Plutocrat George Soros Backs Alinskyite Prosecutors in America’s Race to the Bottom


In the 2018 elections, George Soros spent more than $13.4 million “to purchase local prosecutor’s offices “across 17 states.

There’s probably no better way to destroy and destabilize communities à la Saul Alinsky than to empty jails of criminals, fail to prosecute, over-decriminalize offenses, and take guns away from law-abiding citizens while looking the other way when criminals use guns.

Jewish billionaire Soros, the ACLU, two large PACs and a constellation of allied state-level groups hope that by organizing activists and dumping money into district attorney races across the country, they can slowly start to replace more of America’s 2,400 top prosecutors.

A PAC called Real Justice raised about $1 million in 2019, according to the Federal Election Commission. The group plans to use every dollar and staff member it has in 15 races. Real Justice has already announced endorsements for six district attorney candidates: four in California and two in Texas. Real Justice is in the process of building out regional volunteer teams in all 2,400 districts that elect their top prosecutors.

The PAC arm of Color of Change raised about $2 million in 2019, according to the FEC, and announced endorsements for three district attorney candidates. Color of Change is doing voter outreach in local communities ― all in an effort to get black voters to turn out in district attorney elections.

It’s hard for me to believe that law-abiding blacks wish this plague upon their communities. The problem is that plutocratic money and rigged elections rule in American elections.

“The amount of money we are talking about is staggering,” said Joshua Marquis, the district attorney of Clatsop County, Oregon, since 1994 and a board member of the National District Attorneys Association. “And it’s amplified because it’s extremely difficult to raise money as a prosecutor,” Marquis told the Daily Signal.

He added:

To ask for money when you are a prosecutor, there is something inherently icky about all of it. The argument on one side is this is good, and it’s just turning on a searchlight and looking at these issues. But that’s naive in the extreme because it’s the money that is funding debates and actual discussions. If you are able to pay for and tell your side of the story over and over again on television ads, you are going to win.

George Soros was a financier of Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx, who gained controversy by failing to pursue charges against race industry hoaxster Jussie Smollett.

Today, Soros looks to be the big fish in many small bowls by targeting prosecutorial races. This is dangerous, as few people pay much attention to district attorney races, even though these figures have the power to let guilty people go free.

Soros’ new “Democracy PAC” played a major role in getting extremist discordian prosecutors elected in Virginia.

His most notorious win was the election of fellow Jew Larry Krasner, who ran for prosecutor in Philadelphia as a literal supporter of Black Lives Matter. Soros ponied up $1.7 million dollars to capture that position.

Soros-funded Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner (D) is reshaping the city’s criminal justice system. Krasner – started taking drastic steps in early 2018 by reclassifying retail theft. Now, theft under $500 is no longer a misdemeanor offense in the eyes of Philly prosecutors but rather a “summary offense,” the lowest-possible criminal charge.

This, in turn, is resulting in serious economic harm to city retailers, including the crime of “wilding,” which is when the “fellas” and the “ladies” openly loot stores.

In the following video [Colin Flaherty: Why the Fellas Have to Loot] 60 dindus demonstrate this skill set at a Walgreens in Philly on July 4, 2019.

The most significant measure to wreck public safety is Krasner’s instruction to assistant district attorneys to wield their most powerful tool: plea offers. Over 90 percent of criminal cases nationwide are decided in plea bargains. In a reversal from how these transactions typically work, Krasner’s 300 lawyers are to start many plea offers at the low end of sentencing guidelines. For most nonviolent and nonsexual crimes, or economic crimes below a $50,000 threshold, Krasner’s lawyers are now to offer defendants sentences below the bottom end of the state’s guidelines.

So, for example, if a person with no prior convictions is accused of breaking into a store at night and emptying the cash register, they would normally face up to 14 months in jail. Under Krasner’s paradigm, the offender will be offered probation. If prosecutors want to use their discretion to deviate from these guidelines — for example, if a person has a particularly troubling rap sheet — Krasner must personally approve it.

Next the probation on criminals is neutered. Assuming that a defendant is violation-free for 12 months, any remaining probation is dismissed. When a person does break the rules of probation, such as missing a P.O. meeting, they’re not to be punished with jail time or probation revocation. More serious infractions are to be disciplined with no more than two years in jail.

Krasner has instructed his attorneys not to seek cash bail for 25 charges. Thus, bands of criminals roam unchecked throughout Philadelphia.

We will see how long William McSwain, the U.S. Attorney in Philadelphia, lasts in battling this Soros regime. McSwain slammed Krasner, imploring him to “stop making excuses for criminals” and to give strong consideration to attempted murder charges for a suspect who wounded six police officers during a nearly eight-hour-long shootout.” McSwain noted Philadelphia’s “disrespect for law enforcement.” He believes this disrespect led to the gunman opening fire on a narcotics unit attempting to serve a warrant.

“Where does such disrespect come from?,” McSwain opined. “It started with chants at [Krasner’s election] victory party — chants of ‘f— the police’ and ‘no good cops in a racist system.’”

McSwain accused Krasner of slander against city law enforcement when the D.A. called prosecutors and police officers racist and corrupt. Krasner has called Philly cops Nazis and compared them to war criminals.

Here is another illustration of just how clown worldly Philadelphia is. Notice the obfuscation in the headline, which claims that “a group of students” is causing all the street assaults.

What an insult to real students, including black students. That’s how an inverted clown world works. In reality, everyone knows they are black juvenile delinquents. This is racial tolerance on steroids and to the point that it seriously endangers the public. The enabling lizard-lip licking discordian psychopaths must be chortling with delight at their handiwork.

Krasner has also put in place a Conviction Review Unit, a sort of in-house innocence project. Resources have been deployed to re-investigate about 120 cases, compared to the seven that were being re-investigated before Krasner into office. Winter Watch explores the tactics and ethics of innocence projects in the case of convicted rapist and murderer Rodney Reed.

Read “Muddying the Water: Updates on Epstein, Rodney Reed and the Ever-Present Dr. Baden”

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Krasner is funneling an increased number of gun cases to a court diversionary program called Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD). In 2018, Krasner’s first year as district attorney, 78 cases were sent to the ARD program, compared with 12 the previous year.

Why does this matter? Because criminals who carry guns usually intend to use them.

Killadelphia Crime Wave

What happens in a major metropolitan city like Philadelphia when you elect a district attorney whose primary goal is releasing criminals rather than prosecuting them? The results are all too predictable. In Killadelphia this is called the “Krasner Effect”.

Gun-related violent crime is rising in Philadelphia. The police force is demoralized. Victims of crimes, their families and advocacy groups feel betrayed. Many of the folks in the direct line of fire are blacks and are no match for Soros’ sick, twisted version of “democracy.”

This is the typical hijacking we see in the New Underworld World (NUO) kompromat sistema, where the Crime Syndicate claims to represent some “oppressed” group. The reality is it makes life even more miserable for everyone including law abiding non-dindu blacks in the community. This was the Soros/Krasner plan all along. Adding insult to injury once the city burns, they deflect by playing the racist card once again.

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It was another disturbing weekend of violence in the City of Brotherly Love, another weekend filled with gun violence. More than a dozen people have been shot since late Friday night, the gunfire erupting in nearly every pocket of Philadelphia, even on I-76.

Philadelphia Police have been very busy this weekend. There were 23 shootings within city limits so far, but no one has been arrested. Many families that have been impacted by the latest wave of gun violence in the city are left grieving.

Very few in the Lugenpresse, with the exception of Tucker Carlson, are addressing this issue.

Superficially, these D.A. elections are a big discordian race to the bottom with payoffs for the lizard-lip lickers in the NUO. Even a few hundred thousands dollars can guarantee a landslide victory for the most extreme clown world candidates. Soros’ money going into 2020 promises to accelerate the U.S. judicial system’s decline into an anarcho-tyranny nightmare.

The idea of a monster like George Soros currently making law enforcement decisions across the country is terrifying. It goes a long way in explaining the types of abuses the above-board police, judges and prosecutors deal with when targeting criminality or in enforcing immigration laws.

Los Angeles in the Cross Hairs

George Gascón is one of the nation’s leading discordian D.A.s, and Jackie Lacey is regarded as a “traditionalist” who has espoused a tough-on-crime approach. The two are squaring off in 2020 for Los Angeles district attorney. Some observers say it could set the the stage for the nation’s most important district attorney’s race, reports The New York Times (aka The Slimes).

Gascón co-authored the state ballot measure Prop. 47, which reduced punishments for certain nonviolent crimes. That measure has come under some scrutiny in San Francisco amid a rash of car break-ins and street-level drug crimes plaguing the city.

Read: 1980s Lone Southside LA Slayer Theory Now Shown to be at Least 7 Black Serial Killers


4 Comments on Plutocrat George Soros Backs Alinskyite Prosecutors in America’s Race to the Bottom

  1. It’s a shame what is happening to once great cities like Philadelphia, if they were once ever really great, which I’m doubting more and more with time. Went to Baltimore, not because I wanted to, about a year ago. Made the mistake of going outside the Lord Baltimore Hotel after dark for something to eat- the white woman I was accompanying had her life threatened once and her personal safety threatened another time in the span of 15 minutes before the cops, who are pretty much on every street corner at night there (probably to protect businesses from being raided like that Walgreens) simply told us that we should go back to our hotel. We did that and ate in the hotel bar, but I couldn’t help but think as I ate… What’s stopping those hoards of dindus from coming in the hotel right now, or anywhere else? The truth is- VERY LITTLE is keeping that from happening, and when the tipping point is reached, you won’t want to be anywhere near those cities. They’re demilitarized zones. Not only should you not be near them, you shouldn’t even be in the same county as them. Vote with wallet. I’m in the process of moving out of a libtard county that houses about a 1 million person metro area. I’m moving less than 100 miles away into a nearby but sparsely populated county. I’ll enjoy super low property tax- like 10% of what I pay now- on literally 120 times the amount of land I have now, with near zero crime rate. There is no reason to live in the cities, really. People are simply conditioned to think that city living is cool- it isn’t. Living in cities forces one to potentially compromise one’s health, privacy, property, and means of protection- please tell me what is American about that?

  2. Utah is the fastest growing state in the nation currently! That is because people leaving cities like Philly, San Francisco, and L.A. are flooding this state because Utah has been considered one of the safest and most conservative places for years, however, there are already visible signs of what Utah will be like in 10-15yrs- just another multicultural, unlivable hell!

    Property taxes go up every year now! Multiple counties doubled their property taxes this past year. Hundreds of people showed up recently to a Salt Lake City Council meeting because they are outraged and can’t afford it. Like most sheep, they blame the government and demand action. They don’t see guys like Soros behind the scenes creating havoc.

    The average now for a one-bedroom apartment in Salt Lake City is $1,100! The homeless are exploding and are visible all over downtown Salt Lake now! When I go by some of the local food banks, I see more and more blacks from Nigeria or Somalia. Many brought in under the cover of darkness. The Salt Lake County jail that was built in 2000 to deal with the exploding growth and crime here is already obsolete.

    Of course my point is that it is beginning to dawn on some people that there is nowhere to escape to. DA’s like Krasner make manifest how the ‘march through the institutions’ is almost complete now. The fate of Hobbes’ Leviathan is sealed!

  3. This article basically highlights the American ability to shoot ourselves in the ass…repeatedly. All this is of course due to the info disseminators we seem to love…as long as they preach what we want to hear. Probably the funniest thing I got from this article is the existing dichotomy not presented by Fox, as well as everyones seemingly new BF, Tucker Carlson. I have zero doubts that Soros is the slime people believe him to be. The most revealing to me is that Fox openly rah-rahs for Trump, disses ‘deep state’ machinations…all the while being quite the disinfo agent par excellence. Trumpets never admit to the fact that Soros and Trump are long time affiliates…much like they ignore his associations with Cohn, Epstein and other undesirables. Of course, these associations are convicting when condemning Clinton, et al…but ignored when it comes to Trump? Then there was their non-coverage of the 26 caravan coordinators Mexico caught that caused Trump to cave in and kiss Mexican ass. These were supposedly Soros run ops, yet no one is outed? No coverage and no dot connecting…the dropping of sanction threats were all presented as a win for Trump…even on the ‘fake news’ channels Trump ‘hates’. Then there are the rumors bandied about surrounding Kushner and his being Trumps VP in 2020, but not this from Israel Today… If you want a laugh, listen to the audio link in the article. True, not true? Who knows? I’ll LMAO if this actually comes to pass (Kushner as VP, not saviour). One could go on for quite some time on the obvious, but never discussed contradictions present in todays news dialogs. What I see is possibly the biggest con ever run…replete with fake villains, fake opposition, fake goals…all while completing the Zionist plan that has been running for the past century and a half or so. It’s all being accomplished with the abetting of the American public who will believe anything and can be persuaded to cut off their own noses. Sorry, but I just can’t get all enraged over these revelations, as they are just more of the same obfuscations and division tactics that have been going on forever. Yes, this is a disgusting turn of events, but so is the vast con that this is part of.

  4. Soros is a dangerous zionist. Soros is an instrument of action of the ROTHSCHILDS and even did. The fortune of SOROS compared with that from the ROTHSCHILDS, is simply compare the quantity of people of guan with 7.5 billions that live worldwide. Soros like many others, are linked to CIA, NSA, MI6, and MOSSAD. The “Soros powerful organizations” can be compared with his face that most appear like a face of the most poor people worldwide. If he is incapable, or has interest to care his own face you really believe that he is capable modify the world or give military punches worldwide. He has indeed an effects like a masturbations.Quickly over.

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