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Report from the London ‘Open Borders for Israel’ Rally at the Jewish State Embassy

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By Jez Turner | 7 July 2016

DAILY STORMER — On the internet we reign supreme, it is time we ruled the streets.

Saturday 25th June, 1pm, central London: a well planned, cleverly thought out audacious demonstration highlighting Jewish hypocrisy and double standards.

The heavily guarded Israeli Embassy located on the private road, known locally as Billionaire’s Row, is the only Embassy in London that does not allow protesters. Instead, demonstrators are located in the nearby busy Kensington High Street.

Three speeches, (see video) all varying in tone, temper, subject and manner, but all fearless, intelligent and witty. Camaraderie, friendship, comradeship. 30 good men and women, committed, wise, with the truth on their side. With the spirit of victory within them. The atmosphere friendly, warm and welcoming. Four new recruits thanks to The Daily Stormer article publicising the event.

Organised opposition – none. Opposition – except for one effeminate male who shouted ‘racist’ and then ran, none. Violence – none.

Worldwide Our Cause is winning. Do what The Enemy will against us, be it the silent treatment, be it intimidation, be it violence, be it financial sanctions, it will not be enough. And the Enemy knows this. For the idea of Identity has been born. And once the idea is born, it cannot be smothered, it cannot be killed.

Globalism, what some call globalization, together with all its rotten supporting ideologies, is finished. The public feels it. The passers-by sense it. The political class is in a panic. The Enemy hysterical. They are the past, we are the future.

We are now The Spirit of the Age. Our ideas have won. The ideas of the enemy have been revealed as evil, evil in intent, evil in motivation, evil by design, evil in outcome and evil by their virtue, by their very nature leading only to the charnel house, the gulag, the lobotomy, the cultural and spiritual wasteland, slavery, degeneration, decadence, decay, deracination and death.

Our ideas, in contrast, offer life, hope, meaning, purpose, and love. Our ideas are backed by truth, nature, instinct, history, heritage, tradition, culture, civilization, custom, justice and all that is good, noble and beautiful. The Life Force, God and all the gods are on our side.

It is now only a question of fighting. Fighting for the good side against The Enemy that seeks to poison, pollute and petrify our planet; against The eternal Enemy that seeks to corrupt, enslave and destroy our people. And the Enemy will fight. He will put up a fight for this is the only chance he has, the only way out he has, the only way he can delay our march to victory. It is a race against time for the survival of our race and everything that makes life worthwhile. The Enemy will not give up, and neither will we.

The enemy thus seeks to destroy our race, before we can wake enough people up, because once enough of us are awake we will be unstoppable. Those awake will in turn awaken more and so on. And soon, very soon there will be enough to smash the soul destroying system, enough to smash the materialistic matrix that imprisons us all. The Enemy will fight, but so will we, and once we start, we are better at it than he.

Therefore we must all do all we can. Each to his own. Each to what he does best. Internet blogging, trolling, article writing, memes, speeches, demonstrations, marches, elections, pressure groups, discussion groups, cultural groups and more. Much more. Each feeds off the other. Symbiosis.

Brain with brawn. Intellect with intuition. Factionalism no more. Class division no more. Snobbery and inverted snobbery, no more. Co-operation is the order of the day, if only behind the scenes. For we are ‘The Spirit of the Age’. It therefore matters not what we do. Only that we do something, that we do it well, and that we do it now!

Dates for your diary

Friday 29th July, evening demonstration in Whitehall outside Downing Street, the British Prime Minister’s Residence, demanding action now on withdrawing from the European Union. Details to be confirmed. Organised by The South East Alliance.

Saturday 30th July, 4pm, Trafalgar Square, London. Non-political, and all welcome. Wreath laying at the site of The Colonies Club bomb outrage, to commemorate and honour all those purposefully forgotten British service and civil service personnel who lost their lives both in Britain and abroad to Zionist terrorism in the days of the Palestine Mandate.

Ex-servicemen please wear medals, currently serving personnel please wear civvies and medals.

Forgotten British Heroes Facebook Page

Forgotten Heroes Mission Statement

September 2016, Oppose the Eruv and the Jewish Ghettoisation of North London, details and exact date to be confirmed.

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