Florida Cites Poway Shooting to Pass Controversial Anti-Semitism Bill

30 April 2019

RT — Just days after the fatal shooting at a California synagogue, the Florida Senate passed an anti-Semitism bill that critics say will criminalize any criticism of Israel.

The bill prohibits anti-Semitism in Florida public schools and universities, and defines it broadly as any speech that makes stereotypical depictions of Jews, Holocaust denial, inciting of violence or explicit expressions of racial hatred – as well as “criticizing the collective power of the Jewish community.”

Such a broad definition could be used to outlaw the pro-Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement, critics have pointed out, arguing that the bill violates the freedom of speech guaranteed by the First Amendment of the US Constitution. […]

5 Comments on Florida Cites Poway Shooting to Pass Controversial Anti-Semitism Bill

  1. Would like to get your take Russ on the John Earnest manifesto that Henry Makow is putting up on his site. Henry thinks it is real. I smell a rat. Simple deduction, none of these events ever take out significant players in the neocon operation, just innocent people. No Rothschild ever dies, or CEO of an arms manufacturer, or leading neocon media or political figure. They remain totally unscathed. I have a hunch that the manifesto is an attempt to trigger that pent up hostility that many feel about our overlords so that more random killing events will become commonplace and the overlords can crack down even more effectively.

  2. I agree it looks written by the same script writers as the others.I’d like to see a writing expert analyze them. The smearing of the boys on Chan board is interesting. They must be a sufficient threat to deem shut er down time? The manifesto of “Tarrant” and “Earnest” always
    talked about “lurking” on those boards and “learning”. Look at this contrived “last message of John Earnest on Chan”

    Then they stigmatize Chan culture and music. Of course John Earnest even mentions gamer music that I like- Sabaton, The Last Stand as his “going in streaming music”. Nasty.

  3. Signed by ostensibly ant-woke governor Ron DeSantis, demonstrating once again that if there is a constant among American politicians, it is obsequiousness to Jews.

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