‘Russian Propaganda’ Is The Latest Excuse To Expand Censorship

By Caitlin Johnstone | 27 February 2022

MEDIUM — “I’m concerned about Russian disinformation spreading online, so today I wrote to the CEOs of major tech companies to ask them to restrict the spread of Russian propaganda,” US Senator Mark Warner tweeted on Friday.

Since then YouTube has announced that it has suppressed videos by Russian state media channels so that they’ll be seen by fewer people in accordance with its openly acknowledged policy of algorithmically censoring unauthorized content, as well as de-monetizing all such videos on the platform. Google and Facebook/Instagram parent company Meta both banned Russian state media from running ads and monetizing on their platforms in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Twitter announced a pause on ads in both Russia and Ukraine.

“Glad to see action from tech companies to reign in Russian propaganda and disinformation after my letter to their CEOs yesterday,” Warner tweeted on Saturday. “These are important first steps, but I’ll keep pushing for more.” […]

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  1. Caitline Johnstone. The Pro-WEF, let-Australia-build-camps-and-say-nothing activist-journalist.

    I’ll tell you. One common thread between all players in this avante-garde conflict, it is Chabad Lubavitch, and a bunch of Nazi-baiting, with permitted funding of Nazi armies by Jews/Chabadniks, while they also call Russians ‘Nazis,’ and the Russians, in bed with Chabad/Rothschild, call them ‘Nazis’ back. So far, seems like a commercial for Chabad and promo for the ADL more than a war. They’re just using Ukrainians as a means to an end- like in the Holomodor. Funny how all sides are in bed with Chabad, that connect Israel-Russia (& an Israel-China connection), but they don’t talk about it. They talk about Nazi, Nazi, Nazi, or throw a bone or two about the EU/NATO working with ‘Israel,’ while people like Kier Starmer are openly bashing/kvetching about NATO so they can just proudly embrace their Lurianic Kabbalah, Eurasian power structure (instead of embracing it on the DL, like now, with the quasi-split, with Eastern-Establishment media blaming WEF on ‘The West’).




    4.) It is just like that time, recently, when we had Israeli Spies, very connected to Chabad/Russia- you know- Jeffrey Epstein, and Ghislaine Maxwell, whose father worked with the KGB, got his passports from Simeon Mogilevich- and all of their shenanigans have been distracted by a ‘theatrical’ propaganda strategy that was first tested in . . . . Russia. Now it’s here. It’s almost like, there are people- cough Kissinger cough- inside US politics working toward Easternizing the West, and outsourcing Western/European power toward a Trostkyite, ‘Eurasian’ Bloc that is Zionist at the top.

    a.) Again- Russia first, then we have BLM/Proud Boys, which their little outlets promote here? Hmmm. Seems there is some kind of ‘deal’ going on, with proxy-cross-promotion there, and both sides acting more ‘scared’ of ‘Nazis’ etc than they actually are to fast-track policy.

    b.) Just like the Rosenbergs and the Silvermaster Spy Rings- Epstein/Maxwell, yet people like Johnstone, nearly the entire ‘Independent media,’ doesn’t get this? That’s gotta be funding, and likely even extortion on their side, just as there is on the mainstream side, playing a kind of legacy-suicide, patsy role.

    Read Antony Sutton’s ‘Wall Street’ Trilogy, along with his ‘Best Enemy Money Can Buy,’ Edwin Black’s ‘Transfer Agreement,’ and Douglas Reed’s ‘Controversy of Zion.’ It’s the same network- they use a ‘Dual-Purpose’ strategy of tension. Anytime there are ‘Nazis’ around, it means they (network) are trying to break up (not ‘strengthen,’ as the media/PR says) and strongarm Western countries, bolster Zionist/Ultrazionist/Trotskyite protection rackets, and attack/suppress what are traditionally- but not limited to- European religious practices, like Christianity/Catholicism (which they blame with ‘Nazism’).

    Christianity blamed for ‘Nazism’- one reason Ultrazionists promote it- great move to push the West toward a proxy-warrior, Bolshevik-Transhumanist future, don’t you think?

  2. I just came across the following-

    Important Reading!
    Please READ Carefully and Understand what this means Everyone!
    *** Czech Judiciary threatens to punish public support for Russian op in Ukraine with 3 years in prison, police recording online comments***

    Balkan Insight – Tue, 01 Mar 2022 17:55 UTC – Igor Striz

    “…The Public Prosecutor’s Office appealed for Czech citizens to stay within the confines of the country’s constitutional and legal restrictions. Although freedom of expression is stipulated in the Czech constitution, meaning everyone has the right to express their views, it also has its limits just as in any democratic state.

    This means that “under certain conditions”, anyone publicly supporting or praising the leaders of the Russian Federation regarding the country’s attack on Ukraine could face criminal charges, including at demonstrations or even online, Striz said.

    Striz’s statement cited sections 365 and 405 of the Czech Criminal Code,…”

    Not Good. Heads-Up Russ & Readers.

    • Per usual they use vague and overly broad Kafkaesque terms like praise and support to address a complex issue where there are different interpretations. I doubt if anyone here praises this military action, I certainly don’t. But the narratives around it should be freely and honestly discussed.

      Unfortunately there is evidence developing that the Russians have changed their rules of engagement and are far less cautious around civilian and urban areas. That is a bad sign.

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