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Millennials Are Delaying Marriage Because Men Aren’t Earning Enough

By Tyler Durden | 13 October 2017

ZERO HEDGE — Economists and social scientists have gathered multitudes of data about Millennials’ tendency to delay the traditional milestones of maturity (starting a career, getting married, buying a home, having kids) in favor of a prolonged adolescence.

But in a new study examining household formation patterns in the US, Pew Research Center has isolated the biggest factor behind the rise in those households without a partner or spouse: “The declining ability of men to earn a salary large enough to sustain a family.”

That’s right. As wages for female workers have risen in recent years, wages for their male peers have stagnated. This in turn has weighed on the household formation rate, because men are more reluctant to marry and start families unless they’re earning above a threshold, which Pew identified as $40,000, the Hill reported. […]

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  1. ..the problem with marriage, is that the whites (in America, especially Canada!), are aging, dying off and not reproducing! You rarely see white teenagers “hang around” shopping malls, in Toronto (or other cities of Canada), as we did, back in those long ago “Led Zeppelin” days! This is another reason that Macy’s, JC Penny, Kohls, Sears Canada (declared bankruptcy on 10 October ’17), are going bankrupt, and other activities, such as model trains, coin & stamp collecting, hockey, high school football, golfing, antique stores, are also in decline!

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