Muddying the Water: Updates on Epstein, Rodney Reed and the Ever-Present Dr. Baden

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With the exception of the Miami Herald and “60 Minutes Australia,” the mainstream Lugenpresse doesn’t cover the important details of the Epstein case at all. And, needless to say, when they do finally get around to writing the stories, they’re sketchy at best.

Winter Watch believes there is a backstory developing that Epstein was suicided. This has gained traction even among the pajama people. This is being regularly implanted as “out of the blue” statements by unrelated people on the networks. It is called neuro-lingustic programming or framing. We hold that Epstein is likely still alive, in hiding and probably being kept under wraps. Obviously, his globetrotting days are over.

Read “Out the Back Door? Questioning the Death of Jeffrey Epstein”

Now, we see Epstein’s brother, one Mark Epstein, entering into the “suicided” fray. This Epstein apparently stands to inherit the bulk of his billionaire-brother’s estate. “60 Minutes Australia” mentioned an apartment complex in New York City that housed Jeffrey’s trove of young girls and women. Although Mark claims he hadn’t seen his brother in eight years, he was the owner of that building.

For his brother’s postmortem examination, Mark hired one of the sketchiest forensic pathologists of our era: one Micheal Baden (b. 1934). Baden is tied to an incredible number of cases that we’ve suggested either are or may have been staged or covered up.

And for those who still think Epstein is dead.

In fact, it has gotten so bad that Winter Watch automatically searches for his name any time a sketchy autopsy surfaces. And, frankly, he comes up too often. He has been hired to conduct private autopsies or forensic records examinations in a number of cases, including race industry cases such as the shooting of Michael Brown., and the O.J. Simpson case.

Baden endorsed the bogus “magic bullet” theory as chairman of the House Select Committee on Assassinations‘ Forensic Pathology Panel that investigated the assassination of John F. Kennedy. For some unknown reason, he did the autopsy on Albert DeSalvo, the Boston Strangler, which is another sketchy case we’ve covered. He was involved in the Martin Luther King, Jr. autopsy — yet another case with conspiracy written all over it.

Of course, Epstein and Baden are made men Jews in the sistema.  Accordingly, the Lugenpresse fawns over Baden and frequently put the words “celebrity” and “acclaimed” in front of his name as part of their neuro-linguistic programming and misdirection campaign. It’s generally acknowledged there is ample controversy surrounding the man, but there are innumerable puff pieces on him, mostly stating “how smart he is.”

He was dismissed as chief medical examiner for the New York City office in 1979, and again from running the Suffolk County office in 1982. Memos from district attorney Robert Morgenthau and Suffolk Health Commissioner Reinaldo Ferrer document their criticism of Baden. “Sloppy record keeping, poor judgment, and a lack of cooperation,” were the final straw and grounds for his termination. Morgenthau later stated that Baden was “cavalier and uncooperative” with respect to evidence lost by the OCME.

One might think that with this resume, Baden would just fade from sight. Au contraire! This made man seemed to have powerful “friends” and ended up receiving high exposure and celebrity status via television and publishing.

Dr. Michael Baden testifies before the House Assassinations Committee in Washington, D.C., Aug. 15, 1978, as the panel continued its probe into the slaying of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Now, Baden is supporting the “suicided” Epstein backstory that is being run. He took a telephone call from investigator Jason Goodman, who got him to admit that no DNA comparison was done on Jeffrey Epstein, and that the identification was based solely on his brother, Mark Epstein. Baden proclaimed that it “looked like Epstein.” When Goodman brought up the hot button theory that some felt Epstein flew the coup, Baden acted outraged and dismissive.

The Rodney Reed Murder Case

Of late, Baden has been inserted into another race industry case, that of black convicted rapist and murderer Rodney Reed, who was scheduled to be executed in Texas on Thursday, Nov. 20. The Hollywood and social justice operatives have jumped on this one to “get him justice.” As you would imagine, there are a lot of racist accusations in the mix.  The media has per their habit make a demon into persecuted angel.  Accordingly, Reed was just granted a indefinite stay of execution.

Reed was convicted of murdering a white woman, Stacy Stites, in 1996. The doubters have jumped on the case in part because the victim’s white fiancee, one Jimmy Fennell, was a cop who was later convicted of rape while on duty and sentenced to 10 years in prison. This has all the bad culture elements of America intertwined. Regular readers know we see the police and Star Chamber sistema as quite problematic.

No, There’s Not ‘New Evidence’ To Exonerate Rodney Reed, And His Execution Should Proceed
Stacey Stites

There is also some hearsay (or lying?) that seemed to emerge later. For example, at the wake for the victim, Stacey Stites, Fennell allegedly said to his dead fiance as she lay in her casket: “You got what you deserved.” And Reed’s defense attorneys produced an Aryan Brotherhood inmate witness who claimed Fennell confessed to the murder. Fennell denied this claim.

Kevin Gannon, a retired NYPD detective recently hired by Hollywood’s A&E channel to review the Reed case for a true crime series, said Stites’ fingernails were cut to the quick, straight across as though with clippers. He claims this is evidence of Fennell’s guilt because cops know fingernail evidence. Two empty beer can were also found at the crime scene containing trace DNA that matched one of Fennell’s fellow cops and one of Fennell’s neighbors.

Otherwise one would have to believe that three men in on the crime plot were crafty enough to give the victim a post-mortem midnight manicure but stupid enough to leave their empty beer cans behind. The possibility is never entertained that the empty beers cans fell or were tossed out of the victim’s truck by Reed or that the victim, who bit her nails, had simply trimmed or filed them herself. Fennell was at baseball practice earlier that evening, so popping beers afterwards in the truck with mates doesn’t require a Sherlock Holmes level of logic.

Reed’s DNA was found at another nearby attempted rape with a similar M.O. a year after the Stites’ murder. This DNA linked Reed to Stites when compared with the semen sample found in her rectum and the saliva on her chest and other parts of her body. The body’s anal dilation and lacerations were evidence of anal rape and the prosecutor presented to the jury enlarged photos of Stites’ body at autopsy — including an 18-x-20 photo of Stites’ anus — over the vehement objections of the defense. Anal rape was Reed’s MO in his other sexual assaults.

When police brought Reed in for questioning about the Stites case, Reed denied knowing her. But when confronted with the DNA evidence, Reed changed his story to claim that he was having “an affair” and had sex with her a day or so earlier. This may explain the semen but not Reed’s wet saliva found on Stites’ chest.

The following documentary gives the particulars on the case, but not all the details. Included are various individuals who turned up 20 years later to corroborate the affair alibi. You can decide if they are truthful or lying. But the bottom line is this: Even if Reed and Stites were having an affair — a claim that we find ludicrous — it doesn’t mean Reed didn’t rape and kill her. One doesn’t preclude the other and Reed abused his previous girl friends.

Plausibility check: The defense’s theory is that Stites had sex with Reed a day or two before getting killed, then went home to her presumably violently racist fiancee without showering or even changing clothes. There was also Reed’s saliva DNA on Stacy’s chest. So she didn’t shower up for several days after her liaison?

The defense theory, using hired-gun Baden and Gannin’s “expert” opinions is that, based on rigor mortis, she would have been murdered by some four hours earlier than 4:00 a.m., meaning “before midnight.” The problem with this clouding of the timeline is that the mother lives in the unit below and heard who she thought was Stites leaving for work at 3 a.m.

So Fennell would have had to sneak the body past the mother and load into his truck. He then would have dumped the body in a wooded area, then left the truck at the high school in the next town 35 miles away — but less than 400 meters from Reed’s residence — and walked undetected in darkness back to his apartment 35 miles away. At 5:23 a.m., a police patrol noted the truck in the high school parking lot, but it was not there when he went by at 4:30 a.m.

At 6:45 a.m., Fennell answered a phone call at home that Stites was missing. Remember, home is an apartment some 35 miles away from the truck. All taxis in the region were checked, and the mileage was verified on police vehicles.

Yet, Reed claims Fennell and his white local police friends framed him. But it makes zero sense to frame Reed and then literally do nothing for a year, hoping he gets arrested for another sex crime. Meanwhile, Fennell was investigated and cleared. Reed was never investigated until the DNA match from his rape case.

Most likely, Reed raped and murdered Stites on her way to work early in the morning, which accounted for the DNA evidence in her vagina and rectum, Reed’s wet saliva on her body, and the location of the body and the abandoned truck.

The researcher in the video below covers the evidence and timeline of the case. Supposedly, there are now multiple witnesses (almost all associates of Reed) who claim to corroborate Reed’s claim that Stites was having an affair with Reed. Yet, before Reed was arrested, there was a $50,000 reward for information leading to an arrest for murder, and none of these race industry witnesses turned up then.

But again, even if they were having an affair, it doesn’t mean Reed didn’t rape and kill her. The “innocence project” folks championing Reed’s case never connect this dot despite Reed’s record of raping and abusing women with whom he really did have a relationship.

One of Stacey Stites’ co-workers states at minute 00:17:58 in the video that Stites revealed to her of having an affair with a black man named Rodney. She waited 20 years to come forward with this information even though the supermarket where they both worked was offering a $50,000 reward for any evidence leading to arrest in Stites’ case. Really? Gimme a break. Notice this woman’s duping delight throughout her disjointed spiel. What took you so long? Lie much? This shows the depths of unethical behavior to which the Reed defenders are willing to stoop.

Even more damaging than the semen and saliva evidence is Rodney Reed’s rap sheet, which nobody talks about.

Reed was a serial rapist, and he used that “had an affair with the victim” alibi with four out of the seven women he sexually assaulted.

Nonetheless, investigators in 1997 researched countless phone records and the defense has not been unable to produce any evidence of even one phone call between Reed and Stites. Reed claimed he made calls from a pay phone. Again, no record of such calls.

What investigators did discover is that there were other sexual assaults near the area where Stites was raped and murdered — and in the wee hours of the night, just like Stites. Same M.O.

Indeed, Reed is not “innocent.” He’s a highly dangerous criminal and sociopath. Here is a summary of the trial testimony from Reed’s punishment phase. The rape and murder of Stites was hardly Reed’s first or last foray against women.

[57.RR.35–36] The first was Connie York, a 19 year old who had come home late one evening after swimming with friends. [57.RR.34–35] York was grabbed from behind and told “don’t scream or I’ll hurt you.” When York did not listen, she was repeatedly struck, dragged to her bedroom, and raped multiple times.

[57.RR.37–42] Reed was interviewed and, while he admitted that he knew York from high school, he denied raping her. [57.RR.123–24] When confronted with a search warrant for biological samples, Reed had an about-face, “Yeah, I had sex with her, she wanted it.” [57.RR.138] The case went to trial four years later [57.RR.30, 60], and Reed was acquitted [57.RR.61].

Next was a 12-year-old girl known only as “A.W.,” who was home alone, having fallen asleep on a couch after watching TV. [58.RR.36–42] A.W. awoke when someone began pushing her face into the couch and had blindfolded and gagged her. [58.RR.42–43] She was repeatedly hit in the head, called vulgar names, and orally, vaginally, and anally raped. [58.RR.43–49] The foreign DNA from A.W.’s rape kit was compared to Reed. Only one in 5.5 billion people would have the same foreign DNA profile from A.W.’s rape kit [58.RR.51, 92].

[61.RR.26] Reed’s next victim was Lucy Eipper, who Reed had met in high school. Reed began to date after her graduation. [59.RR.10–12.] Eipper had two children with Reed. [59.RR.13–14, 19–20] Throughout their relationship, Reed physically abused Eipper, including while she was pregnant, and raped her “all the time,” including one time in front of their two children. [59.RR.14–17, 21, 25–32.]

Afterward, Reed began dating Caroline Rivas, an intellectually disabled woman. [60.RR.39–41.] Rivas’s caseworker noticed bruises on Rivas’s body and, when asked about them, Rivas admitted that Reed would hurt her if she would not have sex with him. [60.RR.41, 61.] Later, Rivas’s caseworker noticed that Rivas was walking oddly and sat down gingerly. [60.RR.43.] Rivas admitted that Reed had, the prior evening, hit her, called her vulgar names, and anally raped her. [60.RR.44, 63–65.] The samples from Rivas’s rape kit provided the link to Stites’s murder. [60.RR.89–90.]

Shortly thereafter, and about six months before Stites’s murder, Reed raped Vivian Harbottle underneath a train trestle as she was walking home. [59.RR.87–92.] When she pleaded for her life for the sake of her children, Reed laughed at her. [59.RR.94.] The foreign DNA from Harbottle’s rape kit was compared to Reed; he could not be excluded, and only one person in 5.5 billion would be expected to have the same foreign DNA profile. [59.RR.95, 113–14; 61.RR.26.]

Finally, and about six months after Stites’ murder, Reed convinced 19-year-old Linda Schlueter to give him a ride home at about 3:30 a.m. [61.RR.10, 37–47.] Reed led her to a remote area and then attacked her. [61.RR.47–58.] After a prolonged struggle, Schlueter asked Reed what he wanted and Reed responded, “I want a blow job.” [61.RR.60.] When Schlueter told Reed that “you will have to kill me before you get anything,” Reed stated, “I guess I’ll have to kill you then.” [61.RR.60.] Before Schlueter could be raped, a car drove by and Reed fled. [61.RR.62–64.]

What a nasty piece of work the whole din’du-nothin’ Rodney Reed alibi is. What follows is also an example of what a nasty piece of work the Hollywood celebrity race industry cognoscenti and the hired gun Baden are, but you can judge for yourself. Note: Kim Kardashian, one of Reed’s celebrity defenders announced earlier this year that she wants to become a lawyer (but doesn’t want to go to law school). Also, keep in mind that the Kardashians get paid big bucks for their social media posts.

Rodney Reed
Doctored/fake photo created by Kim Kardashian.

In the Reed case, Baden really does little more than just appeal to his own sketchy authority. And it worked.

Winter Watch Takeaway

Reed’s DNA collected a year after Stites’ murder came from a similar case involving the rape of a white woman from whom he requested a ride in the wee hours of the morning in the same area that Stites’ body was found. The woman in this case escaped, and DNA was collected. Because the crime was similar to the Stites murder, investigators compared the DNA collected from her and got a match. They also compared Reed’s DNA to other similar rape cases in the area and got a match.

According to the Reed documentary provided earlier in the post, these other rape cases were never pursued by the prosecutor. It seems the focus of the prosecution was devoted entirely to Stites’ murder. This most likely means that the jury who heard the Stites case were never allowed to hear the unpursued cases of at least two other women who were allegedly raped by Reed. And this means these other women were never allowed to have justice.

Now, that Reed has been given a stay of execution, his deep-pocketed “innocence project” legal team and their high profile “experts” will be push for a retrial. Perhaps that would be for the best. But before such a re-trial takes place, the prosecutor should immediately bring charges against Reed for kidnap and rape of these other women. This is critical to providing clarity in the muddy water created by the celebrity swamp dwellers.

This is yet another stark example of America’s bad culture and at multiple levels. Is it any wonder that serial killer Samuel Little got away with murdering 93 women?

Read:  Samuel Little: The Most Deadly Serial Killer Known in American History


11 Comments on Muddying the Water: Updates on Epstein, Rodney Reed and the Ever-Present Dr. Baden

  1. With the Rodney Reed case, one of the things the pro-Reed movement is leveraging, is people’s natural disgust for the death penalty, increasingly felt as something horrible and un-necessary

    Aside from Muslim countries, it is mostly only a few ’empire fantasy’ nations, China, Japan, India, and Belarus, along with the USA, which still retain it … About 85% of world countries no longer do this, realising it is never ‘fair’ in application, almost unavoidably racist in places like the USA, intrinsically sadistic, and does not prevent crime

    Criminals are typically gamblers, and the higher the stakes, the more the temptation, they like to wager against the hangman

    There is a big difference, human-wise, between ‘hot’ killing of criminals when caught in crime on the spot, something people intrinsically know is necessary and well-justified – and the strange cold ‘procedures’ of state judicial killing, which seem psychopathic, a satanic ritual

    The USA had no executions for nearly 10 years, 1967-77 … it was an enormous mistake when its use was restored in the very last few days of Gerald Ford’s presidency

    Countries began to abolish the death penalty around 2000 years ago, Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms of ancient India. With thousands of Asian scholars coming to the famed university of Nalanda in northern India – in existence for about 1,700 years till Muslim invaders destroyed it – other Asian peoples, including both Japan and China! – also abolished the death penalty at points during the first millennium CE

    In one of the positive Talmudic decrees of ancient Jewish rabbis, they opined that any judge who imposed the death penalty in ‘even seven times seven years’, possibly had ‘murder in his heart’, and since 49 years was longer than most any judge’s career, this essentially meant it was forbidden

    Venezuela led the way with full abolition of the death penalty in modern times, although Portugal was one of the first European countries to stop using the death penalty, after 1846, and little San Marino is said not to have implemented it for many centuries

    It’s time for the USA government to stop these sick perverse ‘executions’ which often become slow-torture sessions of poking needles for an hour etc … a bullet back of the head would be much more merciful

    California’s new governor Gavin Newsom, is bravely terminating the death penalty there, giving a reprieve to 737 people waiting to be put to death, that is about 25% of all those awaiting judicial execution in the USA

    Seems the USA death penalty, can possibly end in January 2021 as the Republicans leave the White House – a USA President can end it nationally, and should do so. Fake ‘progressive’ Barack Obama should hang his head in shame that he didn’t end it when he had a chance.

    As much as the Right is correct on many things, the death penalty is not one of them

    • “With the Rodney Reed case, one of the things the pro-Reed movement is leveraging, is people’s natural disgust for the death penalty, increasingly felt as something horrible and un-necessary”

      Too bad Rodney Reed had no such compassion when he not only brutally raped, but also murdered his victims. When evidence is overwhelming, and a slime ball like this is DNA linked to many other similar crimes, I thing the eternal dirt nap is appropriate.

    • Actually, Russia, then under the rule of the empress Elizabeth, was the first country to ban the death penalty. This was around 1735 IIRC. Since then, around 20 odd millions of people have been executed in Russia- mostly by the Bolsheviks.

  2. The “magic bullet” explanation for JFK’s back/throat wounds along with all of Connolly’s wounds was actually the work of Warren Report lawyer Arlen Specter to make the timing of the response to shots determined from the Zapruder film with the known timing limitations of Oswald’s rifle. Baden was part of the medical forensics panel of the House Select Committee on Assassinations that reviewed the Warren Report in the late 1970s.

  3. “The media has per their habit make a demon into persecuted angel.”

    What is the motive behind this? It almost seems like some kind of ritual at this point. William Ramsey and Roberta Glass have done a ton of videos on cases like this, the West Memphis 3, Central Park 5, etc., where the guilty are portrayed as innocent and innocent people have their reputations smeared. When I was younger, I had the misfortune of being falsely accused of something (not of anything close to these cases, but still) and had my reputation ruined and all sorts of other negative consequences. Then by the time the guilty party confessed, the damage had already been done. So I have sympathy for the cases where people get legitimately railroaded. But there seems to be something very sinister behind these campaigns to clear the names of people who are clearly guilty.

  4. That lyin’ ho wouldn’t have passed up $50,000. Hell, she wouldn’t have passed up $50. She reminds me of the ‘holocaust victims’ who suddenly remember. 40, 50, 60 years later that they were ‘holocausted’ back when they were teenagers.

  5. I find it enjoyable knowing that the msm is a bunch of evil liars and that the truth is usually closer to the inversion of their story. Epstein killed him self, and Rodney reed is a good guy, you gotta be a pajama person to believe that tripe. I got some notoriety amongst my normy coworkers when I called the Epstein “suicide in his cell” story before it happened. They’re less receptive to my assertion he’s alive and well in Israel, some people just won’t take their pajamas off completely…

  6. Rodney Reed, Some Context

    Read the many cases of sexual assault by Reed (1), inclusive of a 12 year old, raped orally, vaginally and anally, with Reed’s DNA confirmed.

    Judicial review of Reed’s claims of 1) innocence and 2) the state not disclosing evidence: ” . . . we hold that Reed has failed to show that the State did not disclose favorable evidence. . . . Reed has not made a threshold, prima facie showing of innocence by a preponderance of the evidence . . . We deny relief.” (2)

    The Innocence Project can be, very, deceptive, as detailed (3), inclusive of creating false confessions and claiming a death row DNA exoneration, when not true, by judicial review, and the IP not revealing that, for 8 years and counting.

    Innocent frauds, by anti death penalty activists, are the rule, not the exception (4), with a 77% error rate in innocent/exoneration claims (4).

    Massive, worldwide activism, with actors and other anti death penalty activists, claiming the “innocence” of death row inmates have been, intentionally, fraudulent and/or, otherwise, wrong (5), very often, by the media, as well, and as detailed (5).

    Appellate judges and governors are very generous with death row inmates, with only 15% being executed and 45% removed by appeals/commutation

    What will happen with Reed? As so many have not figured out, yet (5), pay attention to the courts, not the activists.

    1) II. THE STATE’S PUNISHMENT CASE, pages 7, 8 and 9,
    IN THE Supreme Court of the United States
    RODNEY REED, Petitioner, vs. THE STATE OF TEXAS Respondent, No. 17-1093


    3) see paragraphs 3 and 4
    Death Row, “Exonerations”, Media & Intentional Fraud

    4) Deception: The DPIC “Exonerated”/”Innocence” List

    Death Row, “Exonerations”, Media & Intentional Fraud

    5) Just a few


    Rebuttal: “Trial by Fire: Did Texas execute an innocent man?”, David Grann, The New Yorker, 9/7/2009: Cameron Todd Willingham: Media meltdown & the death penalty
    # 11 here

    “Troy Davis & The Innocent Frauds of the anti death penalty lobby”,

    Guilty: Sacco and Vanzetti

    Roger Keith Coleman #2, here

    so many more


    Death Row, “Exonerations”, Media & Intentional Fraud

    The Innocent Frauds: Standard Anti Death Penalty Deception

  7. I have seen a number of the “Death Row Stories” episodes, including the Rodney Reed one. While some of the theories put forward by prosecution in some of the cases were, to be polite, dodgy, and the lack of hard forensic evidence, such as a murder weapon with fingerprints on it, were troubling, the Rodney Reed sympathetic number just didn’t cut it. Whatever Officer Fennell did ten years later, he was investigated, charged, tried, and convicted. There is no reason to believe he would not have been charged, tried, and convicted of Stites’ murder had there been sufficient evidence to do so. I have heard credible stories of women going out on a “hen” night and having a fling, but Reed’s narrative was an ongoing relationship with her while she was planning her wedding. Hardly the same thing.

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