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George Soros Laid it Out for All to See

Editor Note: This prescient post was written September 4, 2016.

In 2016, DC Leaks revealed George Soros’ under-slimy-rocks scheming [important read]. People need to realize that he is pretty much out in the open on his pronouncements. All one needs to do is read his statements carefully, and then read between the lines. This New York Review article is a case in point.


The ultimate grand strategy of Soros and his cabal is looting and stealing using the Alinsky take-down template. The idea is to create a problem via a weak union, such as the European Union and what’s left of the United States, and then have the weak sisters bury themselves in debt to the bankster arm of the Cabal Crime Syndicate. The Covid-1984 scam fiscal and monetary response and subsequent inflation is the final straw.

Infamous 1998 “60 Minutes” interview when Soros explains this “taking away property” looting function as an amoral teenager in 1944 Hungary:

Financially weakened, then follows an orchestrated Alinskyite aggression that strains the target countries’ social structure and further ruins its finances. Throw in for good measure a requirement for those countries to give up scarce resources for sheltering African and Middle Eastern migrants, and in the case of the U.S. – Latin Americans. The biggest remaining obstacle for these looters is the residual national, social and racial self-preservation still in play. The St. Floyd deception deals with that.

Read “#StruggleSessions and the Mythical Inverted Cult of St. Floyd”

It is little wonder that the public was bombarded with Hitler this and Nazi that.. This was the exact narrative laid out by George Soros himself during the January 2007 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

“America needs to go through a certain de-Nazification process,” Soros told reporters, and professed that he saw himself as an “Old Testament God.”

As of 2020, Soros” Open Society Foundation’s (OSF) budget is $1.2 billion. OSF’s operations are notoriously complex, and in 2016 the foundation was labeled the least transparent “think tank” in the United States reviewed by NGO Monitor, an OSF-funded transparency group.

Germany is especially vulnerable to this because of the now 75-year-old “holocaust” guilt trip that gets Germans to kowtow or be cucks to these schemes. In addition, the scheme equates being a German nationalist — or even a moderate who is a Germany Firster — to being a Nazi. Merkel’s tizzy fits over displaying German flag is illustrative of this mind set (see video below).

Read “Merkel gave Antifa supporter 1 million euros for left-wing propaganda”

This opens the gates for an operative like Soros to promote harebrained schemes, followed by his standard “finance” solution. Yes, that untapped “AAA borrowing capacity” he happens to mention in the 2016 NYT article would be Germany. It has now been tapped. So Soros would have Germany not only accept migrant hoards but also go into debt to support migrants all over Europe. Of course, Soros has already successfully exploited Germany (and France) to backstop the already looted PIGGS of Europe.

It would be impossible for the EU to finance this expenditure out of its current budget. It could, however, raise these funds by issuing long-term bonds using its largely untapped AAA borrowing capacity.

Soros doesn’t like Germany. He also knows that since German politicians have been turned into cucks, the country can be aggressively looted in the next close-out phase. He places the responsibility for the failed E.U. experiment at Germany’s doorstep.

Finally, as part of Soros’ cucking mind games, he challenges Germany and Merkel by chiding them about Hungary’s Victor Orban.

Soros’ comment on this is a real revelation. It’s ironic indeed that Soros twists the Orban challenge to be about a subversive attack on European values from the inside. Wow, amazing. I think Mr. Soros is guilty of some projection here. And about those “values”: Would those be your values, Mr. Soros?

France’s daily Le Monde has referred to the Hungarian prime minister as the man who attempted to “criminalize” illegal immigrants. It’s indeed a strange “xenophobic” country that would criminalize those who break its laws!

Soros: “Orbán advocates using the national borders to keep out migrants.”

Schmitz: “And who is winning the conflict?”

Soros: “In Hungary, he has won hands down. More disturbingly, he is also winning in Europe. He is challenging Merkel for the leadership of Europe. He launched his campaign at the party conference in September 2015 of the Christian Social Union of Bavaria (the sister party of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union) and he did so in cahoots with Horst Seehofer, the German party chairman. And it is a very real challenge. It attacks the values and principles on which the European Union was founded. Orbán attacks them from the inside.

Victor Orban on his end knew full well the nexus between the destabilization of the Middle East and evil take down of Libya and Syria. The Open Society Foundation leaks confirmed it. Orban stated these were the causa proximas of the situation in which Europe found itself. He called it a “coercive engineered migration.” Telling the truth and engaging in national self-preservation is a dangerous proposition for any politician, especially one who is on shyster Soros’ shit list.

Soros does not operate independently. In fact, he is the front or cover for a whole posse of discordian billionaire Luciferians with similar agendas. These foundations are far more than the aging Soros and will scarcely miss a beat when he passes away. A dead give away is that criticism of Soros is dubbed “antisemitism” by the Crime Syndicate. He is treated like Teflon in the Lugenpresse.

For further reading:

Soros’ other strategy is the placement of fifth columnists throughout European and American government. At this point, this program has been astonishingly successful. It didn’t skip a beat and in fact accelerated during the Trump faux regime. All these odd-duck plants follow policies such as hyper tolerance, light prosecutions of criminals, emptying jails, the gutting of police departments and standing down in the face of looters and arsonists.

For further reading:

Even a cursory examination of the Soros-DC Leaks documents reveal a web of conspiracy reaching into a multitude of issues.

The Funding of Social Justice Warriors and a Color Revolution

There has been a significant influx of new funds in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and other racial and social justice initiatives, particularly from organizations and foundations that have not previously been big players. The NoVo Foundation’s announcement in 2016 that it would invest $90 million over seven years to fight the “structural inequalities” facing young women of color in the United States and Google’s $5 million Racial Justice Initiative are just two examples.

Since the George Floyd deception, 5th Column corporate donations and support to these organizations has grown off the charts.

With funds that OSF had reserved for “rapid response,” and after consultation with Aryeh, OSF decided to add to the capacity of Color of Change, a multi-issue African-American advocacy organization with 900,000 online members that previously had played a lead role in ousting Glenn Beck from CNN.

There are numerous mentions of direct affiliation with the racist La Raza organization. The fight against “racism” and “hate-mongering” is spearheaded by the Center for American Progress, America’s Voice, Center for New Community, the ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center and National Council of La Raza.

Weaponized Migration: “This invasion is driven, on the one hand, by people smugglers, and on the other by those (human rights) activists who support everything that weakens the nation-state.”


There is a strategy for migration that works closely with George Soros, OSIFE, IMI and other human traffickers that respond to crises in the Mediterranean and reduce administrative detention for undocumented migrants and asylum-seekers in Europe, and to improve the due process norms used in expelling migrants from the E.U and the US. Human trafficking under the guise of humanitarianism is big business.

Political capture and elections: OSF had the goal of securing fundamental reform by the year 2020, before the next census and redistricting process took place in conjunction with a seminal election. States such as Arizona, Georgia and North Carolina have been quickly changing demographically and rising in political significance.

Money in Politics: In reality, OSF is a paper tiger, pulling resources away from election reform.

From the Feb. 2016 file: “Foundation funding for the broader reform of money in politics field has been declining. This summer, the MacArthur Foundation announced that it would exit the democracy field. This leaves a hole of approximately $1 million per year in the budgets of organizations it funds under the Concept. It is possible that Ford’s new direction will mean further reduction in funding to the field. For the last 4 years, the Omidyar Network’s Democracy Fund has provided substantial funding to a number of grantees, but recently it told some of them (including the Brennan Center) that they are “too liberal” to be funded in future cycles.”

Pushing for abuse of presidential executive orders: See the constant use of foreign-born or first-generation American operatives and fifth-column infestations.

Using three anchor grantees and a former senior administration official as discussants to detail their views of priorities and constraints, it will consider both the most promising substantive areas for executive action (in areas from transparency to criminal justice to wage and labor rules) as well how OSF might effectively further these.

Participants: Maria Echaveste, Warren Institute on Law and Social Policy (Mexican-American); Neera Tanden, Center for American Progress (Indian); Michael Waldman, Brennan Center (Jewish? unable to confirm); Wade Henderson, Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights (American black).

For further reading:

Top Down Federalization of Police: It recommends that U.S. Programs support three activities to promote “police accountability” and reform efforts across the United States. This is now in full court press as police are defunded and quit in many blue cities following the St. Floyd deception.

List to “Russ Winter, Robert Phoenix Discuss Uvalde as Backdrop to Nationalizing Police”

  1. Create a national intermediary organization with significant expertise to engage with and support local campaigns and offer new ideas for police reform. (Insert federal bureaucracy and national politics into local policing.)

  2. Engage progressive police unions and leaders of national police associations serving officers of color and ethnic minorities to support police accountability and transparency. (Increase left-wing political influence in local police departments.)

3. Improve the impact of federal intervention to address local policing practices. (Create more federal laws that criminalize law enforcement practices.)

Gun control and self-defense law: It’s clear that there are moves afoot to do away with Stand your Ground statutes. At the same time, dindus are subjecting innocent people (of all races) to severe beatings and posting them on Instagram.

Newest creations from the world of Dindu racial assaults.

27 Comments on George Soros Laid it Out for All to See

  1. thank you Brabantian, I have wondered about the Dalai Lama but did not connect the dots with Mother Teresa…….why am I not shocked – because the world and all we have been told is upside down and the complete reverse to what we used to believe!

  2. I started to wake up to this New Age nonsense after Sandy Hook. There was a concerted campaign to portray a fantasy world that skipped normal aspects of human nature (such as the grief cycle) and move straight to “balloons and doves”.

    I just thought it was weirdness, but I think most have been brainwashed by this. Then of course they can be scammed out of donations. I’d like to write an article about New Age black magic and hocus pocus but there are some aspects, such as the symbolism used, that I don’t quite understand.

    • Tho a lot of New Age stuff is put-sheeple-to-sleep psy-op, notably there is an immense Western denial of the buried, liberating, anti-cabal truths of ancient Asian civilisation:

      (1) The great ‘righteous warrior’ cultures of Hinduism & Daoism … super-relevant today to all in the ‘struggle’ (see video below, God stops time itself, to tell a Hindu warrior about life, 10-minute vid of the Hindu ‘Bhagavad Gita’ classic)

      (2) The fact ancient India & Persia were far more advanced & humane than slavery-conquest-empire cultures of Greece, Rome & the West … They were in fact the ‘First Enlightenment’ – abolishing or not even having slavery, religious tolerance, (Cyrus Cylinder’), ending the death penalty well over 1000 years ago, advanced modern-type sexuality (Kama Sutra, Temples of Khajuraho erotic sculptures) & a view of loving sex as taking you to God

      Everything ‘good’ – democracy, tolerance, fighting oppressors etc – is found in ancient India in a big way (Modern Hindu India is a corrupted shadow of what it was long ago, due to 1000-plus years of Muslim & British cabal occupations)

      Hinduism idolises the righteous warrior, like Arjuna, the central character of Hinduism’s most beloved spiritual work, the Bhagavad Gita … The story of the Bhagavad-Gita is that when warrior Arjuna has doubts about fighting, it turns out his chariot driver is God himself taking a human form as ‘Krishna’

      God’s message is that Arjuna’s duty is to FIGHT for what is right … and not to worry, because, not only does fighting lead to you being divine … no one can truly be killed, no one can truly die … (in South & East Asian religion, we all get there in the end, we are all ‘God’ going back home, there is no barbaric ‘eternal hell’) … ‘Have No Fear!’ says God
      <a href="

  3. Where can I get sources on “Saint Teresa of Calcutta” as you say? Her relationship with the British Royal Family is my only clue right now.

    • Amazingly enough, crimes of ‘Mother Teresa’ – born Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, in Skopje, (now) Macedonia, of Albanian-Indian heritage – were somewhat covered in quasi-mainstream media … Eye-witness testimony of defectors who escaped the horrors of working in Mother Teresa’s cult & plus people living & working in Calcutta India where ‘Teresa’ hung out … some of the articles you can find, & some quick excerpts:

      ‘Fanatic, fraudulent Mother Teresa’ – Slate
      ‘Mother Teresa was a fraud’ – Christopher Hitchens
      ‘Mother Teresa was no saint’ – Huffington Post
      ‘The truth about Mother Teresa’ – Hemley Gonzalez
      ‘Mother Teresa was a crook and a fraud’
      ‘India has no reason to be grateful to Mother Teresa’
      ‘Mother Teresa – Where are her millions?’
      ‘Canadian researchers demolish the myth of Mother Teresa’

      « Mother Teresa’s ‘Missionaries of Charity’ … nothing more than a systematic human rights violation and a financial scam of monumental proportions … defectors of the organisation and other journalists have placed the figure upwards of one billion dollars »

      « According to those who’ve volunteered there, Mother Teresa’s missions are squalid cesspits run along violent, authoritarian lines. There are reports of unruly children being tied to beds & beaten, of outdated equipment not being replaced, & of needles being reused in countries with high HIV infection rates (such as Haiti) until they were so blunt they caused pain. All of this wrapped up in a culture of unquestioning obedience, secrecy, & control that is said to resemble a cult. »

      « In 1991, German magazine Stern revealed that only 7 percent of donations to the organisation were used for charity. The rest was funneled into secret bank accounts or used to build more missions. There are reports that missions won’t even buy bread to feed their inmates, preferring instead to rely only on donated food … Forbes revealed that the first home she set up had a mortality rate of over 40 percent. »

  4. Brabantian, once again I finish reading an article & come to find you have been here as well, and 2 years sooner, to boot. Sometimes I am only a few days behind you. I am terrible with jumping around and have articles bookmarked that in some cases I’ve not read til 1-3+ yrs later, jammed backlog, I call it. But anyway I love to see your comments after an article because I know I am going to get schooled with some critical truths unknown to me before. Your comment here has been no different & I’m still a little dizzy from the extra strength truth serum. Good stuff.

  5. was somewhat aware of frankie being a rat-bastard but hearing of mama terry & dalai LAME-a is disconcerting as hell but nonetheless believable.
    really begs the question “is nothing sacred?’ apparently not.

  6. There has been a plethora of evidence that could’ve been used against Soros for his immediate arrest and subsequent conviction for numerous crimes, yet all of the government shill AG’s from Mukasey, Holder, Lynch, Sessions, and now Barr have done nothing and will continue to do nothing. Soros is completely safe from any prosecution in the U.S.!

    His case alone manifests how we have an illegitimate government. Soros and his money has done irreparable damage to this country from all of the local DA’s he’s helped put in place to the enormous damage through the organizations from The Open Society Institute to BLM. And even though the pathetic old man is at deaths door, the destructive global Kraken that he has set up will continue its perpetually damaging projects long after he has perished.

    • The Establishment stacks the cards against nation states — the ECJ just ruled that a Hungarian law targeting NGOs backed/funded by Soros et al violates EU law/rules:

      Hungary breaking EU law over foreign-funded NGO crackdown, says ECJ

      For its own survival Hungary must leave the EU — as Brexit showed, this can take a long time, so I don’t know what they are waiting for (it’s a plus that they never joined the euro zone) — any country remaining in the EU or Schengen visa free travel zone is doomed to suffer the consequences of the migration policies of the other nations eventually.

    • Yes, Soros is very old nearly 90. From what I’ve read online, his son–I forgot his name–has pretty much taken over. His son is in his late 50s.

  7. Judea* declared war against Germany in 1933 immediately after Hitler won the elections. WWII was the result of an act of aggression by Judea* against Germany, Germans and all of Europe.
    The real reason Judea* despised Hilter was NOT due to anything he did to the Jews, simply because Judea* wanted Hitler to scare the best jews in Europe into migrating to Palestine so that they could steal the land. In effect, Judea was allied with the NSDAP in this effort. The real reason Judea* despised Hitler was because Hitler broke up all the Freemason lodges and exposed their secret agenda and threw their money changers out of the European temple. Virtually all of Europe was united behind Hitler in his effort to break the grip of Freemasonry, and this is why they all participated in Barbarossa against the Freemason Joseph Jugashvili (the jew) Stalin.

    Georgi Schwarz (Soros) worked with the NSDAP to expose jews in Hungary up until the end of the war. He even said that he loved the job. Georgi was trying to coerce the Hungarian Jews to go to Palestine in order to murder the natives and steal their land. Georgi Soros in effect is a field marshal for Judea* and he has been waging aggressive war against all of Europe. Georgi and all of Judea* should be up in front of a new Nuremburg tribunal.

    One thing that irritates me the most about Georgi Schwarz (Soros), is that people like to claim that as a “hedge fund” manager, he made is first fortune when he “broke” the English pound. The truth here is that it was only through his inside connections with the money changers running the central banks that he pulled off this feat. Georgi’s fortune is no more due to his ability that that of Jeffrey Epstein. These people are satanist puppets under the control of Judea*.

    Judea* = Sabbatean Frankists under the control of the Rothschilds.

    • Judea* also means Talmudic Jewry. But so do Sabbatean Frankists and the Rothschilds.

      • Really it is up to the “good jews” to reclaim “judaiism” as much as it is up to the “good blacks” to reclaim Black Lives Matter. I think we both know that is simply ain’t gonna happen. “good blacks” and “good jews” simply derive too many benefits from their respective “own people”‘s to ever want to stand up against them.

        Therefore we, as whites, or non-jew and non-black individuals, have to plan accordingly.

  8. And yet conservatards say Soros is a Nazi. If Soros really was a Nazi, jewish organizations would be hounding him and his billions would have been seized. They would jail a 90 year old man who delivered potatoes to a concentration camp but let Soros run free? Not a chance.

    • Jews are the real Nazis. Nazi officials were all big marxists and admirer of the bolsheviks jews authors.
      Soros is new Age nazi financing wars all over the world. But of course youre gonna shill and say its not true retard. But we all know what the nazi Jews do its in the Talmud.

    • I added his 60 Minutes interview from 1998 where he describes taking Jewish property as a state functionary in 1944 Hungary. He relished it. You can decide accordingly what to call that, a matter of semantics I suppose.

      • @40sec

        “My understanding is that you went out with this protector of yours who swore that you were his god son… went out in fact and helped with this confiscation”

        So some kind of protector protected this most filthy of jews “Soros” to steal property from other jews who were supposedly gassed and holocausted. Yet there are no bodies and only fake gas chambers and millions of dead Palestinians and Germans. This is about as believable as the whopper that Soros defeated the bank of England and made a fortune shorting the English pound.

        Soros was a butt-boy for some Sabatean Frankist. He sold his soul to satan/moloch/baal (It doesn’t matter which). Everything about his entire existence is a lie, except that we can be certain that he devours the souls of innocent children is various forms of blood sacrifice.

        • I think it is also important to mention here that faggots are not born, they are created by other faggots. Milo Yiannopoulos was ostracised by the other queers when he spilled the beans about this.

          Part of the initiation ceremonies into satanism for young men is anal rape. Soros was initiated and undoubtedly initiated many, many other boys into this realm of satanic perversion. Homosexuality is not only filth, but the older men who propagate this should be recognized as rape pushers and dealt with in islamic/sharia fashion.

  9. That outtake from “60 Minutes” shows that Soros was born with a truly psychopathic mind. Calculating. Egotistical. No remorse or empathy. Uses an age-old false adage to rationalize the profits gained from looting his own people: “Well, if I didn’t do it, somebody else would’ve, so why not me. It’s just like Wall Street.” Soros is the evil.

    • “Well, if I didn’t do it, somebody else would’ve”

      I think you are missing the real point. If Soros hadn’t done it, the Sabbatean Rabbi’s who were anally raping him would have selected another jew from among the goyim blood sacrificing clan to complete the ritual.

  10. Here is a great expose by “scariest movie ever” of some recent satanic movies recently hitting the screens. At 9:50 they go into “Doctor Sleep” where witches actually prey on children and extract their life forces. This satanism is spreading all over, just like all the butt-f***ery.

  11. The reference to the earlier “Rockefeller Foundation: Hardly a Gentile White to be Found” reminded me of something I saw earlier:

    Florida Rights Restoration Coalition

    This is the organization that spearheaded the campaign to pass Amendment 4 in FL, which restored voting to convicted felons.

    (Brief aside: nearly every estimate I’ve seen says this means >1m additional potential voters in FL — I think no matter how you ‘do the math’ on that, i.e. how many will actually register and vote, and how many will vote for the Democratic candidate in the upcoming presidential election, it is very bad news for Trump — check his 2016 winning margin in FL.)

    Scroll down to the very bottom of the link above; note this: © 2020 Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, a project of Tides Advocacy — (also note the foto) — so the FRRC was created/is run by Tides Advocacy, which is an operating arm of the Tides Foundation, a so-called ‘dark money’ pool used by wealthy individuals and organizations to funnel money anonymously to dodgy causes, open support for which might bring unwelcome attention — the Tides Foundation was founded by Jew Drummond Pike (who ran it until 2010).

    Suggestion: whenever you come across one of these ‘advocacy’ organizations or web sites, look around a bit — you’ll be surprised at how many are created/funded by Tides (or similar organizations) — individually and collectively they have a very significant impact.

    Yet the average American has absolutely no idea of the existence and activity of Tides.

  12. link

    “USSR communism 1.0 failed. it destroyed their economy and killed many people but left the founding stock of the nation (ethnic russians) and the russian orthodox church intact. the soul of russia survived.

    USA communism 2.0 is a very effective upgrade. destroy the founding stock of the nation through 3rd world immigration, cultural degeneracy, anti-white propaganda and subversion of western christianity until all that’s left are communist sympathizers.

    globalist elites discovered that destroying the economy is temporary, but destroying a people is forever.”

    • “globalist elites discovered that destroying the economy is temporary, but destroying a people is forever.”

      I think that the (((communists))) have known that for centuries, even millenia.

      The only reason they didn’t destroy the Russian people, aside from the fact that the yid love their beautiful pre-teen slav women, is that that they needed the Russians to finish off Germany in the WWII that Albert Pike had planned long before.

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