‘The Psychopathic Takeover’ — A Russ Winter/Winter Watch Original Video

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  1. Good video. I just want to add that we probably need to question David Icke. He potentially is a freemason shill. The jury is still out on this for me at the moment…

    • Perhaps you are the troll trying to bring hate to a man who has spent over 30 years bringing the truth about the world controllers to us. Where is your evidence besides web gossip??

      I grew up in a small town with a Masonic lodge with some of the members friends of ours. They never knew about the higher levels of the Lodge and just did good stuff with their brothers yearly.

      My dad was a Grand Knight of KoC and certainly had no evil in his manner and being. You don’t seem to understand that most ALL organizations have secret levels of ranks.

      The Supreme Council, 33º, SJ, USA
      1733 16th St. NW
      Washington, DC 20009
      Contact Detail
      T: 202–232–3579
      F: 202–464–0487
      E: council@scottishrite.org
      The Jewish role in the formation and leadership of Scottish Rite Masonry
      — by: Samuel Oppenheim, 1910-02,
      source: American Jewish Historical Quarterly, Vol 19
      MHP hypertext version for non-profit educational use only
      Table of Contents
      MHP Editor’s Preface
      About this article
      1.  Introduction
      Jewish leaders in the early history of American Masonry
      2.  Massachusetts
      Moses M. Hays and the formation of Scottish Rite Masonry
      3.  Rhode Island
      Dutch Jews bring the Masonic rituals to America
      4.  Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut
      Little activity reported
      5.  New York, New Jersey
      King David’s Lodge
      6.  Pennsylvania
      The Sublime Lodge of Perfection and Congregation Mikveh Israel
      7.  Delaware, Maryland
      Joseph Myers
      8.  Virginia
      The Richmond Lodge and Congregation Beth Shalom
      9.  North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia
      The Supreme Council and Congregation Beth Elohim of Charleston
      10.  Conclusion
      MHP Editor’s Preface
      This article, written by a Jewish historian, describes the role of prominent Jews and their congregations in the formation and leadership of Masonic lodges prior to, during and after the American Revolution.
      During the war, several of them retreated from the coastal cities of New York and Charleston to the relative safety of Philadelphia, meeting place of the Continental Congress and the first capital of the United States.
      After the war, leading Jewish Masons including Moses M. Hays and his deputies founded the “Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite” at Charleston, the largest Masonic order in America, under charter from their European colleagues (see chapter 9).
      Rabbi Issac M. Wise, himself a Mason, was the founder of “Reform Judaism” which is the largest Jewish sect in America. In his newsletter The Israelite, he wrote:
      “Masonry is a Jewish institution whose history, degrees, charges, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from the beginning to the end, with the exception of only one by-degree and a few words in the obligation… It is impossible to be well posted in Masonry without having a Jewish teacher…”
      — Isaac M. Wise, The Israelite, 03-Aug-1855, pg. 28

  2. This video should be required viewing for WInterwatchers. Highly recommended. Your narration in the video on Michael Hastings was also excellent, Mr. Winter. I reckon that if you narrated your articles and made them available to non readers in the video and podcast spheres, your reach would increase tenfold minimum. Maybe that’s a slightly pie-in-the-sky number, I’m not experienced in this area, but it’s got to be a lot. A huge amount of the non reading masses are open to considering conspiracies, to put it mildly, especially the younger generations. Just an idea and I know it’s no small task but your articles are tailor-made for video/podcast because they’d be short and focused enough narratives to keep people’s attention without making a “too long” video. I already consider Russ Winter a force- your work speaks for itself- but imagine the reach of your work if you were armed with hundreds of relatively short, listenable narrations… The new york slimes just might have to be your huckleberry like you want… And I disagree that you sound like Kermit the frog, I remember you jokingly saying something to that effect in a past video or podcast of yours. With all due respect I find your voice calmly paternal. Importantly it’s not annoying or provocative, which seems to be common in the field, and turns off many. I appreciate your site and your effort and I hope to see it grow in influence for years to come. I wish you a Merry Christmas and continued health and happiness to you and yours and the Winter Watch crew.

    • Those videos were challenging to make, and in fact my son assisted. But he has his own day job. Narrations are easier and I agree that my voice is reasonably good. So I have devoted a lot of energy to podcasts and radio shows which require less technical skill.

      They don’t seem especially popular however, but there are a slug of them in that section, most are still timely. There were 39 shows of one hour each with Dino Ryan (a pro) worth checking. The Trad Cats are only a half hour, there are 30 or so. And dozens more with the Brain Truat, Tim Kelly and others. I have made myself available for these.

  3. Humans must identify the genes which cause genetic psychopathy. Then we need to develop an effective method for the identification of genetic psychopathy via blood tests. There are labs working on this project, but oddly enough, they are woefully underfunded.

    • Nature or Nurture? What makes you think evil is a heritable attribute like hair/eye color? Thomas Szasz MD has written and expanded on this extensively since his 1963 Myth of Mental Illness with the 2008 Psychiatry: Science of Lies a very easy read as introduction to his views on the the fraud of psychiatry. But this didn’t make complete sense to me until finding Scott Peck 1983 The People of the Lie where, p. 73, he explains that evil in humans is real, and, after Erich Fromm, he called it malignant narcissism, which I’ve taken to calling The Jewish Archetype.

      • Full title is People of the Lie: the Hope for Healing Human Evil. http://www.journeytoforever.org/farm_library/ppl-lie.html

        If human evil was heritable according to a Mendelian Determinism, then it ought to be the same for human goodness. Are bad people born or made? How can we know? Here’s a simple test: is it contagious? Eye color isn’t contagious, though prior to Gregor Mendel some may have thought so. Is evil contagious? I think anyone ought to be able to see the difference.

        Scott Peck as far as I know didn’t quote Thomas Szasz but I’d be thrilled to learn if either cited the other because they’re both trained psychiatrists whose views are entirely complementary.

        If evil was a dominant trait of a certain gene on a certain chromosome wouldn’t it be morally wrong to punish people born evil?

      • Is It God’s Word
        Joseph Wheless

        Is the Bible the word of God? This classic of literature has the answer, and it’s a loud and profound NO! American writer JOSEPH WHELESS (1868-1950) employs all the tools of the logician, from the self-evidence of reason to the words of the very proponents of the attitudes he strives to dismiss, to condemn Christianity as nonsense. Wheless roundly debunks. . the patriarchs and the covenants of Yahweh . the wonders of the Exodus . the forty years in the wilderness . the “ten commandments” and the “law” . the “conquest” of the promised land . the holy priests and prophets of Yahweh . the “prophecies” of Jesus Christ . the inspired “harmony of the Gospels” . the Christian “plan of salvation” . and more. This is a highly provocative work, one that should be explored by believers and doubters alike. Wheless’s also wrote, Forgery in Christianity.


  4. Jesus Was Not A Jew The Holy Bible Is Not A Jewish Book Cain’s Satanic Seed Line see Bertrand Comparet Archives @ christogenea.org also on yt

    Comparet said rabbi s wise said it so well he couldn’t improve on it: “The return from Babylon and the introduction of the Babylonian Talmud mark the end of Hebrewism and the beginning of Judaism.”

    As for the Noah event and the Moses event and “miracles” around same, astrophysicist mathematician James McCanney has taken up the mantle of Immanuel Velikovsky whose books came out in the 1950s: Worlds In Collision Ages In Chaos etc. He was excoriated by the “authorities”.

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