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Replacement Migration: Average IQ Scores Dropping Across Europe

PHOTO: via Defend Europa

By Laura | 7 July 2017

DEFEND EUROPA –Due to more desirable living conditions and better education, IQ scores in the Western world have largely increased since the 1930s. This is known as the Flynn Effect. This trend, however, has not only plateaued in recent years, it’s actually reversed.

In France, a study was carried out by Edward Dutton and Richard Lynn in 2015 which concluded that IQ score levels are currently dropping by around 4 points per decade. Similar results have been echoed across Europe as academics from Brussels, Amsterdam and Ireland found similar results in a 2013 study, and tests carried out in Denmark and the UK have anticipated the same.

Dutton and Lynn put this change down to “biological causes”, namely; replacement migration and the dysgenic effect of intelligent people having fewer children. […]

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