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The Gaslighting of the American Mind

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By J. Peder Zane | 3 February 2021

REAL CLEAR POLITICS — Democrats are the party of make believe.

Through their domination of the media, academia, Hollywood, and growing swaths of corporate America, they successfully peddle propaganda as reality. They insisted President Trump was a dictator and a treasonous ally of Vladimir Putin who refused to denounce white supremacy. They dismissed questions about the business dealings of President Biden’s family as “Russian disinformation” that had been “totally discredited.”

When investigations and fact checks revealed those claims to be false, they just kept on repeating them. Tell a lie long and loud enough and many accept it as truth.

Having secured the White House and control of the Senate in the last election, Democrats and their allies are adding a strong dose of intimidation to their campaign of deceit. They are using social media to silence dissent from their views while creating blacklists to make it difficult for their opponents to find gainful employment. In a sign of how far gone they are, many journalists at influential outfits are now questioning the wisdom of the First Amendment and calling for government regulation of speech[…]

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  1. It’s annoying to see the bullshit made up scare term “white supremacy” used in what’s ostensibly a dissident media piece — like other scare terms (e.g. “far right”), it’s never really defined; you’re just supposed to know that it’s really, really bad.

    A kind of political performance art has arisen around it, where public figures are expected to ritually denounce “white supremacy” — a recent bizarre instance of this was during the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings (I never understood what ‘conservatives’ saw in her), where she also embellished it further by ad-libbing an absurd lie about how she and her adopted black daughter (barf) held each other and cried after the death of George Floyd; it was a truly grotesque spectacle.

    In contrast to “white supremacy”, White Nationalism is real, and there is nothing wrong about it, either politically or morally — White Nationalists want Whites to be/remain ‘supreme’ in the one place they always have been and always should be: their own nations.

    • The Hill — UN chief labels white supremacy a ‘transnational threat’

      Attorney General nominee Merrick Garland chokes up about his family fleeing anti-Semitism, persecution
      [In his opening statement, Garland pledged to make the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol his top priority if confirmed by the Senate, saying he would supervise the prosecution of white supremacists and others who stormed the Capitol.]

      Garland is a Jew, and just another example for white Americans of what happens when you allow racial aliens to co-opt your country — while I don’t have the stomach to watch such things, it sounds like his confirmation hearing is a lot of effeminate emotionalizing, which you saw a LOT of after the Capitol incident: “During the hearing, Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) asked Garland to share a private conversation they previously had and to speak about some of his own family’s history in confronting hate and discrimination.”

      It’s no surprise that the transition from ‘Trump supporters’ to ‘white supremacists’ as the ones responsible for the Capitol incident was so seamless — and how many ordinary Whites will notice or object? — one can pretty safely assume no prominent Whites will.

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