Peak Race Mongering: Yelp’s New ‘Racist Behavior’ Alerts Will Shutter Small Businesses That Mobs, Big Businesses Don’t Like

Yelp is an app used mostly by the younger set to seek out so-called recommendations for restaurants and entertainment. When I traveled with my son, he used Yelp with some frequency, with the end result being meals at some dingy mediocrity on a side street. It has always struck us how easy it would be to rig or buy Yelp reviews. Is it the real deal?

Unfortunately, and as a sign of the times, Yelp has announced that it’s venturing into the social justice warrior, cancel culture, woke space with its “new consumer alert to stand against racism” that it will post on the listings of offending businesses.

YELP: Now, when a business gains public attention for reports of racist conduct, such as using racist language or symbols, Yelp will place a new Business Accused of Racist Behavior Alert on their Yelp page to inform users, along with a link to a news article where they can learn more about the incident.

The San Francisco-based company will post a red icon at the top of the page of the accused business that looks like this (see image below).

This is an inducement to gang-stalking thuggery. People will use this to take down competitors with false accusations and extortion. Or they may just do it for jollies and power tripping kicks. It is a nasty scarlet letter. Didn’t serve a black person in time? Forget to thank a Mexican customer? Guess you are a racist bucko. Say goodbye to your reputation and business.

If the offending business makes it “into the Lugenpresse” over a claim of racism, Yelp will dutifully report it.

Not included in this press release: The amount of money Yelp will charge a small businesses to have the “this business is racist” alert removed after some dipshit is pissed because he didn’t get whipped cream on his hot chocolate.

Yelp already has issues with skewed and abusive ratings by users. This review on Yelp illustrates the prevailing anti-white mentality of this posse. The primary complaint here was that there were too many white patrons — a sign of iffyness in the pea brain of one “Claire C.” We can easily visualize this behavior becoming the standard for a woke racist smear. This review was reported to Yelp, but they left it up. How long would reviews of an iffy KFC being “full of blacks” stand on Yelp?


Here is another observation from a clown-world honk-honk extremist. They seem to love their cancel-culture power tripping.

#StruggleSessions and the Mythical Inverted Cult of St. Floyd

Besides engaging in extortion and gossip mongering, Yelp itself appears to be casting stones from inside a glass building. Business Insider notes the firm’s prevailing culture.

But wait, there’s more. Double trouble. Here’s the background on the chief mucky muck of Yelp. Yes, Langley- HQ of the CIA, Coinkydink?

Yelp claims that business owners cannot pay to have bad reviews removed, and that businesses who pay Yelp for advertising do not get special treatment (or vice versa). But there are plenty of business owners who claim otherwise. In fact, there are entire websites devoted documenting Yelp’s shenanigans.

Even though a business owner can delete their Yelp account, the Yelp page for the business doesn’t go away. That means business owners essentially have zero control over how their business is represented in the public sphere. Of course, this disproportionately affects smaller businesses — and it provides larger businesses with opportunities to underhandedly quash newly emerging competitors.

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    • Nope does not fit the business model.

      Further, corporate enslavers will more than likely get a pass as well for the good of bringing jobs to the corporate run prison system in the United States, the Marshall Islands and any of the nations, overseas, that broker slave labor.

  1. Yelp is and always has been a commercial venture open to insider manipulation. As reliable as MSM, me thinks, as I read that the tribe controls this enterprise.

    • Actually, a good portion of these type of corporations (e.g. Google, Amazon, Twitter and the like) are connected to the United States intelligence superstructure in some capacity.

      So I am not saying you are wrong at all, but I am adding that there could be many masters to this type of organization.

  2. Something like this can work both ways. For example: I had given up on the church in which I had been raised because it had been gradually transforming itself into a feel-good, social justice warrior mutual admiration society. I was searching for a replacement when, one day on-line, there was a side bar by the SPLC with a “hate map” of the US. Out of curiosity I clicked on the image of my state and was presented with a list of cities which were supposedly homes to “hate groups”. One of those cities was where I live. Again out of curiosity I clicked on the city name and was presented with a short list of organizations one of which was called “Lordship Church”. I thought it strange that a church could be listed as a “hate group” so I looked at the information that the SPLC presented and found that there really was nothing hateful and/or racist there at all. So I attended a Sunday service at the Lordship Church. That was almost four years ago and I have been a regular member ever since.
    This is a congregation that refused to close when a local police chief told the Pastor we couldn’t have Sunday services because of the Flu d’Etat. The Pastor told the chief that we would hold services. The chief said we had to close. Again the Pastor refused and the chief went away. We were warned to expect some kind of confrontation on the coming Sunday … and on that Sunday the chief reappeared early and said that he would not bother us any more. I think it helped that we are in a Constitutional Carry State and that the majority of the adult church members (including the Pastor) open carry.

    • Glad you shared this story here, it was good to read and hopeful overall. More stories of hope is helpful during Conjob-19.

      Also, you seem to have a very good pastor there.


  3. “Of course, this disproportionately affects smaller businesses — and it provides larger businesses with opportunities to underhandedly quash newly emerging competitors.”

    And that is the key to the whole change. It is a tool to once again manipulate the masses into a specific behavior and control any small business that does not comply.

    Do not enforce the mask mandates and you are a racist, speak up against the _____________ (fill in the blank with anything, literally anything) and you are a racist, and / or wish to still take physical currency and you are a racist (even though the folks hit hardest by a removal of hard currency will be the poorest citizens; you cannot drop plastic dollars into an individual’s cup at a traffic signal).

    Then the second shoe to drop becomes the new compliance laws, licenses and mandated fees that will come from local and state governments, based on the data gleaned by Yelp.

    Found to have a racist business, and you are shuttered. Then you have to jump through hopes, be re-certified, be reeducated, and pay, pay, pay in order to re-open, but hey who cares about your ABC coffee shop when there are _____________ (fill in a number) of failing Starbucks in the vicinity.

    Oh well…this may look like Yelp has a new idea, but it doesn’t. It is Fourth Reich type of thinking that has been with the United States since the close of WW2.

    If anyone is interested, there is a good book called Surveillance Valley, by Mr. Levine, which provides a very accurate understanding of the Internet’s history, most of the hardware / software companies and many of the current players on the World Wide Web.

    Why would a former academic and sometimes SIS contractor (now knighted) name his creation a “World Wide Web”? Isn’t the main purpose of a web to ensnare?

    There could have been many other options, and yet he choose “world wide web”. Then it was later marketed as an information super highway, so you get away from a “web” and now travel a “super highway”. If you are “pulled over” for anything deemed reckless driving, then you become “ensnared” by the thought police and may be silenced or banned accordingly.

  4. So dont like your competitors with similar businesses near your place, just send someone over and stage some event which leads to a flag for him. Too easy to abuse.

  5. Yelp is absolutely loathed by many businesses for multiple good reasons.
    As a ‘consumer’ oft times their reviews are made useless by contradictory
    claims based on individual experiences and impressions. Of course. And
    yet yelp makes money somehow and is reported to be very profitable. So
    now you tell me their big cheese is jewish. Wow go figure. Once again …
    Every. Single. Time. Not doing anything, not making or building things,
    providing a ‘service’ that is of marginal worth at best. And lucrative …
    Hmm … Yup, sounds like a big fat matzo ball to me

  6. I reckon that most apps in general are scams that track your location and proclivities while steering your attention to the app’s preferred limited hangout buddies. There are some that are useful, but I’ve found that most are simply substitutes for websites. The end game is obviously phones/computers that are totally app driven and don’t even access the internet. I went through a fast food drive through today with my son on a road trip. We weren’t able to get his favorite food item because it can now only be bought through their app. It was an excellent learning experience for my son to understand the nonsense these companies are pulling, and displayed for him why I constantly recommend voting with your wallet.

  7. Yelp has a long history of extortion and pay to play accusations. This is just the latest chapter of extremely unfair business practices. Not hard to find articles like this online
    I believe there have ben various legal actions against them also. Essentially bad reviews are promoted to visibility (whether real or fake) and only removed if you pay out to Yelp.

  8. Business owners that want to use YELP get sticker shock at how much it costs. YELP is very profitable.
    Ain’t no doubt in my mind, YELP has a traitor in a position of power. Probably the 2nd in command.
    Some other company, looking at you-> Facebook Market Place. Marketplace needs a refresh, and they probably wants to copy YELP’s model.
    All that needs to happen is for YELP to face a flood of defamation lawsuits from all 50 states, and territory. What are the chances YELP will win a lawsuit in Puerto Rico? Buh-Bye Yelp!!

  9. Russ! Been awhile since I’ve commented here! Hope everything is well with you! I wanted to bring to your attention what transpired over the weekend at Buffalo for the home playoff game between the Bill’s and the Bengals.

    We are being told that Demar Hamlin has basically been on the complete road to recovery since he came out of his coma about 3 weeks ago. We are now to believe that he attended this home playoff game at Buffalo where, he entered alone and concealed with a hoody over his head, along with a security escort. He left in the same rapid fashion!

    No interview by CBS in his suite, nor before or after the game! We are told he’s on oxygen, which was nowhere to be seen! He’s not wearing anything with blue, or the Bill’s logo, but basically all red! When they show him live during the game, the hood is still on, and you still can’t see him! He flashes the 6’s and freemasonry signal! Most of these blacks “crave the camera,” but this person didn’t once look or wave when entering and leaving!

    I’ve thought this whole thing has been suspect since he supposedly had his cardiac arrest live on television! Plus, the mass-marketing campaign behind it, with all of the T-shirts, hats, news coverage, etc. I’ll let you watch the video and draw your own conclusions! I’m going to see what other people’s ideas are on Twitter, etc., and see what I can come up with. You’re one of the few that’s willing to entertain the ubiquitous deceptions we are subjugated to!

    My speculations are, 1-he’s still in a coma or dead, and they don’t want people making the connection to the jab, and the family is playing along/being compensated, 2- He’s still alive, but in a coma, and the family maybe threatened a lawsuit, or speaking out, and they’re being compensated, 3- the whole narrative, since the beginning, is one big psy-op, 4- He’s recovering, but still in bad shape(from the jab), and they are helping keep his name in the “public-eye,” so he can profit from interviews and book deals, when his health improves later, or he’s forgotten by the general public at large, in case his health doesn’t improve!

    • Thanks Ed – glad I scrolled all the way down; My hunch: deceased; #3 doesn’t make a lot of sense – “since the beginning” ? you mean the on the field events were staged? – who gains from that? (network probably had to return considerable advertising revenue from the cancelled game). The reality seems to be – 9 minutes of CPR i.e. no heart function – some early pronouncement at the hospital “not expected to make a full recovery” and he’s back doing jump-jacks 3 weeks later? “On oxygen” – but not during jumping jacks? All this has this in-your-face / look-at-the-fakery-we’re-getting-away-with quality that we have seen often before. Going forward: should be a fascinating lesson in “deep fake”. Thanks for the video – I think we’re looking at two quite different noses.

      • You’re welcome!

        Yeah! The only reason I included it as possibly being a psy-op from the beginning is, we, as the viewing public, did not see the resuscitation being performed on the field! The players from the Bills & Bengals almost formed a perfect “obstructive circle” around him as that was taking place! Usually, referees and security will move players away from an injured player to allow the medical personnel to do their job, and, to give them space.

        Also, some have brought-up that the ambulance lights were off in the back as they left the field. Have not confirmed that! Also, the NFL, when asked why there was the long delay and/or hesitation in transporting Hamlin IMMEDIATELY to the hospital(which is standard protocol usually for severe cardiac situations), they stated that “they were waiting for his mother!” Medical professionals wait for nobody when one’s life is at stake! Usually, they resuscitate you “in transit” to get you to the hospital immediately for better care!

        I’m still less inclined though, to see the whole event as a psy-op! You’d have to involve the team trainers, team physicians, medical personnel, possibly stadium security/police, etc. But, these days- nothing would surprise me!

        Jim Stone posted similar skepticism about this “official story” the other day on his site as well! There’s definitely something going on here! We’ll see what additional info surfaces!

        • With Germany, informally, declaring war on Russia yesterday, I feel thoroughly distracted by this operation! – They win, one way or another. But, working back, if the guy was alive now, the stage management at the stadium on the weekend would not have been necessary (him sequestered in the booth with the obviously obscured face). You bring up two obvious anomalies occurring on the field; but they do have highly trained medical personnel and advanced equipment on the field. Could they have made some sort of initial probably deceased assessment (NFL’s worst nightmare; death on field happened once 50+ years ago) – worked furiously to restart the heart – (hence the obstructive circle) – ambulances have a light protocol for transporting deceased persons – no emergency lights in back could be that. In short, the poor guy probably died on the field (Dr McCullough has explained possible mechanisms of that resulting from even sub-clinical myocarditis) – they determined the only chance they had of saving him was immediate action on the field – with the “waiting for mother” line covering for that.

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