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#StruggleSessions and the Mythical Inverted Cult of St. Floyd

Chinese communist leader Mao's "Little Generals" (aka red guards) during a struggle session. PHOTO: The Guardian/Universal History Archive/UIG/Getty

By all accounts, the real George Floyd (1973 – 2020?) was a criminal and a drug fiend. In fact, as the mass protests continued on, we learn that Floyd had enough hard drugs — primarily meth and lethal levels of street fentanyl with morphine and weed thrown in for good measure — in his system to kill a horse. Just to add an extra scamdemic drama to the narrative, the coroner’s report said Floyd had tested positive for COVID-19 on April 3, but he appeared to be asymptomatic.

An autopsy conducted by the Hennepin County medical examiner stated there were “no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation,” but it did conclude that Floyd suffered from coronary artery disease, hypertensive heart disease and high blood pressure. Certainly, the meth and fentanyl didn’t help these conditions.

St. Floyd was a heart attack waiting to happen. Several arteries were 75% blocked and one was 90% blocked. Floyd also had an enlarged heart — “48% bigger than it ought to be” — which is a sign of impending heart failure.

Furthermore, even at this late date, there is no police cam video of what actually happened after Floyd was placed in the police cruiser. How did he end up pinned down by three officers in the roadway? We don’t know, as they won’t show it to the delicate flowers in the public.

Even if we take this strange incident at face value as real and not conjured, and since the powers that be have elected to hide the key sequence, we must assume St. Floyd managed to escape from the cruiser. At 6’4, 225 pounds, a football player back in the day, and jazzed up on speed, public endangerment nuisance St. Floyd must have put up a helluva battle.

If the police did a warrant or rap-sheet check, which they most likely did, they most likely saw a dangerous criminal record as shown below. The only aspect they might not have fully appreciated was that Floyd’s health was on the brink of drug-induced “I can’t breath” heart failure.

The storytellers state that St. Floyd also acted as an informal community leader and mentor to young men. If true, that’s some sad commentary about the community.

Following numerous arrests for theft and drug possession, Floyd was charged in 2007 for armed robbery of a pregnant woman in a home invasion robbery, which he committed with five other men. He took a plea deal in 2009 and was sentenced to five years in prison.

Here is the rest of Floyd’s rap sheet. St. Floyd was not afraid of using firearms in his crimes.

In 2014, he moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he took jobs driving a truck and providing security at a Latino club and restaurant. A fellow employee at the club was none other than his alleged assailant police officer Derek Chauvin.

In 2017, the “takes one to know one” St. Floyd filmed an anti-gun-violence video. In between his day jobs, St. Floyd performed porno flicks. The X rated version was up for viewing on Porn Hub until recently.

And, as you will likely recall, police stopped Floyd on that fateful May day was because a clerk at a nearby market reported he had tried to pass a counterfeit $20 bill.

Now, in a “what are the odds” lame-brain story, we learn through the Lugenpresse that Floyd‘s second-grade teacher from 38 years ago kept a Black History Month drawing he made and essay describing how he wanted to be a Supreme Court judge.


The Crime Syndicate behind the cult of St. Floyd have introduced a method taken right out the Mao Communist China era called the “public humiliation struggle session.” We witnessed this being rolled out during the scamdemic with step-and-fetch-it techniques, such as social distancing. Social distancing seems to be conveniently forgotten now that the St. Floyd scam is being rolled out. Meanwhile, churches in California are limited to 25% capacity, or 100 faithful, whichever is fewer.

Most struggle session authoritarian cult followers appear to be younger white women. They have quickly dropped their latest social distancing fad in favor of the sessions. PHOTO: The Federalist

Struggle sessions developed from similar ideas of Marxist criticism and self-criticism in the Soviet Union from the 1920s. Struggle sessions are held, ostensibly, to benefit the target, by eliminating all traces of counterrevolutionary, reactionary thinking. Chinese communists resisted this at first, because struggle sessions conflicted with the Chinese concept of saving face, but struggle sessions became commonplace at Communist Party meetings during the 1930s.

The 10th Panchen Lama during a struggle session

They were geared up and used heavily during the Cultural Revolution. When the reformers led by Deng Xiaoping took power, struggle sessions and other kinds of Mao-era brainwashing campaigns were prohibited.

“I had many feelings at that struggle session,” recalls You Xiaoli. “I thought there were some bad people in the audience. But I also thought there were many ignorant people, people who did not understand what was happening, so I pitied that kind of person. They brought workers and peasants into the meetings, and they could not understand what was happening.” Source (Priestland, David (2009). The Red Flag: A History of Communism.

A variation of the struggle session is Gregory Bateson’s double-bind psychological operation, which is what the West has suffered from since WWII. The cult of St. Floyd struggle sessions up the ante.

Read “Gregory Bateson: The Master of Double-Bind Black Propaganda”

The American St. Floyd version of the struggle session is ramping up rapidly. One version are Black Lives Matter trolls pressuring white authoritarian followers to “take a knee” and to “eat shit” by demonstrating their collective shame, guilt and responsibility for the drug cocktail overdose death of St. Floyd.

This is what this reprehensible strategy and pillaring looks like in public settings. Get used to it.

Here we see a struggle session even applied to an extremist bootlicker like Mayor Frey of Minneapolis. Right out of Jacobin Robespierre, they will eat their own. If you want a career or a public platform in mainstream society, you’ll have to profess allegiance to the extreme cultural left and make an absurd pledge to disband the police department. Indeed, we now learn that Minneapolis’ city council intends to defund the police department.

Even worse, here we see a police chief prostate face down on the ground during a struggle session along side a formation of cult St. Floyd authoritarian followers. You can see the black useful idiot trolls sitting normally in the foreground looking over the proceedings

Fidelito Trudeau participating in and affirming the use of struggle sessions. He’s come a long way from his black face days.

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42 Comments on #StruggleSessions and the Mythical Inverted Cult of St. Floyd

  1. This article adds useful information painting Floyd as no great loss to society. What is a great loss to society however, is the peace that comes from sensing that the laws are being faithfully enforced and that order reigns in place of chaos. The failure to reconcile police action on Floyd with the presumed infraction, is what has driven much interest and rebellion in the American public. In fact, the lopsided application of force is so strange that I conclude it is a psyop to prompt rioting to then apply martial law, the end-point.

    • I seem to be almost alone in saying no one in the public knows why three police pinned Floyd down. Inexplicably that part hasn’t been shown even though all the officers have body cams. The use of the knee hold is not prohibited in the police manual, and Floyd was, or is a large man. Further he died of heart attack from a drug cocktail overdose, not a knee hold.

      • I saw/heard this version of events: he was found sitting in his own (or a) car and arrested — he did not resist arrest — he was led over to a cop car but refused to get in, saying he was claustrophobic, or something to that effect (? — recall he’d just been sitting in a car) — at that point he resisted.

        • They are telling the virtue signalling left that Floyd had turned his life around, was mentoring young black kids, was a paragon of virtue, yada, yada, yada.

          They are telling the right that he was a felon drug addict who pointed a pistol at the belly of a pregnant woman he robbed.

          As with all the other false flags, this is pure dialectic, amplified by social media, diet, drugs, 5G and other electromagnetic emissions, and even atmospheric spraying. Facebook has been researching how to influence and steer emotions for years, and clearly these media gargantuans have assembled massive databases over every detail of their subjects lives. Social Media is presenting two completely different narratives to the left and the right, just as the Rothschild bankers and advisors presented two different narratives to the Kaiser and the Tsar in 1914.

          And also like other false flags, the media and deep state saturate the entire battlespace with contradictory information in order to cover their tracks and provide a total smoke screen.

          The entire FLoyd psyop is as masonic as the Las Vegas “Harvest Festival” and we know about as much about Floyd as we do about Pollack after 3 years.

          My interest is not longer in finding “gotchas” about Floyd or Chauvin. I am looking at exposing the masonic strings being pulled behind the curtain, and who are pulling them.

          • Excellent points on the big picture. I do think it is necessary to counter the St. Floyd persona that has been weaponized in the dialectic. Can’t just ignore it.

            • I don’t live in the US and haven’t been there in several years. I don’t really follow any US media or social media. I have no twitter, facebook or Instagram account but monitor several twitter users. Even with my own direct family in the US, I cannot really discern where their information comes from and what they are thinking since I have been ostracized.

              My impression from these twitter feeds and a few webzines like ZH, Unz, Lew Rockwell and WInterwatch is that the majority of their readers are well aware of all the extreme levels of disinformation.

              My impression from here in the alps is that most people are aware of the extreme levels of bullshit emanating from from the US, but really no one is really interested in hearing the details. They all despise Trump and believe that Blacks suffer from extreme discrimination.

              Since my family has written me off as a nut case, and the locals here are uninterested in hearing about the bigger picture, I am just a frustrated spectator. I apologize for being so cynical about your efforts to expose and deconstruct this psyop.

            • Yes- any real ‘making a difference’ has yet to be seen, heard, or experienced when it comes to sane policy & procedure. Example: how is ‘dismantling the Minneapolis police’ a good idea? At least we who are relationally exiled can express our reasons for our points of view amongst fellow nom de plumers on this & other sites- praise God.

          • My interest is not longer in finding “gotchas” about Floyd or Chauvin.

            I also think this is, past a point, childish — as Doug Horne said re the JFK assassination: ‘Eventually, to understand the significance of the assassination and ensuing cover-up, you have to get out of Dealey Plaza’ — but the “gotchas” can be important in showing people the inconsistencies of the physical event, which gets them thinking — of course everyone is looking for the “smoking gun”, something like the collapse of WTC-7 that makes it obvious the conventional narrative cannot possibly be true.

            • “of course everyone is looking for the “smoking gun”, something like the collapse of WTC-7”

              I have shown dozens of people, Americans and Europeans, clips about Building 7. They all seem to be able to accept the cognitive dissonance of 9/11 being a false flag while they all stubbornly cling to the narrative in general and remain normies and pijama people.

              I guess one common trait is that they have no real love of history or even current events. They just want to live their lives and are unwilling to face the possibility that their entire belief system is a lie.

              CV19 is an interesting case in point. Most people just follow the narrative and accept what they are being told to do: they social distance, they wear their masks and deliberately try to avoid noticing any of the far more important correlations and implications.

              I have had some limited success waking up my grown children. I think it is mostly through the use of memes, which I regularly send to them over whatsapp.

              This is why I wish Russ could provide us some means of directly inserting memes directly through jpg’s, or through URL’s pointing to them. This is one of the best features of Unz Review.

              • I agree comment handling at Unz is better in that respect (click on my moniker “eah” to see my comment archive there), but moderation sucks; no concept of ‘whitelisting’ as here, so no matter how many approved comments you’ve made, new ones still await moderation — I also agree memes can be effective: ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ — CV-19 just confirmed what I already knew: the vast majority of people are stupid sheep — the riskiest things to talk about are race/IQ and White Nationalism — I’m a WN and quite open about it.

                • I have read comments by you on Unz, and I am certain I responded to them in one of my incarnations there, of which Heros was one. Heros was blocked by Unz probably in 2018.

                  If Unz was a sincere truther he would create a kind of comment graveyard where readers could peruse comments he blocked, at least ones that were not overly profane.

              • We activated the feature that allows users to post images, but for reasons I cannot figure out, it still doesn’t allow us to post images. It frustrates us here at Winter Watch, too. I’ll put it on my next Trouble Ticket call to our service provider.

                • My guess is that the issue with embedding jpg’s is EU copyright legislation. For example, take the asinine cookie nag button when starting web sites in the EU. Unz manages to avoid it, likely because Unz has servers and providers based in the US and he writes his own wordpress code.

                  An interesting exception here at winterwatch seems to be youtube, which is allowed to like link. As an experiment, I will post 2 videos from of my favorite youtube channels and two of my favorite bitchute channels (with short commentary) to see if both embed properly. My guess is that jewtube clips are allowed, and bitchute aren’t.

                  If my assumption is correct, then likely the only way to embed jpg’s will be to link from some kosher image provider, perhaps pinterest.

                  Vertigo Politix consistently provides great content:


                  Anthropologist Robert Sephyr (Atlantean Gardens) investigates all kinds of ancient artifacts and history. Here he investigates the NSDAP’s discovery of ancient Aryan guards to underground complex in Paraguay:


                  Blackpilled is always a great watch, especially when he deconstructs bullshit Hollywood MKUltra propaganda. Here he deconstructs Contagion and links it to the COV19 psyop:


                  When JohnRobinson101 disappeared from jewtube my soul cried. Now he is back on bitchute with all his great Zundel, Irving and other clips including German films from WWII. Here is one about THE BATTLE OF THE TEUTOBERGER FOREST:


                  • My guess is that the issue with embedding jpg’s is EU copyright legislation.

                    I really doubt it — I think it’s a SW issue.

                    I use — I also do screen captures of tweets and save them as images there (most of the accounts I follow get suspended/deleted eventually) — I must have 1k images saved there now.

  2. I seriously doubt that George Floyd is dead. The ‘Chauvin’ actor was out of uniform, meaning he couldn’t start his shift. He was unshaven- uniformed officers aren’t allowed to grow beards in any department I know of. Pepper spray sticks to beards.
    He also lacked his name tag- can’t go to work without one. Sometimes they cover their name tags but they always wear them.
    He lacked a radio- something all the other cops had, They all use the same equipment, something like an extra pair of handcuffs or a different holster is a big deal and has to be approved by their supervisor. Why no radio? Likely because they would have had to log the radio out to him and he wasn’t on the list to receive one.

    No video is of course the only clue we really need. No video, it didn’t happen.

    Best indicator of all is that his neighbors didn’t know he was a cop. That’s nearly impossible.

    • The guy that made the original video a about this then made another video where he retracts. He finds out that the link to the Obama foundation’s site shows what is current in the website; that is why you’d see current stuff. It’s a dynamic link.

      In another topic, I think that Floyd (or the big guy in the SUV was drugged on purpose, perhaps by his “buddies” in the car, and then Ben Bailey (sorry, Chauvin) realizes that is taking longer for this guy to faint and has to remain on top of him (with the other 2 guards) for longer than thought.
      Or, he was drugged (for the first time or again) by the other 2 cops that are also pinning him and that are not clearly seen in the videos.

  3. I just recently read in a comment section some where a previous lawyer of floyd’s, I suppose from one of his trials, claimed the real george floyd died three years ago, in texas. No doubt his family would be perfectly willy to go along with any scam using his name considering there is supposedly some thing like 13 million dollars collected in a ‘go fund me’ account in his name.

    • A little history on Black Hebrew Israelites.
      “Since 2000, when the prophecy of a key leader failed to materialize (he predicted Christ would return to Earth at the dawn of the new millennium to wreak bloody vengeance on white people), the rhetoric of extremist Hebrew Israelites sects has been steadily heating up, with increasing talk of an impending apocalypse and God-ordained race war. At the same time, a magnetic young leader, who counts among his disciples the lead singer of a top-selling R&B group, emerged and rapidly expanded a movement that was previously concentrated in black inner-city neighborhoods on the East Coast. There are now extremist Hebrew Israelite churches in cities throughout Florida, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma and Oregon.”

  4. Keep in mind as well that this whole psy-op started because of a supposed fake $20 bill. In a normal world, a business is going to just refuse you business or ask for another authentic $20 bill. It is highly unlikely for some business to call the police out for a fake $20 bill- it’s a waste of time! Even if the police were to be called; in a city like Minnesota, they’re probably not going to send a cruiser anyway due to priority policing. Why? There could be multiple reasons as to how one comes across a fake $20 bill rather than criminal intent and a single $20 bill is a waste of resources.

    Banks and businesses are generally taught to only be concerned about $50 and $100 bills, but only in large amounts. Even a single fake $100 bill is still only going to get you a denial of service. It is idiocy to think the cops are going to show up, make an arrest, file a report and then have the local DA file charges on one single $20 bill. But this is in the ‘real world’ and we know this whole set up has nothing to do with that world.

    • Totally concur! They had to come up with a storyline, and like all lies, the holes show up later, but not before the damage is done.

  5. The story of Tony Timpa almost 4 years ago; I don’t remember CNN covering this and calling out for justice for Tony. No, he was white! Listen to these callous cops just laughing about having possibly killed Tony like it was just another day at the office.

    • … I don’t remember CNN covering this and calling out for justice for Tony. No, he was white!

      Paul Kersey/SBPDL covers this kind of thing over at — while a lot of it is what I call outrage porn, one aspect of his work is important: calling out media and societal hypocrisy when it comes to race and crime.

  6. This whole psychodrama looks like part of the post-2016 hard push to subjugate Whites in America via even more intense racial guilt-mongering.

    The day is approaching when Whites will be < 50% of the population, effectively eliminating politics/voting as a means of self-preservation — they want to psychologically neutralize/disarm weak-minded Whites as much as possible in the meantime.

    I think they know a certain segment of the white population will be a problem, so there will be no let-up in calls for gun control either.

  7. Inverted Cult

    Speaking of which, very early on in this: video of some black spokesperson for the MN emergency operations center saying they are tracking “white supremists” who may pose a danger to “critical infrastructure” –> link

  8. I don’t care much for Floyd one way or another. However, he should have never had any cocaine convictions in his record. What a travesty. Do you know how much coke rich people do, often very openly and brazenly at their degenerate parties and orgies?!?

    So, some rich swindling jew stock broker in NYC or some low-life jet setting Brit can do bowls of coke all day, and a black guy does 10months in jail for being caught with probably a tenth of an ounce?

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