Timing was pure Cohen-cidence I’m sure.

  4. “Doctors for the Truth” Speak Out in Madrid, Denounce Covid-19 “False Pandemic”

    From a press conference in Spain


    With the participation of hundreds of professionals from all over the world, “Doctors for the Truth” stated that Covid-19 is a false pandemic created for political purposes. They urged doctors, the media and political authorities to stop the operation, by spreading the truth.

    Please copy and share!!!

    • Please, somebody try to post the info on the doctors calling it a false pandemic over at Ron Unz’s site–I can’t b/c I think I’ve been banned (I got nasty when he refused to post the 2 California doctors saying “It’s like the flu”) Unz has been just as bad as the mainstream media on this–pushing the fear porn BS on a daily basis.

      Also, it looks like German doctors had a formal inquiry into corona early in July–the doctors are calling out the propaganda and the push for vaccines which are dangerous and unwarranted.
      https://acu2020.org/international/ (they have translations there in a variety of languages)

      • @amanda4321

        Please, somebody try to post the info on the doctors calling it a false pandemic over at Ron Unz’s site–I can’t b/c I think I’ve been banned

        Why do you think that? — you’re not the first to claim Unz banned you, but I’m not aware he does that — ? — early on, I made a number of skeptical comments re COVID-19, including COVID-19 as a bioweapon used by the US against China, something Unz has pushed.

        Anyway, I rarely read or comment there now (my comment archive), but if you want me to post your info, tell me the name/author of the article where you want it posted.

  5. Wont watch it, because who cares? This is the Gorilla Basket Ball experiment. Obvious facts are irrelevant because no one cares and no one in any institution of power will be honest. And the few like Tucker are complete gate keepers what with his creepy Dr Seigel…
    I’m glad you care and I appreciate you digging this stuff up but in the end does it even matter.

    I am in the middle of summer and 99% of what look like human beings are wearing masks everywhere based on what??? I think it’s a magic spell that’s been cast honestly. This is all fakery wherever you turn. There is no truth whatsoever because there is no baseline reality anymore. Once the spell is cast it just doesn’t seem to matter anymore.
    Holocaust, Moon Landing, Kuwaiti babies on the floor, WMDs, 911, it just goes on and on and on. Now the spell is so powerful a whole lot of people believe that men can magically change into women or vice versa. How can we escape doom when there are actual voting people running around that believe there are no genders? Doesn’t get anymore fucked than that.

    I don’t see an exit on this highway to hell unless the creator decides to make an appearance. There will not be a rebellion or revolution. Billions could die from state sponsored genocide and I can’t see the sheep ever moving out of the slaughter line. Too far gone. Perhaps some pockets of resistance will be left for the Goldstein 2 minutes of hate rallies, but doubtful given the technology to completely enslave. Hope i’m wrong but doubt it given current trajectory.

    • I think you speak, and speak compellingly, for many of us here.

      What is there to say in response? I can think of one little and one larger response.

      The masks are stressful and dehumanizing and are meant to be – that’s the point. Look for the people who walk to the door of the grocery store maskless and then put it on; or those who take their masks off immediately upon exit – do the same and smile at those who are doing likewise.

      Be brave. Carve out some life for yourself and those you care about. Say no in whatever ways you can – pay cash in black market transactions.

      Winston and Julia found real joy for – what was the timeline? – several months before it crashed down hideously on them. That may be coming for all of us but there are joys little and large to be found before then.

      That’s the best I can do.

    • Good comment Bryan – I mostly agree. I think there’ll be a little more resistance than
      what you’re alluding too – more than a ‘few pockets’. We shall see. But yes,it’s stupid
      to give a damn about nearly complete dysfunctional drains like these and it’s stupid
      to believe ANYTHING that the media pimps to us, including this – which STINKS
      with fakery and theater. Doesn’t look much like other actual ‘body cam’ available
      for view online from authentic incidents. AND we will NEVER see mugshots or
      booking photos, OR inmate photos form the purported criminal George Floyd
      this man is purported to be. If / when I see them, and they match, I’ll retract.

  6. This was a no win scenario for the police. A drugged up offender, couldn’t follow orders, jabbering and generally being an ass wipe. The police have to deal with the dregs of society. I don’t envy them.

  7. Too bad it’s from the Daily Mail…can’t watch videos since the browser I use (Opera…can’t stand Chrome! Edge! Firefox even!) “has ad blockers”–for a damned good reason!

    • From the article:

      This is the Hennepin County autopsy report, which lists the cause of death as “cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restrain, and neck compression.” … The most important finding is Fentanyl, which Floyd had at 11ng/mL. Later in the toxicology report, we find this crucial sentence: “Signs associated with fentanyl toxicity include severe respiratory depression, seizures, hypotension, coma and death. In fatalities from fentanyl, blood concentrations are variable and have been reported as low as 3 ng/mL.” Floyd had more than three times the potentially lethal dose of Fentanyl in his body before the police even showed up.


      The Floyd family hired the medical examiner Michael Baden — prominent for going after police officers for misconduct — to do his own autopsy. Dr. Baden claims that Floyd died from pressure on his neck and back, which interfered with his blood flow and breathing. It will be up to the jury to decide which report is more convincing. My own view is that George Floyd died from a drug-induced panic or overdose coupled with his violent resistance, which caused a fatal medical reaction.

      From the Wikipedia page on Baden:

      Baden was born in the Bronx, New York on July 27, 1934 to a Jewish family.

  8. If I hadn’t been abused by police myself (an elderly grandmother) I never would have believed how dangerous it’s become. My story never made it on the news, but I suffered torture. After my car slid on the snow and I called 911, two NJ State troopers in Estell Manor accused me of driving impaired because I have physical damage. My handicapped placard was right on my windshield. But the two ‘heroes’ got their big bust for the day. I’m afraid for America that there are people who lack the capacity to reason. It was the middle of the day and I was driving to work. I showed them my worksheet but they had something wrong with them – it was like a shared psychopathy. They were downright weird – almost like they were possessed.

    Because I was innocent and the cop mistook my injuries as impairment, they were afraid of a lawsuit and they went after me for a year. They almost killed me. I needed a crucial life-saving surgery and the judge said I wasn’t allowed to postpone the court date. It’s the sickest system with sick people in it. They forced me to court a week after major surgery. I was in abject, grueling, unadulterated physical agony, falsely accused, and my family and even pastor told me the judge and cops were corrupt and just say I was guilty of DUI and get it over with. I almost collapsed but I refused to play their game. I was innocent and said so.

    I never knew how cruel some people could be to do that to an innocent person. I’ve since read many stories like mine and heard of similar stories in our church, the most recent about a young man beaten to a pulp by cops so bad he was hospitalized.

    Our police (many) and courts (most) and judges (most) are corrupt. Read the article “Psychopaths Rule The World” by Joachim Hagopian. Psychopaths seek positions of power: politicians, POLICE, surgeon, LAWYER.

    Every American should speak up because if they can get away with almost destroying an innocent grandmom with health problems, then no one is safe.

  9. George Floyd and that “cop” are drinking margaritas on a remote island somewhere, courtesy of George Soros. The whole thing was a planned, fake crisis to get all racists up in arms, because the scamdemic wasn’t going as they hoped. Between the fake virus and mayhem in the streets, we couldn’t possibly have normal voting, so bring in the truckloads of phony “mail-in” ballots for Biden. The NWO crowd is so predictable.

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