4 Comments on The Mena Connection (Full Documentary): Bush, Clinton and CIA Drug Running

  1. Been there, done that w/the Clinton’s. This material is soon to be shown Orwell’s “memory hole”. Thank’s for sharing Russ….

  2. Here’s another wrinkle:

    In an episode from a Daniel Hopiscker documentary series entitled “Conspiracy The Secret History” which I stumbled across among the Amazon Prime offerings, I discovered an Iran Contra-JFK connection. This episode from 2017 was called, “In Search of the American Drug Lords- Barry and the Boys From Dallas to Mena.” And it’s the Barry this comment concerns.

    Barry Seal was quite the puzzling player from the Iran Contra affair. He was testifying publicly about more some of the most powerful people you can think of and, oddly, he refused any witness protection. He bragged of how he liked the danger to the press as he walked in to testify.

    A conspiracy character crossover connection is established in this documentary which I was unaware of before. The Civil Air Patrol of La/New Orleans was commanded by David Ferrie (Joe Pesci’s character from the film “JFK”) and not only included Lee H. Oswald but also our buddy Barry Seal as well.

    So, I haven’t quite fleched this out yet and don’t know how to place this piece into the two puzzles. Is the connection Poppy? Recent FOIA CIA documents show him in Dallas that fateful day.

    • The B-roll in the documentary of Barry Seals as he is walking up the sidewalk to enter the courthouse, one arm stretched out just grinning and waving hello kept cracking me up in this film.

      Now I think maybe he just wanted to go out big, knowing he was about to be written out of the script with a cartel hit and would be living in anonymity shortly.

  3. You’re wrong Johnny Walker Read – its a still living, breathing Political Machine, all the way to our current Nation’s Capital, with JOETUS at the present helm. If you had been there, done that, you would know this is true. Or, on the other hand, maybe you were there.

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