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Final Takedown Accelerating

For dot connectors, it’s now easy to surmise why and how the Crime Syndicate and their Lugenpresse media have concocted the “white nationalist,” “white supremacist,” Nazi-boogeyman smear narrative. We now learn that after the George Floyd BLM scam, the sistema geared up some real hardcore reverse-racism and civil rights violations, an egregious version that’s a far cry from the tame forms widely recognized.

Bloomberg just released this doozy.

Here are the actual hiring numbers. Note that nearly a million whites lost jobs during this replacement.

And, predictably, more sub-zero, diversity-hire, bad outcomes. Whodathunk.

Large-scale looting continues in Philadelphia. Any excuse will do. Examine the culprits, if you wish. Appears that 100% of these dirtbags are dindus.

The white backlash to this has been fuse-delayed as the Covid-scam bankruptsy fiscal torrent mitigates the effect. But as Treasury finance is increasingly pressured and the credit downgrades and defaults arrive, the faultline will be released.

ICYMI: Rates may be movin’ on up.

$7.6 trillion of interest-bearing U.S. public debt is set to mature within a year, making up 31% of all outstanding U.S. government debt 👀

— Markets & Mayhem 🤖 (@Mayhem4Markets) September 11, 2023

Next we have the sanctuary cities also lorded over by sub-zeros.

New York City is gearing up to pay over $1 billion on just hotels alone over the next three years to house illegal immigrants. But that’s just the hotel costs. NYC Mayor Eric Adams estimates the total cost of the migrant crisis will be about $12 billion over the next three years.

“We are past our breaking point,” he said. “With more than 57,300 individuals currently in our care on an average night, it amounts to $9.8 million a day. Almost $300 million a month and nearly $3.6 billion a year.”

TORCHY SAYS: “Sounds like more scam no-bid contracts are in the works and for which New York is famous. Let’s break it down. That’s $171 per migrant. Say you have a party of four. That totals $684 per day. And, hey, it just so happens that the rate for the Trump Hotel in Manhattan is $683 per night. Can’t make this shit up. But for argument’s sake, let’s say you opt for the less swank Holiday Inn for $307/night. You’ll have $384 per day left over for food and fentanyl. What a deal! Sounds like a better daily budget than most Americans have to live.”

THIS JUST IN: New York City is now calling on all residents to carry Narcan with them at all times as the city’s drug crisis continues to spiral out of control.

Life didn’t have to be this way, NYC.

The NYC Health Department made the announcement along with the factoid that New Yorker is dying every three hours from overdose. Narcan is known for reversing overdoses.

“No one is spared, even if you think otherwise. If you use drugs, know someone who is using drugs, or might be around drug use, there are simple steps we can take. First, everyone should carry naloxone, get trained to use it and to recognize the signs of overdose,” said Health Commissioner Ashwin Vasan.

This is complete, criminal, planned demolition — but you are a Nazi for calling it out.

These sub-zero brainiacs get their ideas and influences from “somewhere.”

The “Jewish Orthodox” reported via Facebook that Mayor Adams, NYPD Police Commissioner Edward Caban and NYPD Chief of the Department Jeffrey Maddrey were “raised” to Master Masons, the “final and highest honor in Freemasonry” by the Prince Hall Masonic Temple on Sept. 23.

The crime wave has gotten so bad that even many our most liberal politicians are desperate to restore law and order.

Just look at what’s happening in Minneapolis. Since the death of St. Floyd, the number of officers serving in the MPD has fallen by 35%.

The Minneapolis Police Department is experiencing historically low staffing shortages, with ranks down approximately 35% since the death of George Floyd in 2020.

According to a June report from the Department of Justice, the MPD had 892 sworn officers in 2018, but that number has since dropped to just 585. An officer told the DOJ that the police department’s morale “is at an all-time low.”

Blue cities are having such difficulty hiring police officers that they must try to recruit them from red states. This month, the SFPD will be making recruiting trips to four different Texas universities.

  • Texas Southern University in Houston
  • Sam Houston State University in Huntsville
  • Prairie View A&M University
  • Texas A&M University Corpus Christi

If you always dreamed of serving as a police officer in a lawless city ruled by sub-zeros with hordes of drug addicts, this is your chance.

Target now puts its annual shrinkage from organized looters at $1.25 billion.

Next we point to the zombie drug epidemics, which is largely undealt with by the sub-zeros or is turned into a profit enterprise. Oxycontin and opioids primarily are a white person plague.

Threat to Whites: The Opioid Plague

Horseman of the Apocalypse: Fentanyl

The consumer is now shot, and effects of this storm are rolling in. We have student debt requiring repayments and excess savings are depleting, especially for the lower half of households.

Americans outside the wealthiest 20% of the country have run out of extra savings and now have less cash on hand than they did when the pandemic began, according to the Fed.



We learn that banks have been plugging their deposit flight with expensive brokered CDs. These require higher interest rates and are another lit fuse.

Deposits at Large Commercial Banks, April 13, 2022 through September 13, 2023

All you have to do is locate gold from empty vaults in the west and sell it in China for a $120 premium, duh. Obviously, some kind of bankster game is being played.

29 Comments on Final Takedown Accelerating

  1. I’ve noticed the Faceberg feeds for the LA Times and the NY Times to be increasingly dominated by sportsball, food recipies, celebrities and product reviews. In other words, please ignore the consequences of the narratives and politicians we’ve pushed for years.

  2. Before 1920, when American women couldn’t vote, the nation had none of these problems. Notice that the decline of America accelerated in the last 100 years after the institution of the 19th Amendment. Had women never been given the right to vote in 1920, the current state of affairs would be a near impossibility, as the nation would still be conservative.

    The psychopaths purposely gave women the “right” to vote in 1920, knowing that most women are leftist and that they would destabilize the American political system. Don’t think for a second that it was not intentional. You can’t talk about the problems in the USA without bringing it up.

    I’m sick and tired of conspiracy writers, patriots and anti-government types that refuse to acknowledge the pivotal role of the 19 Amendment in today’s problems. Guys like Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Joel Skousen, Jeff Rense, and David Icke, have no trouble talking about the Federal Reserve and other issues, but will never touch feminism because they probably don’t want to offend female supporters.

    The majority of American women support…….

    -Open borders
    -Welfare state
    -Gun control
    -Mass immigration

    There is a reason women could not vote in Ancient Greece or Rome, and it had nothing to do with misogyny. The men back then were wise.

    • Women were enthusiastic war mongers in the lead up to WW1.
      After getting the vote, the suffragettes switched to sending white feathers (indicating cowardliness) to 4 million men in Britain alone. They harassed men in the street who were not in uniform.
      All the male Members of Parliament who were anti-war got targeted and silenced by women.

      Two things made WW1 possible: the Federal Reserve, and women voting. Well they certainly didn’t use their new voting power to stop it did they?

      It’s a myth that men cause wars, or that the world would be more peaceful with women in charge. The opposite is true: WW3 becomes more likely every day, the closer we approach feminist utopia.

      • You’re absolutely right Robert, this is an aspect of history that too many people ignore, mostly because they don’t want to offend women. The same thing happened in Ukraine, some of the women there shamed the men that wouldn’t fight in their globalist/banker war. It’s easy to pressure and shame someone into fighting when you don’t have to.

        I don’t see anyone in the mainstream or alternative media lamenting the conscription (enslavement) of Ukrainian and Russian men who are forced to kill each other in that staged gladiatorial contest. Meanwhile, Ukrainian/Russian women (and men with money) can bribe and leave the country freely to avoid the conflict. So much for men and women being equal.

          • The globalist demons want women them to register and report for duty so the desirable ones can be herded off to brothels while the rest are slaughtered in their fake war and then organ harvested. Of course, they’ll also take the orphaned children into their “care.”

            These inverted feudalist/oligarch freaks have been staging wars and revolutions for hundreds of years, butchering countless millions of soldiers and civilians and committed numerous genocides and atrocities in addition to that. All it would have taken to stop it is for enough people to have woken up and realized they were being played. The same is true today. They need great deals of various kinds of useful idiots to carry out and perpetuate their evil and their lies and deceptions. Without millions and millions of decieved people serving the globalists’ agendas and carrying out their orders it would all stop.

    • For the most part, I agree–and I’m a woman! But not one of the ones you describe…my husband is a manly-man, as is my son, and looks to me like my 8 year old grandson is heading in that direction as well. And it pisses me off that most of the hell-hole “blue” city mayors are power-hungry, narcissistic, man-hating “feminists” and “Karen”-types who seek power, not love or truth–and they suck as leaders! And they turn their children into “gender fluid” idiots with serious mental issues. Thank God I live in an area, rural remote far west Texas, where women mostly act like women ought to act, where men, not women, are heads of the households.

  3. I absolutely agree the ladies are a problem. Who wants to vote anyway? Surely all that boring boring business can be left up to the men. It’s much more fun to stay at home and play games and go for walks during the day and manage the home and kids and so much time for creativity and pruning the orchard and preserving. But the franchise isn’t pivotal. You don’t need to vote to run an abortion center and men are perfectly easy to manipulate with the dialectic on their own. It probably would have been quite bloody.

  4. Otherwise, it’s not the government forgiving Americans their medical debt. I have never heard of that. Government is bailing out pharma and paying pharma. Pharma must eat the loss. These things need to be framed with happiness of the people in mind. The people have been gouged by their medical industry and these companies need to go under if no one can pay their debt. Problem solved.

    • They crush companies to diminish stock valuations to cause losses for stock owners and mass selloffs, then they funnel tax money to prop them back up. This means destroyed/diminished outside wealth and also lets them cheaply and easily buy up ownership and control of companies. No problem if the companies are ruined afterwards as they just have their puppet politicians bail them out with tax payer money. It’s all part of the Great Reset, the agenda to transfer all wealth and ownership from the rest of humanity to the Globalist Oligarchy. Including the wealth and property of all the facilitators and profiteers of the agenda, once they’re no longer needed.

  5. It looks like they’ll pull the plug on the stock market soon and that’s when the US corrupt system will unravel completely. 401k tards and pension plans will be crushed along with housing. Civil unrest will explode and police won’t do shit to protect the sheeple. US is going down big time.

  6. I was pleasantly surprised to hear someone else using the term kakistocracy in an interview. That person was black woman, former congresswoman, and definitely not a dindu, Cynthia McKinny. She was mainly hounded out of office because she refused to sign the loyalty to Israel pledge that, as far as I know, all current house and senate members must sign to hold their government positions. She stated that the Western governments have now gone beyond kakistocracy to what she referred to under a new term pyschopathocracy. My interpretation of the meaning of the term is: a state or country run by criminal psychopaths blatantly using the levers of power to sadistically traumatize and murder the people under their governorship.

  7. I’ve been away from the site for a while, which is remarkable only in that I’m the person who created it. A woman. Imagine that! Glad to see contributors like Thomas and Karen are still around.

    But, wow. That’s some fucked up commentary by “Stephen,” “Robert” and “Meg.” Sorry to see “somethinghappeninghere” bowing to it. It’s tempting to pick such low-hanging fruit.

    To Russ, I’ll say that this type of misogynistic commentary isn’t new, or radical, or insightful or even particularly intelligent. In fact, it reminds me of the shills and trolls we used to spot on other popular sites. The idea, of course, is to drive down readership by polarizing particular persons or groups, as well as distracting from the actual topic of the post — the issue of the day. Faggotry sums it up best. I have zero interest in writing for faggots.

    Now, I shall return to my embroidery.

    • There is a very real political aspect to those rather strident comments, and thus I don’t feel compelled to censor them. It is not a universal problem with all women but certainly a majority. The same applies to voting for liberal Democrats in general.


      And not just isolated to recent elections. Women have been instrumental over several decades.


      • Since when do politics matter? Are we pretending now that democratic elections aren’t rigged? There are only two parties that matter: globalist and nationalist. You won’t find either on a ballot and neither are defined by left/right, conservative/liberal. These are false dichotomies. The problem is a groteque lack of critical thinking. We should be trying to find truth and common ground.

        If you want to pretend 2020 election results were real, then dig a little deeper into the data. It wasn’t white women who elected Biden. It was Black voters.

        I’m not advocating censorship. But I don’t think silence is the solution either.

          • So the problem is too many women are electing bad MALE presidents? It’s not the bad MALE presidents’ fault. It’s the fault of the women who got conned by them. Nor is it the fault of the 40% of MEN who are Democrats or the 85% of BLACKS who are Democrats or the 62% of MEN UNDER 35. The problem is in your eyes is white women. Um, k.

            Clearly, you didn’t really look at the link, so here’s the key info that might burst your thought bubble.

            BTW, despite what the (((media))) reports, I don’t personally know of a single woman — not even among Democrats — who support open borders, mass migration, a welfare state or a ban on guns. For women, guns are the Great Equalizer, essential self-protection. Sure, sometimes women forget that. They simply need to be reminded that they cannot rely on the police or the nearest man to rescue them. It’s our job to remind them.

            • It’s more than just voting. Liberal women are the point of the spear in the crappy satanic education system, have infested officialdom and dominate woke Human Resources.

              • It’s not so much women though, rather it’s masculinized feminist women. Additionally, a great deal of “liberals” are feminized males. The the post-modern infestation and the difference in voting habits is not so much made up of “liberal” women but rather of victimhood complexed sex inverted females and males. The sex dysphoria causing pre-natal drug, DESplex, (which I learned about here) which was recommended and widely administered for decades is behind a lot of it. After that we’ve kept getting increasingly bombarded with many kinds of hormonally distrupting compounds in our food, water, drugs and vaccines. The “liberal”/”woke” or, more accurately, inversionist infestation is largely made up of victims of sex inverting chemical poisoning, not any particular sex. That’s the “tip of the spear.”

                • You missed the point Thomas. Before 1920, when ONLY American males could vote, the nation had NONE of the problems we see today. That means American men are not the problem and never have been. The deterioration of America accelerated AFTER women got the right to vote, why do you supposed the psychopaths in charge decided to give them that right? Because they knew it would destabilize society, the same way they are giving “rights” to gays and trannies and soon they want to give “rights” to pedos.

                  Regarding gun control, The statistics repeatedly show that mostly American men own fire arms and that the push for gun control is coming from American women, which you can see on this website!


                  43 percent of American males own guns versus only 22 percent of American females, meanwhile 62 percent of women want stronger control while only 51 percent of American men do.

                  The feminized males you speak of who are Leftist often became that way thanks to being raised by domineering single mothers and they probably had no male role model on the home. It is well known that almost 90 percent of Black households in the USA are headed by single mothers, which explanations the dysfunctional behavior of Blacks and the dindus who are constantly committing crimes all over the country.

                  No matter how you cut it, the Crime Syndicate is using American women to destabilize the tribe, and it has worked wonderfully!

                  There was no ancient civilization where women had “rights” like today, in all ancient societies women were completely dominated by men and expected to obey, with severe consequences if they didn’t. The only nations today that retain a semblance of this behavior are the Islamic societies, where women are still regulated and held accountable.

                  • For one, I think polls should be taken with a considerable grain of salt. The crime syndicate can easily doctor these and benefit from doing so, so therefore they likely do.

                    Voting doesn’t change anything. The crime syndicate had gained control of both sides before women got the vote and even before digital voting there were ways to “correct” election results.

                    A lot of women have been manipulated by the crime syndicate’s feminism psy-op but the same can be said for other groups and other psy-ops. I also think it’s actually a small but loud and influential minority of women who have tricked and coerced women in general into abandoning their natural roles. Of course, the globalist propaganda machines led the charge but they also had and have a large contingent of hormonally poisoned masculine women, the kind of women who feminism actually appeal to, embedded in society to drive the agenda on the ground and inside the institutions. These kinds of women are not naturally occuring. Before launching the feminism psy-op, they made it possible by creating them through hormone disrupting compounds, like in DESPlex. I don’t think feminism would have stood a chance without them.

                    On a related side note I’ve also observed a strange phenomenon where women get more masculine over time. One clear example is Swedish high jumper Kajsa Bergqvist; in her 20s or there about she looked feminine and fairly cute, now in her mid 40s she looks almost like a male, with barely any female features remaining . Similar thing with Amanda Bearse of Married with Children; early on in the show she looked fairly feminine but as the years went by she gradually transformed into a strange boy-ish appearance. There must be something chemical going on there.

                    None of the facts you mentioned there about family breakdown and dysfunction were caused by any particular of the affected groups of people. Blacks are victims of welfare and ghettoization, women are victims of feminism. Psy-ops and poisoning is behind it all. The increased “dindu” violence can probably be attributed to 5G, as well.

                    It can be argued that women are easier to emotionally manipulate and therefore it’s dangerous for them to have the vote (if it wasn’t all just theater.) However, I see males letting themselves get emotionally manipulated all the time. The prime examples being guys letting the mass immigration, anti-white/critical race theory and “Islamic terrorist threat” agit-props get to them. Far too many get caught up in these, which leads them off target and often makes them useful idiots helping the crime syndicate by being fooled into tribal thinking and to agitate against other groups of people. The obsession with Jews being one important example. All of that only helps them to divide and conquer and also helps sell other groups on the very false notion that the rulers have their back. A lot of this is brought about by emotional manipulation. I used to fall for it myself back in younger, dumber days.

                    One that last part, wow, if someone were to try to write something to effectively agitate and scare women away from their natural roles and into feminism, they’d be hard pressed to come up with something better than that.

                    • “Masculine republics give way to feminine democracies, and feminine democracies give way to tyranny.”


                      Aristotle was the teacher of Alexander the Great, he died nearly 2,000 years ago and yet his quote above perfectly describes the transition America has gone through over the last 100 years. How could a man that lived so long ago know all these things?

                      Thomas, you gravely underestimate the wisdom of the Ancients. They were far more wise and intelligent than us and in fact all our modern tech would be impossible without them as they laid the foundations for it during antiquity. They built and managed advanced civilizations with NO ELECTRICITY.

                      All ancient civilizations used gold, silver, bronze and copper for money, not the garbage paper and digital currency that society uses today, they used real money. And the penalty for sleeping with a man’s wife was usually death, unlike modern society where infidelity (at least by women) is tolerated and even celebrated. Look at how society approved Jada Pinkett cheating on Will Smith, in ancient Rome she would have been killed!

                      Punishments for crime like theft were brutal, Dindus couldn’t exist in Ancient Rome, Babylon or Greece because they would have been killed or decapitated, publicly.

                      There is another quote from Japan which says a woman should answer to her father when she is a little girl, her husband when she is a woman and her son when she is old.

                      Abandoning these ancient traditions is why modern society is collapsing. Yes, the psychopaths in charge are putting stuff in the food and water but we let them. There is no excuse for ignorance especially when the INTERNET and websites like this have been around for almost a quarter of century. The information featured on Winter Watch should be common knowledge among the general public yet it isn’t.

  8. The saying women and children first holds a strong truth to the place of women in society , they are like children and need to be kept in check or become out of control and ruin the whole house.

  9. LOL, all the “you must be gay if you blame women for anything” coming out.

    What kind of argument is that? Typical woman logic, that’s all. The original comment from Robert that sparked it all off was just saying, obviously, that women share the blame – they aren’t the peaceful little angels we’re always told they are, and that they tell us they are.

    In fact feminism, unleashed in the 1840s, is an offshoot of Satanism and is designed to do what it’s done. Feminism has affected men too, but women think everything’s about them all the time.

    BTW it wasn’t just men that voted in the US, it was the heads of households. If a woman owned land and had no husband she could vote. The 19th amendment gave universal suffrage – most men couldn’t vote before that, because they were not land owners. But women think it’s just about them and tell little girls all the men voted and none of the women. This is completely false.

    But as usual, to women, everything is about women and you are gay if you disagree.

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