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Winter is Coming

With Fauci headed into retirement and his trail of wreckage and turmoil done, we need to turn our attention to the next monstrous humanitarian crisis. I suggest a population weakened by clot-shots will next face an energy-weather apocalypse. The narrative to accompany this humanitarian crisis will be “climate change.”

The causa proxima will be a winter storm or series of dark clouded storms in December-February that will perfectly correspond to the energy and food shortage. The base loads of gas and electricity will be well exceeded resulting in blackouts in the midst of sub-zero F temperatures. This will turn the colder regions of Europe and eastern US literally medieval. Wood is already in huge demand.

High pressure over the Arctic helps to unlock the cold air out of the Arctic regions, sending it down into the mid-latitudes of the United States and Europe.

And in an another unbelievable coincidence, Europe’s major rivers are shrinking under the most severe drought in decades.

The Rhine’s evaporation is especially concerning. At the chokepoint of Kaub, near Frankfurt, it fell below 40cm on Friday. This would make it impassable for some larger ships carrying supplies of oil, coal and gas. German power plants are particularly dependent on the deliveries as Russia restricts gas flow.

Leading up to this deep freeze coup de grace will be an industrial depression from higher fuel costs. This is getting well underway. Reportedly, some UK residents are receiving utility bills higher than their salaries.

CF Fertilisers UK is shutting down ammonia production and CO2 would not be available for food processing.

In Poland the two biggest fertilizer producers stopped production last week. Poland has the biggest CO2 producers which means that meat and diary industry will soon run out of dry ice. CO2 shortage will also impact manufacturing, engineering, beverages, and the wider food processing sector.

Per Reuters,  Norway’s Yara one of the world’s largest fertilizer makers, is slashing ammonia production due to soaring gas prices. Yara began reducing ammonia production earlier in the year. It will only be using around 35% of its European ammonia capacity after its latest cuts, the company said on Thursday.

European smelters are halting production due to energy prices. Aluminum inventories are already extremely depleted.

The US in a stop gap – at least up until now- has been massively exporting petro to Europe. This is effectively almost all of the US oil production of 11.6 bpd. The US itself consumes 20 million bpd. Much of the deficit is supplied by the dwindling SPR.

Germany annual gas consumption is 90 BCM of which 52 BCM WAS imports from Russia. They have 20 BCM now in storage. For EU as a whole annual imports from Russia were 160 BCM and in gas storage EU has just below 90 BCM now.

The Biden administration finally reacts and calls for a slowing of exports as inventories of finished product is run down.

The point is of all this, once bankrupt and the population in deep despair, the Crime Syndicate cabal can buy the assets of entire nations on the cheap. Europe ‘leaders’ are simply following orders, and now it’s time to play out the end game.

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  1. There are some bell ringers like this site and others and you get it. Probably 75% of the population are deaf to what has been taking place world wide for years. The push to a continuous far leftist political government only accelerates these up and coming disasters. No one seems to care about the future events that we are falling headlong into.

    Keep writing these great articles as some people that are asleep, may awaken and help stop the madness. Or is it just too late for a correction to a sane world???

  2. Hmmm
    Capitalism Is Jewish Usury
    Capitalism is unthinkable without banking and banking is institutionalized Usury.

    Usury is Plutocracy. Compound interest makes it unavoidable that the very richest own everything in generations.

    And this is indeed what happened: Capitalism is one huge global monopoly. All the major banks own each other and most Transnationals plus a huge chunk of land. This juggernaut was built with the plunder of Usury.

    Just a friendly reminder how “we”
    errr Karl and tribalists brought us here…

    Society is so Jewish mindF..Ked they can’t figure out the Kulprits…

    • China is dry as a bone while Pakistan is one third under water. 21st century warfare. Drones, Viruses, HAARP. And the antiphon. Russian 180 artillery shells. Old but effective.

      Diesel spiked again. Two weeks ago I paid $4.18, in Texas. Today I paid, $4,87, in Louisiana. This time last year we were importing massive amounts of refined diesel from Russia.

      From Russia because Venezuela and Iran had been sanctioned, and without their sludge (sour), the refineries in Texas couldn’t refine the Texas sweet. Now Russia is sanctioned.

      On the good side, while riding on the 10 through Baytown last week I saw at least two new refineries being built. Hopefully they are being built to refine pure Texas sweet, for diesel of course. The world runs on diesel.

      You forgot one thing, Russ Winter. Add a new virus to the mix. They have plenty ready made. They can seed that stuff using small teams, like they did with Covid.

  3. NOTHING will happen. I don’t believe you’re deliberately dissimulating nonsense but it’s the “trendy thang” to predict the so-called “economic collapse” which is curiously always “just” two years away.

    Here’s a news flash and reminder for everyone: this type of “prediction” was being done in mid-2020; i.e. that “economies will collapse by fall 2020” … that didn’t happen, of course, so the goal posts were moved to spring 2021… “OMG! Like, hyperinflation will make a loaf of bread be like $200 by fall of 2021!”. LOL! Of course, come fall of 2021, as none of any of the wild predictions panned out, the posts were moved again to Jan 2022, then it was summer 2022, and so on and so on ad nauseum.

    These ridiculous “economic collapse is just around the corner” fairy tales are the modern day boogey-man stories of days old, what Russians call the baba-yega, also know as Pedro Negro in Mexico, to scare misbehaving children. The collapse narratives go way back to the mid-80’s, at least, and possibly before that. One can do an entire PhD dissertation on the fascinating topic from a psychological standpoint. (I have an article from Oct 1993!!! saying exactly what you say above, and would gladly send it to you if you wish or post it here).

    So now the date for economic doomsday is winter 2022! LOL! Honest question for you: come winter, when this “prediction” falls flat of its face, what will be the new doomsday date?

    • Nothing? Don’t know dude, but honestly I just think you like trolling here. Do you think they will get away with printing up money to paper this over like previous crises?

      The fear and general sentiment about what I wrote in the post is shockingly apathetic and indifferent.

      Personally I think the predictions are a bit like calculating when a death row inmate is finally executed. And no new evidence or appeal has turned up to sway the ultimate outcome.

      • “trolling …”

        You sound like your antagonists, the commie-fascists, who call “troll” anyone who disagrees with them, and use it as a pretext to shut those dissenters down. Although in fairness, you have not shut me down for voicing my sincere view after years (decades) of following alternative news sources. I haven’t been “cancelled” … yet!

        • It’s probably coming, I don’t run a free wheeling forum where blowhards can just pontificate at will. I have a reputation for being a drill sergeant and capricious, just the way it is. Folks have lost their privileges here in the past and without apology.

          • So is it fair to say then that only your, together with and in sync with the sycophants who mimic you word for word, opinion matters?

            • Hardly, Macky and others have been allowed free reign to lay out asinine and rude-to my eyes- commentary for some time. But ultimately I hold the option to bring such activity to a halt. In fact I may just shut new comments down all together if things don’t improve from what I see as a downturn in quality lately, your remark included.

              A lot of the older comments seen on the reruns I frequently put up were quite good and sometimes brought things to the table beyond what I offer.

          • I found a very interesting pastor I think u may enjoy at this point. He didn’t say this that ive seen … but after appraising myself of his thinking it has become clear to me that Joseph lost his place among the tribes of Israel named in revelation due his centralization of power in Egypt etc., which also led to the hewbews being enslaved ilthere as the story runs directly. There’s no other explanation ascto why Joseph fell so from grace anywhere in the bible but he did, so I really think we are expected to just get it.


            • Lordy, Beth. Not only off topic but all wrong. Joseph is exalted in Revelation chaper 7. He is given 3 of the 12 tribes, called Joseph, Benjamin, and Manesseh (his two sons).

          • Like a broken record. “It hasn’t happened before, so it’s never going to happen.” Why are commenters spending time on the musings of someone with such limited cranial capacity?

      • Oof @Winter Watch. I’m not a frequent flyer in the comments section here but I’m embarrassed that you would threaten to ban someone or outright shut down the comments section because someone offered another opinion. Whether in bad faith or not if you were confident in your position you wouldn’t feel the need to censor dissent. You do realize the echo chamber Marxists use the exact same excuse of “bad faith/trolling” when trying to shut other people up, right? Not a good look.

        • I think I have made it quite clear on this thread, dissenting or as you sneakily put it “offered another opinion,” or even fuzzy thinking are not an issue- rude, puffed up difficult to be difficult behavior is.

          This is my private house (not Hyde Park Speaker’s Corner)- and if the comment section diminished to a point it detracts from or hurts MY content I will close it. Comments as a rule need to add value. Once again if you don’t like it, leave and don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

          And if you are an infrequent visitor and have no context- what do you really have to bring to the table other than yet one more low value swinging dick opine?

          • “My private house” – quite so and just why I occasionally refer to “our host”. But I do think the thread initiated by Macky adds value as an extreme “normalcy bias” baseline. Leave it up, I say, let’s see if conditions permit its re-posting in 18, 24, 30 months as now is the practice (Long live the re-poster!) – and assess the observed outcomes vs predictions in those periods.
            On the other side, the climate catastrophe predictions starting almost 50 years ago can now be seen to be absurd and agenda driven (e.g. UN official,1979 “10 years to avert a climate catastrophe” ) – the sort now said by climate activists to have been “essentially accurate” or to have never been stated.
            Flip it back over: here’s an LA Psychiatrist from a few weeks back: “I’ve seen cases where a loved one has died within minutes or hours of their COVID shot. … and the person brushes it off as coincidence and schedules their booster”
            Extreme normalcy bias at work – boosters anyone?

            • It is still up, only his new comments are banned. It is not his prediction-wrong as it is- versus mine that is the question. It is his (and other swinging dicks/ blowhards like him) tone and awful communication style. Who needs that, it’s a detraction and draining. I am going to enforce for better comportment.

      • “Personally I think the predictions are a bit like calculating when a death row inmate is finally executed.” What an excellent analogy.

        I’m not an avid reader on this topic but in my very limited experience I have noticed that almost no one ever refutes the facts presented for the SHTF predictions. They sometimes even seem impatient to have it finally happen.

        The enemy uses the boiling frog technique so that, as it’s been pointed out on this site, younger generations don’t know what freedom is because they grew up having to be x-rayed and shoeless just to get onto a plane.

        Thanks for the warnings. Very much appreciated.

      • Do you think they will get away with printing up money to paper this over like previous crises?

        This is THE question of course — I never take talk of national bankruptcy, insolvency, etc seriously, since the US, as a sovereign entity, can create as much of its currency as it wants or needs — the issue is what the effects of this will be, particularly on the dollar denominated cost of real goods and services for both industry and consumers — so far the world has somehow been able to absorb the huge numbers of dollars created over the last few years, with inflation taking off only recently, and this is mostly due to high volatility (expectation of future risk) in the energy (oil) futures markets, as well as self-inflicted wounds like an ill-considered transition to ‘green energy’ and Russia sanctions.

        The eurozone is an interesting, different case — there a number of nations have relinquished their own national currencies and ceded control over their money and monetary policy largely to the ECB.

        If the BRIC bloc and other interested allies wanted to deal the US a mortal blow (they should), then they would introduce a credible alternative to the USD as reserve currency — this would greatly accelerate the dollar reckoning, to the point that then all bets would be off.

  4. Yeah, winterwatch is way commie-fascist, except for the shutting down part.
    But as to predictions, and old predictions, the significant date is Rosh haShanah, marking the beginning of Anno Mundi 5783. ’82, currently ending, is a Shmita year, when all debts come due; and Elul, the current and final month is for Repentance. Previous Shmitas, in reverse order, ended in Sept 2015, Sept 2008, Sept 2001, Sept 1994, Sept 1987 …

  5. Great pix to open the post. Starts with Klaus Schwab, then “Kill Bates” (that’s what I call him, since he loves killing so to speak), then SorryAss (aka Soros…I think), then …Kissinger, or Biden (or someone else), then Castr-eau (part Castro, part Trudeau), then…Zelensky?…then two other dudes, then that Tedros Tigray terrorist guy (I think…looks like Tedros anyway). Is this correct? And who are those “two other dudes”?

    • The sixth guy from the left is Macron (prime minister of France) and the seventh one is Rutte (prime minister if the Netherlands). Both are ‘young global leaders’ as you may understand.

    • With the most recent article from unlimited hangout
      “The Kissinger Continuum: The Unauthorized History of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders Program”

      I would rather say Klaus Schwab is sure a frontman who continues the idea of Kissinger, and since Kissinger was always Rockefellers henchman not far off there.

      Working all on the same goal.

      And sure the winter will be very special, can shake it off with saying last “prophecy” of a dark winter 2020 did not come true; it is now different, electric power is from 50 euro per MWh to 550+ euro now, natural gas is +3000%, it will break people and they just cant use energy this winter.

      Besides nearly every euro leader warned about blackouts and its going to be cold dark this winter, imho this time they know more than they warn about.
      But time will tell, now in september im already close to break cause of energy prices.

  6. In any event, the Lord’s Prayer is always relevant & played out within more than a few lives throughout the world, where souls, holily baptized with fire, call out the enemy which can result in the martyring of the former & the annihilation of the latter.

    Mr. Winter, please don’t disable the comments- most comments, for or against, are worth reading & perhaps responding to.

    • My only other option is a more diligent culling of the blowhards, fuzzy thinkers and trolls who show up here as uninvited guests in my house. This is my private blog not the public speaker’s corner at Hyde Park. These individuals can always speak their minds at their own sites, and the hyper tolerant venues.

      • I appreciate your work, and thank you for your time and patience allowing comments…
        Especially with so much censorship. I scream jew and it’s immediately deep sixed in most forums. Provide links? It’s censored too. Or you get into flame wars with a Judaic, demonstrably so, and I’m the one banned even though the hasbara troll does the whole immature na na na na na thing,
        Almost like they’re (“alleged” we’re the good guy sites) actively supporting the subversion of rational reasonable HUMAN thought process.

        So in my estimation you’re a national treasure this country needs more of. Cheers!

        • Obvious Hasbara trolls rarely even bother here and won’t even be posted in comments.

          But the biggest problems are the blowhards, usually men who are contrary in nature, and engage in annoying rude argumentative dramas and pretend to be dissenting from some of the viewpoints expressed on the site. They then howler free speech and shit all over the forum.

          Macky is a recent example of one. They come and go and I’ve banned a number of them. I almost feel they are the same guy or at least the same puffed up swinging dick mind set.

          One can dissent here but you better damn well be polite about it and bring something to the table besides a self inflated opine.

          And if you don’t like or care for Russ Winter, just fucking leave, won’t be the first time.

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