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Germany’s RED ALERT: Eurozone Warned of ‘Sharp’ Rates Rise and Banks AREN’T Prepared

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By Siobhan McFadyen | 14 April 2017

EXPRESS — One of Germany’s top bankers is warning the European Central Bank could be forced to introduce “sharp” rates rises sparking hyperinflation fears. And he says banks may be unprepared for the outcome of a spike which could cause wipe-out for the value of the euro.

Bundesbank executive board member Andreas Dombret issued a very targeted and stark warning to banks this morning. And he said risk managers should beware as most of them have never lived through a period of significant rates rises which can lead to hyperinflation.

Germany’s central bank has been lobbying the European Central Bank (ECB) to end its £1.95trillion (€2.3tn) bond-buying program known as quantitative easing, which has been active since January 2015, over concerns it is holding the country’s economy back.

Policy chiefs at the Bundesbank have directly targeted the bank’s Italian chief Mario Draghi over the programme which is allegedly saving debt-ridden euro states from default. …

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  1. this is exactly what happened in nazi germany. the hyperinflation giving justification/reason for a global war and ppl having no choice but to be conscripted for some food.
    So congratulations ppl; youre reliving the same shit. And i am justified in accusing ppl of this bc countless times on forums/youtube/facebook ive asked ppl why do they support merkel/hillary/etc and they all reply with things like “here in germany we dont mind her. shes pretty good. the opposition seems very unknown” without any research. willfull ignorance.

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