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Mexican Drug Cartels Launched 9,000 Drone Incursions into US Airspace

By Tyler Durden | 15 April 2022

ZERO HEDGE — Border security continues to suffer significantly as Mexican drug cartels conducted more than 9,000 drone incursions into US airspace in 2021, Judicial Watch revealed this week.

Judicial Watch spoke with a senior Homeland Security, interviewed federal officials at the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Rio Grande Valley sector in Texas, and even filed a Freedom of Information Act request with CBP to investigate the use of drones by Mexican drug cartels to surveil federal, state, county, and city agencies and conduct nefarious activities on the border.

CBP officials on the ground told the conservative activist group that cartels used drones for surveillance during human smuggling and drug trafficking operations into the US. They said the drones, many of which can be readily bought off the internet or at a big box retailer, are being used to spot gaps in the border coverage, as well as create diversions in certain areas to confuse CBP agents while smugglers move high-value assets across the border in other locations. […]

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  1. JOETUS’ gotta keep the Southern Border Open for product and a clear a path for Son Hunter’s habit! Right. Imagine being a fly on the wall inside the Biden home when Hunter was growing up. That is one Big highly questionable family.

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