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Hollywood’s Success, and Sex Scandals, Go Back to Some of Its [Jewish] Founding Fathers

Jack Warner of the Warner Bros. PHOTO: via The Times of Israel/Jack Warner/public domain image of tower/

Today’s disturbing allegations are not unprecedented. A spotlight on Jack Warner, co-founder of one of the biggest movie studios, who was accused of ‘womanizing’ decades ago

By Rich Tenorio | 9 November 2017

THE TIMES OF ISRAEL — Decades ago, Warner Bros. studio mesmerized moviegoers with films such as “The Jazz Singer” and “Casablanca” — some of the most popular hits of cinema’s golden age.

Now, the four Jewish-American brothers who founded that studio — Jack, Harry, Sam and Albert — are the marquee attractions of a new book: “Warner Bros: The Making of An American Movie Studio,” by film critic and historian David Thomson.

It’s part of Yale University Press’ Jewish Lives series, and the protagonist is studio head Jack Warner — a walking paradigm of Hollywood success and scandal.

Warner is “maybe the biggest scumbag ever to get into a Jewish Lives series,” writes Thomson. But when Yale suggested Thomson take up the Warner Bros. for the series, the acclaimed author of 20 books was intrigued. It hadn’t occurred to him to write about a corporation, he told The Times of Israel.

He said, “certain corporations that were absolutely vital in the history of movies were largely or almost entirely Jewish. … I was always very interested in the way in which Jewish culture had so much to do with the foundation of movies.” […]

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