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New World Order Autotrons in America: Upper-Caste Supremacist Subcontinent Indians

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There’s little question that foreign-born upper-caste subcontinent Indians have gotten a big toehold in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. All one has to do is enter into Google the search terms “Indians” and “Silicon Valley” and there are thousands of articles from which to choose. They’ve also become very wealthy and influential because of the stock market’s artificial tech bubble and the IPO racket.

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Indian born Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO

But, in watching Project Veritas exposés and in peeling back the onion on deep-state companies and surveillance/information industries, we were stunned at how many Indians are climbing out from slimy rocks to plot and scheme.

Whether it’s big names like Facebook or Google or smaller tech firms, if someone’s scheming to demonetize voices on YouTube or take dissenters off of social media, more often than not a sub-continent Indian is involved.

The Nature of the Upper Caste Indian Threat

Let’s take a look at the culture of the increasingly influential people who are coming into the U.S. on HB1 visas to work as hacks and goons in the information technology game. And how much of this involves alphabet agencies of the government? As the managerial class, they determine who gets hired (co-tribalists) and fired.

The Brahman-Hindu philosophy is based on the strong belief that human civilization was originally created unequally. In their mindset, the Brahman-Hindu belongs to the highest caste and hence belongs to the elite of human civilization. Brahmans make up 5% of India’s population, and other upper castes 20%. These are the people entering the U.S. and dominating information and social media industries. In other words, yet another supremacist in-group is working in cohort with supremacist Judaics and the Anglo-Zionist complex.

Like evangelical Zio Christian and Jewish Messianic nutwingism, upper-castes believe that Hindus (aka them) will rule the world from the Hindu holy land. India, in reality, is not a secular state but a state working solely on the ideology of Hinduism. Of India’s 1.4 billion natives, nearly 80% identify as Hindu, and nearly 20% identify as Muslim.

This is not some forgotten ancient archaic system. Indeed, under the British colonial rule and as late as the mid-20th century, the caste organization was accelerated as the central mechanism of India’s administration. Between 1860 and 1920, the British segregated Indians by caste, and granted administrative jobs and senior appointments only to those of the upper castes.

British society’s own similarly rigid class system provided the British with a template for understanding Indian society and castes [Ghuman, Paul (2013) British Untouchables: A Study of Dalit Identity and Education].

Nicholas Dirks has argued that India’s caste system as we know it today is a “modern phenomenon,” as caste was “fundamentally transformed by British colonial rule.” According to Dirks, before colonialism, caste affiliation was quite loose and fluid.

The British colonial government and their allies, for instance, enacted the Criminal Tribes Act of 1871. This law declared that everyone belonging to certain lower-tier castes were born with criminal tendencies. Castes suspected of seeking self-rule for India or having nationalist sentiment — such as the previous ruling families the Kallars and the Maravars of South India, and non-loyal castes in North India, such as Ahirs, Gurjars and Jats — were labeled “predatory and barbarian” and added to the criminal-castes list.

Under this nasty Brahman-British system, hundreds of Hindu communities were brought under the Criminal Tribes Act. By 1931, the colonial government included 237 criminal castes and tribes under the act in the Madras Presidency alone [Tolan, Deviant Bodies, 1995].

In reality, the British and their upper-caste minions created one of the nastiest systems in modern history, if ever. Is this template gone? They enacted laws such as the Land Alienation Act in 1900 and Punjab Pre-Emption Act in 1913, listing castes that could legally own land and denying equivalent property rights to other census-determined castes. These acts prohibited the inter-generational and intra-generational transfer of land from land-owning castes to any non-agricultural castes, thereby preventing economic mobility of property and creating subsequent caste barriers in India.

Even with post-WWII independence, caste has remained a major and contentious issue in the politics of India. These people make the inequities of the U.S. and Europe look like pikers. Among Brahmans today, 52% would not let an untouchable (referred to by the sterile term “scheduled caste”) use their utensils. In contrast note how well behaved Indian Christians and Buddhists are on this issue.

The following video describes how the Hindu-Brahman supremacist scam works in the India of today.

This has been the dominant ingrained norm in India for 70 generations, or nearly 1,500 years ago. These supremacists should have zero say in influencing American culture and traditions, let alone deciding who should have a YouTube platform.

We would suggest the upper-caste tech Indians infiltrating the U.S. and dominating the tech industry are bringing this long-standing supremacist-orientalist ideology with them. They are adding their nasty element to what should already be called the Kakistocracy Question (KQ, rule by the worst).

They have nothing to add and can only subtract. But instead of pulling up a chair, shutting up and learning, this foreign element has been pampered and humored. They stand out as distinctly un-American in approach. People who don’t fit their worldview are put into the barbarian slots.

Since Americans by nature are insular, naive and uninformed about the cultures of the people coming into their country, this influence been allowed to accelerate. As political donors, they are playing key roles in the censorship and suppression of free speech and civil liberties in America. It’s not just like-minded Jews doing this.

Through the prism of contemporary Hindu scholars as well as from mainstream Hindu religious literature, we can determine that history has now reached a point in time when one cycle is about to end and another one will begin to replace it. Therefore, for the Hindus, this is the last age or an end of this cycle, the end of history, which fits perfectly with Kakistocrat New World Order theology.

Yes, there are lower-casted decent Hindus who reject this notion of the end of history with Brahman rule over the rest of human civilization, but they do not control the strategic decision making in Bharat.

The Israel-India Alliance is Deep Rooted in a Worldview and Belief System

The Brahman Hindu and Judaic concepts of the end of history are remarkably similar. Both the Jew and the Brahman Hindu consider themselves as the superior elite of human civilization and consider all non-Hindus or non-Jews (Goyim) to have been created with a lower status. The neo-feudal model has great appeal to their schema. Therefore, both aim to establish geopolitical and geo-strategic systems of superiority that will ensure that their kakistocratic Crime Syndicate of human civilization dominate the rest of mankind.

17 Comments on New World Order Autotrons in America: Upper-Caste Supremacist Subcontinent Indians

  1. Perhaps the subtleties among that ‘ultra capitalist’ class, nedlern, arise more from their associations with other Orientalists who have long already been “on the inside” within America, and have transferred their ways.


    The Congressional India Caucus, now the largest caucus in Congress, the U.S. India Political Action Committee (USINPAC), the first and leading Indian lobbying group in the United States, and the Hindu American Foundation were all founded with the close support and encouragement of AJC and/or AIPAC.”

  2. There is a lot screwy about modern India and its government, and a lot very tribal about the often Brahmanic Indians in the USA, but it’s not really right to say that “India, in reality, is not a secular state but a state working solely on the ideology of Hinduism.”

    India is a ‘Hindu state’ about as far as Donald Trump is a ‘white nationalist’. Amongst Hindus themselves and sympathetic India-watchers, even Modi’s government is regularly roasted for continually betraying Hindu interests.

    Hindus are always bending over backwards to ‘prove’ they are not oppressive, in the face of worldwide propaganda that they are ‘caste-domineering quasi-fascists’.

    India’s establishment is still very caught in communist ideological framing, which sees little much difference between Hinduism and Islam, and targeting the Hindus more as they are the majority.

    India is full of ‘affirmative action’ type programmes benefiting India’s lower castes and minorities and communists and Muslims, the latter operating under an essentially separate legal system there. In India there is actually a fair amount of feeling that Brahmins are sabotaged by these lower-caste preferences, similar to how whites are sabotaged in the USA by the ‘people of colour’ affirmative action hiring. A lot of India’s Brahmins are actually poor.

    In fact a big push for Brahmins to go to the USA, is how many of them find it hard to compete on fair terms in India. That’s not to say they aren’t self-serving and materialistic once they get there, as are most global economic immigrants, typically coming from the most aggressive in their native populations.

    There is heavy Western propaganda seeking to destroy our access to the progressive, rich paganism of ancient India, because so much wisdom is there, great riches that ultimately lead to seeing the Abrahamic religions as quite wrong and perverse.

    Jesus of the Bible has been shown to be repeating Buddha of 500 years earlier in his ‘nicer’ sayings. Softer, sweeter Indian teachings were overlayed on the rather harsh Jewish framework, to produce the mix we know as ‘Christianity’.

    India’s subjugation for a millennium, under Muslims, Christians, and Western Imperialists, have left it in a still-ravaged state. Today’s India is not in sync with all the best of its typically-tolerant ancient culture, e.g., as suggested above in the article, with a perversely-evolved ‘caste’ system in fact different from its ancient antecedents.

  3. Speaking as someone who has been in silicon valley hi-tech for decades, this excellent article resonates with me. I’m highly aware of how slippery and hard working managerial Indians are. There are huge numbers of Indian Venture Capitalists at the top, many in senior management. The ‘autotrons’ are the poorly paid coders who are brought in on dodgy visas and endentured to single employers with lousy pay througn Indian owned ‘recruiters’.

    US Indians tend to be very sharp elbowed and ‘ultra capitalist’ but I haven’t seen much evidence of caste based supremacy so far. Maybe this is because I am blind to those subtleties though. Davos and academia may well be their powerbase.

    A common complaint in the valley is that many apparently well qualified Indians have questionable skills. This video does the rounds regularly to demonstrate that exam cheating is rife in India.

  4. Isn’t that special, another group of humans who believe they were appointed by some sky-God or birthright to rule over everyone else.

    By the way, the biggest immigration problem in America is LEGAL IMMIGRATION and the HB1 visa program.

  5. Everybody in India doesn’t support Israel. Far from it. We don’t like Modi and we think the association with Israel is going to be very bad for us. So, tarring everyone with the same brush isn’t very logical on the writer’s part. I suggest he does more research before trying to blame all problems on Brahmins. They are a minority in India now and the only ones without any special rights, whether it be regards to jobs or education. Nearly everyone else had the quota system, which is similar to Affirmative Action in the USA.

    “Americans by nature are insular, naive and uninformed about the cultures of the people coming into their country” – this is very apparent by this article.

    • Thanks for chiming in, but did you read the entire post? It says,

      “Yes, there are lower-casted decent Hindus who reject this notion of the end of history with Brahman rule over the rest of human civilization, but they do not control the strategic decision making in Bharat.”

      Further while we wish you luck in dealing with this scourge within India, the article primarily is addressing the obvious and increasingly apparent impact these supremacists have on the American scene.

      • Yes, I did read the entire article. What I don’t agree with is the rigid notion this article is suggesting –

        Brahmin = Bad
        Lower-Caste = Decent

        Since Americans, by the writer’s own account, are naive, they might really believe this simplistic formula.

        That matter of “52% (Brahmins) would not let an untouchable (referred to by the sterile term “scheduled caste”) use their utensils” is also erroneous – first of all, how many people will let complete strangers come into their kitchen to “use their utensils”?

        Plenty of Brahmins let an “untouchable” acquaintance/friend use their utensils when they invite them over for meals and they also use their utensils when they visit them in turn.

        None of the Brahmins I know are interested in ruling over anybody, never mind the rest of human civilization. All they want to do is raise their families and live a decent, normal life. I also know quite a few “lower-caste” people who are very well-off, yet insist on taking government hand-outs at every chance. They are also equally obsessed with the notion of caste.They won’t marry someone who is more “lower-caste” than them.

        As for the impact on the US American scene, these are probably US citizens – and, if they are not, you need to kick them out along with the dual-citizen Israelis. Hopefully, they will congregate together somewhere and not come back here.

        • While I certainly wouldn’t subscribe to all Brahmins being bad your comments do strike me as that of a supremacist apologist. You also failed to address (calling them US citizens doesn’t cut it) their now significant impact on big tech company conduct in the US- our primary concern, much more so than the tit for tat shitstorms and finger pointing in India you choose to focus on.

          • ** your comments do strike me as that of a supremacist apologist.**

            Seriously? Well, I’m certainly no supremacist apologist. I just don’t like generalizations, particularly by people that clearly have no idea of the complexities here.

            **You also failed to address (calling them US citizens doesn’t cut it) their now significant impact on big tech company conduct in the US**

            Yes, they seized the opportunities they could seize and are now there living the American Dream (primary concern money and self-interest and to hell with everyone else). How else should I address this? I’m asking in all seriousness.

            ** our primary concern, much more so than the tit for tat shitstorms and finger pointing in India you choose to focus on.**

            If that was indeed your primary concern, why drag in the social issues in India in the first place? Why make a pointed reference to how “well-behaved” Indian Christians are and ignore the much well-behaved Indian Buddhists?

            How are India’s social problems – the usage of people’s utensils, for instance – relevant in any way to US American big tech company conduct in the US?

            • Let me spell it out- these upper caste Indians have no doubt developed kakistocratic skill sets while lording it up with and after the British.

              No doubt there is some talent there for the tech companies as well as intelligence agencies. But are you claiming the Indian execs and their entourage in the US are low caste individuals and Buddhists? – of course not.

              This issue was well spelled out in the article- so no need to engage further in your circular debate. They have brought their orientalist worldview and outlook with them. And this behavior in and from India was necessarily described in the post for context. They are the opposite of a breath of fresh air.

              It has infected the whole discourse in the US. These un-American weasel-like attitudes are now among those infecting and determining the whole structure and censorship of social media platforms (picking winners and losers), surveillance and information. They aren’t sole actors- but they are part of the problem- not the solution

  6. Ah, another bunch of assholes who believe they are the “Master Race.” It didn’t turn out all that well for the Germans, the Japanese, or the Italians, all of whom claimed that THEY were the Master Race.

    • Tar Baby, not looking to start a pissing contest, but here is an update on the term, Master Race. This terminology was originally coined by Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi and used in his 1925 book, “Practical Idealism.” It was his title for the future Pan-Europa aristocracy of Europe following WWI. Kalergi deemed the Jews to be the Master Race. Everyone else in Pan-Europa was to be a low IQ interbred Eurasian-Negroid racial mix who would be the new serfs for the Master Race. Somebody must have been paying attention, because a close look at the Europe of today sure seems to have Kalergi written all over it.

      Please note that Hitler, in what I feel was a response to Kalergi’s arrogant disdain for Caucasians, was motivated to establish Germans as their own pure race versus the Kalergi suggested dilution. It helps to understand that Richard Eijiro (Kalergi) was of mixed race with an Austrian father and a Japanese mother. As a result, he probably had little use for the Caucasian culture. Exactly how he became keen on the Jews, I do not know. I do know he had three wives, all Jewish.

      The common association of Hitler’s Germany and the term, Master Race, can be directly traced to the Jewish run Hollywood PR machine. The term is literally Kalergi’s terminology, but Jewish Hollywood did the Marxist thing and redefined it. I do remember that the buffoonery of Mel Brooks movies liked to have Jewish actors, in WWII German uniforms, repeating the term quite often. This is how an America being kept ignorant of any indepth understanding of world history has come to accept the Hollywood version without question.

      • You make excellent points Barleys Soapbox. From what I have researched about Kalergi, he was financed completely by Jewish bankers, not surprisingly. Hitler is the most misquoted man of history in any time period. You’re right, he never made the claim of “Master Race”, a completely Jewish concoction. As for race supremacists that has been allowed to enter formerly white homelands such as Canada, United States, Britain, Australia and several European countries; we are paying a horrible price for stupid politicians claiming “Diversity is our Strength”!!!!

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