Winter is Here Update

Volkswagen among others is warning that the energy crisis is grinding industry to a halt. The US benefits from the proxy war in Ukraine as a catalyst to onshore industry. Thus the US, has little interest in facilitating any type of resolution until factories and commitments from fleeing EU companies are signed and underway.

By Dec 14 Europe is forecast to sink in a deep freeze. As the Arctic is still in its accumulation phase of collecting cold air, January can be expected to be much, much colder.

Northern Hemisphere snow cover is currently well above the mean signaling harsh conditions in both Europe and North America.

Hard to grow oil production when there is almost no labor left in the industry.

Curiously right as there are signs that immune compromised individuals has increased we learn that “shortages” of key antibiotics has developed. What a perfect storm for a die off.

Health authorities are warning that RSV, the flu and COVID are combining to create a “tripledemic”, and there are simply not enough medications to go around. What a coinkydink.

As older low interest securities roll off and are financed at higher rates the net interest paid by the Treasury is spiking. This early parabolic move will continue with a vengeance.

Who will buy these Old Maid Cards? Will the higher rates attract enough interest?

The Fed is less of a factor in this market. Total holdings dropped to $8.58 trillion, according to the Fed’s weekly balance sheet. This was down by $344 billion from the peak on April 13, 2022 when QT kicked in.

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Foreign holdings of Treasuries in September dropped to their lowest level since May 2021, data from the U.S. Treasury Department showed on Wednesday, led by Japan and China whose currencies have struggled all year against a resurgent dollar.

Offshore holdings dropped to $7.296 trillion, from $7.509 trillion in August. Foreign holdings in May last year were at $7.144 trillion.

Japan’s stash of Treasuries dropped to $1.120 trillion in September, from $1.199 trillion the previous month. Japan, which remains the largest non-U.S. holder of U.S. government debt, reduced its load of Treasuries for a third straight month.

Complete societal breakdown.

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  1. I suppose that the $2.9 trillion dollar “trust fund” is largely made up of low interest rate bonds from the Quantitative Easing years so as interest rates rise its value rapidly depreciates. Assuming they can be sold at all. And if they are not sold, can the interest payments they bear keep SS afloat with high inflation cost of living adjustments?

    • Boomer here. I fully expect SS and MC to collapse (never mind that I am on SS and MC!), which my dad (a foreign exchange trader at Bankers Trust until he retired in ’79) told me would happen no matter what due to the complete decoupling of the US dollar from gold in 1971. That is why I expect the govt. to deny SS and MC to all unvaxxed (such as myself), and force all seniors to get boosters every year to continue to get SS and MC–which of course will cause a huge die-off of seniors leaving SS and MC funding to keep going (until GenX die off, then millennials, etc.)

  2. You can see the obvious tax hike from the Reagan-Greenspan social security rescue from the mid-1980s in the huge increase in the trust fund assets. This plus the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1983 largely undid the so-called “Reagan tax cuts”.

    The 1980s boom was largely due to military Keynesianism and Volcker opening up the money spigot.

  3. One very worrisome possibility comes to mind what with the shortage of amoxicillan, etc., as well as diesel shortage–EMS services run their ambulances on diesel, right? And what if EMS services can no longer access antibiotics like amoxicillan or meds like albuterol? So will paramedics go by the wayside as with auto factory workers or cashiers at Walmart (now that folks mostly use “self-checkouts”)? And will folks needing antibiotics simply die over the shortages? Not that the criminal psycho elites care, which is why they are the ones engineering the collapse of us “useless eaters” (Kissinger) or “worthless humans” (Harari).

  4. I love talking about the weather – or used to. One of my top go to weather guys is Joe Bastardi: – scroll down – look for Joe on the left – to the right will be his free weekly Saturday Summary. He has been calling for a cold December in the US since mid-Sept and is now predicting a hugely cold month for all of the northern hemisphere, This week we get a swipe at energy policy (“should have been ready for it – it’s 2022!”) and most weeks we get swipes at climate change – basically an intellectually bereft enterprise.

  5. “Ukraine” so that is what it was all about!! Jew Putin used as Wolf(all theatre ,but deadly as all Wars are Jew Banker Wars ) to scare Ukraine and Jew Zelensky to join Jewropean Union -Jew Digital Coin Slavery-JewJab and Third World take over by open Borders.
    Ukraine Is Now Officially A Candidate For The European Union.
    Last White Christian countries follow suit with Jew inspired border conflicts the impetus, same as used against Germany with Versaille Treaty to spark WW2.
    Georgia recommended for EU candidacy, but with conditions.
    Moldova officially applies for EU membership

    Capitalism and Marxism/Communism are two sides of the same coin with capitalist banking systems funding the exploits of global communism. Capitalism (democracy) and Communism (Marxism) are merely products of the Jewish mind manufactured to control slave Nations. Therefore, given the ‘divine right to rule’ both are ideologically lower than Judaism in the paradigm of the Jewish Zionist. The nature of the game for the Zionist Capitalist is to withhold a land’s wealth from its people. Henceforth the Zionist Capitalist gets immensely rich while the nations conquered suffer crippling dept. Consequently capitalism is basically state sponsored usury and any revolutionary response from the slave nations are corralled into Jewish Marxist (Communist) state funded trade unions whose organizers are earmarked to become the leaders of the new Jewish Zionist regime. Thus Jewish Zionism controls both rich and poor. This vicious circle is a representation of the Jewish Marxist one party state.

    Schengen open borders death trap for Bulgaria Romania and Croatia.(As stated above Democracy is Jewish Govt. that takes decisions that are good for Jews and bad for Whites.)

    Decision on Schengen membership of Bulgaria is expected on December 8.

    Romania to be in Schengen in a month’s time, social democratic leader says.

    Croatia gets green light for Schengen admission from European Parliament

    Bulgaria’s experience of Afghan Migrant Rapists.


    • Make shit up much? Here is the article in question:

      Key word famine and it is not mentioned once in the post. Shortage is not famine look the word up in the dictionary low brow.

      In fact time to revisit the post, and here is a key phrase: “The causa proxima will be a winter storm or series of dark clouded storms in December-February that will perfectly correspond to the energy and food shortage. The base loads of gas and electricity will be well exceeded resulting in blackouts in the midst of sub-zero F temperatures.”

      As we are barely into December this has manifested itself so far into industry shutdowns and very high costs in essentials like food and energy. No sane observer would argue that shortages aren’t in play. The post was spot on and as more severe winter is just beginning to roll in this is still unfolding.

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