Robert Phoenix and Russ Winter on the Pajama People

Russ Winter and Robert Phoenix discuss the pajama people and some considerations for breaking out of their Stockholm Syndrome. Russ discusses his experience with the infrastructure and the system visiting the U.S. over last two weeks. Show is about an hour and half.

Post referenced in the podcast: “A Word About Authoritarian Followers and Dealing with Pajama People”

The YouTube Version is Here

If removed from YouTube, the show can be located at Robert’s site,

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  1. Russ, For what it’s worth. In my mid forties I started getting prostatitus quite regularly and frequently had to get treatments of antibiotics. After doing some research I came across a natural treatment of a herb called ‘saw palmetto’. I have been taking 1 capsule a day for 20 years and have not ‘touch wood’ had any reocurrence. May be worth checking out. The capsules are relatively inexpensive.

  2. My Mom, sister and I went to Europe in 2017. We had the exact same experience reentering the states but my Mom had early stage pneumonia so my sister got a airport worker to bring us to the front. He quickly stated that he regretted letting all three of us through the line, as though my mother would have been able to leave without us accompanying her. When in Germany, I was in an airport where there were four people to help for a handful of customers. From our GMO food ladened with aspartame and yellow-5 to our services to our horrid architecture as you note, I’m afraid stateside is shocking to those who have been away for a decent amount of time. I too hope you recover soon. You are a treasure.

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