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The Corporate Past of Jeffrey Zients

American Prospect | April 4, 2023

The administration’s highest-ranking COVID official built his wealth through billing practices that have been alleged as fraud, triggering hundreds of millions in fines.

In the span of a single week in March, a two-part vanishing act disappeared America’s COVID response plan and the man overseeing it. On March 17th, COVID czar Jeffrey Zients announced that he would be replaced in a month’s time by Brown School of Public Health dean and Albright Stonebridge consultant Ashish Jha, who is set to take over a job without a working budget. According to the White House, basic services like COVID testing, free antiviral drugs, and vaccine funding will all expire without immediate action from Congress to fund these efforts. A deal for $10 billion in funding, less than half of what the administration requested, is trudging through Congress.


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