6 Examples of Modern-Day Orwellian 1984 Doublespeak

By Paul A Philips

NEW PARADIGM — The use of words as euphemisms, inoffensive synonyms, anodyne bureaucratic jargon and political correctness … serve to socially manipulate the masses into passivity.

Terminology is a favourite for the world stage political con artists knowing they can cover up their ulterior motives with confusing words.

We can get some idea of these tell-tale signs of deception by looking at the language of ‘Orwellian doublespeak’ that’s found its way into the modern-day vernacular. It’s definitely worth giving some serious consideration but first allow me to explain with a little bit of background. 

George Orwell (real name Eric Blair 1903-1950) having been educated at the illuminati associated Eton College; a place that produced some 19 prime ministers was well connected with members of the ruling elite. He was a member of the Fabian Society rubbing shoulders with the likes of Aldus Huxley author of ‘Brave New World …’ […]

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