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Post Staged-Deception Evidence Widely Scrubbed from the Internet: What to do About it

Two nights ago, a commenter named “Raydee8” engaged me with her concerns and questions as to how “thousands of people don’t come forward” in the post staged-deception events when real casualties don’t show up at hospitals or are not handled by first responders, etc. This was the core of her challenge. The full comment exchange can be read here:

But why has nobody ever come forward on their own? I think I would have said something had I worked at a hospital that should have had dozens of gunshot victims admitted to it, but didn’t, and I’m certain everyone I personally knew would be asking me about it, and had I told them, then one of them would have come forward. I think if I had worked at the Cielo Vista Walmart on the day of the shooting and nobody had been shot that day, I would have said something, or would have said something to the several people I knew that would have asked me, and one of them would have said something….I don’t think you grasp the enormity of the fact that nobody has ever come forward ever.

I gave a series of responses that partly addressed the challenge, one being that hospitals are big institutions and that there are isolated wings and sections that 95% of the rest of the hospital knows nothing about. I addressed the occurrence of drills in conjunction with events and how those conflate with the deceptions. Ole Dammegard has covered this operational stagecraft factor as well as anyone. Although banned on YouTube, he still has his own site.

One of my responses to Raydee8:

You keep mentioning hospitals. My ex wife was the EMT director at an urban hospital. I am therefore familiar with the layouts, and they are huge with quite isolated sections/wings. 90% or more of the personnel might not have any idea what is transpiring in other wings. At Boston there were armed guards controlling the scene and access. They also ran fake bomb scares to clear regular staff out.

In the Brussels bombing in 2016, I know they used a section of the airport that was closed for repair and remodel. So in reality, there was nobody there “to come forward.”

Read “An Analysis of the 2016 Brussels Airport ‘Bombing’”

I also addressed the numbers involved:

IT IS NOT THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE! These are much smaller compartmentalized operations. There was a drill in the mall. At Vegas deep fake CGI was used to convey the IMPRESSION of large casualties. Stagecraft is what they do – that includes cut outs, false personas, CGI images, astroturfing, grainy film and photos, the occasional crisis actor or vague impression interview with a non actor that doesn’t reveal much, or reveals poor information.

Ultimately, I told Raydee:

I can’t recap all my work personally with you, start dissecting my many posts on the topics for the methods.

But then I endeavored to address the heart of her question: that people would have addressed the lack of casualties and strange protocol of handling post-event casualties. Those of us who have followed these events closely in the last seven years know that indeed many people have mentioned such aspects.

When I went to locate some good video examples, I came to the shocking realization that they are entirely scrubbed on YouTube. Most are missing on the alternatives to YouTube, like Bitchute, as well. It’s like playing poker with an opponent who claims he has three aces, and won’t show you his cards.

I thought to myself that maybe Raydee8 wasn’t necessarily just a troll. No wonder Raydee8 is a pajama person asking what many of us with a more institutional memory and knowledge consider poorly informed questions. But if she is not an old hat and is new to this, the evidence she needs to see is relegated to the memory holes. If she, or someone like her, returns here to have a reasoned conversation and doesn’t engage in gaslighting, I ask you to treat them with civility.

Torchy and I were talking about searching for and restoring memory-holed videos, but many are nowhere to be found online due to the censorship purge. We fear it will be a monumental task. Readers are asked to submit the evidence addressing this in comments and we will start a collection.

At Sandy Hook, no EMT responders ever entered the school and they sat outside the parameter in response vehicles. No evacuation helicopters landed, and the largest trauma hospital took no patients. A police medic, not a physician, initially declared that all alleged victims dead on the scene, with no wounded. There was a well done documentary detailing this, but when I looked for it to share with Raydee8, I discovered that it is scrubbed, and I believe some time ago. Whether it is mirrored on one of the non-YouTube platforms, I don’t know. It would require some creative searching.

The leading researcher into Sandy Hook details, Wolfgang Halbig, has been hounded offline and subjected to slap suits. His work is hard to find now, effectively memory holed. Oddly, I am seeing more of this as when I searched for a story about Halbig of late.

There was the scene at the nearby hospitals at the Boston fake bombing event where staff is shown waiting in vain for the so-called “many casualties” to arrive. But I couldn’t find this online either. Appears scrubbed. There are a number of accounts of first responders shaking their heads in shock that they never were let in to handle the actual impact sites. There were news stories at the time, but these now look thoroughly scrubbed as well. There were videos showing this from on high, but they’re now nearly impossible to locate. If anybody locates them, I will insert them here.

I did locate this MSM story about not letting EMT do their jobs after Parkland. The excuses are flimsy, and the real EMTs say as much.

Raydee and I got into the arena of independent investigators of the events. Two of the best are (or were) “Peekay Truth” and “Robin.” Those works are revealing. You can still find remnants mirrored here and there. Peekay Truth was a courageous fighter but ultimately threw in the towel after being hauled in for mental observation in Melborne, Australia. There used to be an interview in which he described the experience. Goons were also paying visits to his mother. Peekay has monumental work on the topic, but he took it down — I believe under duress.

However, I did re-locate a deep and shocking examination of the Boston Marathon event conducted by John B. Wells and Peekay. Hopefully, Wells (of “Caravan to Midnight”) will let us leave it here? Don’t linger. Watch it soon and share, as often these videos quickly disappear. We will put it in recommended videos. This is a must-view for the Raydees of the world, especially “BOSTON BOMBING DECONSTRUCTED.”

I did locate a mirrored video of Robin pursuing one Dr. Colleen Anderson who was filmed taking Westminster Bridge “casualties” into the Marriott Hotel, with no effort to deliver them to nearby hospitals. Just listen to this clip to gauge what any outside investigator is up against: Obfuscation and refusals to answer basic questions. This points to organized pervasive skulduggery. It may give some clues to Raydee’s question of why many don’t speak out: fear of losing one’s job, conforming to the narrative and possibly even being compromised.


Read “The Asch Conformity Experiment Revealed the Significance of One Person Speaking Truth to Power”

Most of the Robin videos are hard-nosed and no-nonsense. He was intrepid. We used to exchange some emails and notes. Anybody know what happened to him?

The Bitchute channel “Zack Greevey,” where I located this, has other purged-truther videos in this genre. Some are good, some not so good, but I may try to rediscover some of the classics. Using my filter, I could put them on my own Bitchute channel. If Robin and Peekay ever read this, could you let me know where your work is located post-purge?

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  1. had a few docs on sandy hook. Unfortunately I went to get the link and it is down. He also had a really good video on Josef Mengele, which was one of the 1st videos I saw during my awakening.

  2. The purge has taken historic proportions, especially on youtube. Newcomers have almost no chance of entering the topic if they do not already know where to look, because both youtube and google search have been largely censored by now, refering to “authoritative sources” instead.

    The hospital/doctors issue Raydee mentions is real though, it has not been fully solved yet. It is true that real EMTs and paramedics are often blocked from entering the area, and “victims” are shuttled to private or even military hospitals. But even by looking at official images and videos of “victims”, doctors and also miltarymen should realize that something is not right. But very few haven spoken out.

    • Few have spoken out

      May not be paying close attention to the stagecraft being used, how and could their voices be heard?, fear of ridicule, pressure to conform, military and Freemason types are often authoritarian followers and can rationalize, fear of job loss or demotion, fear of retribution, are compromised, some percentage are evil and in on it.

      • In addition it’s not like the nightly news is going to feature crisis actors spill the beans special or the newspapers or the radio, they have TOTAL FREAKIN CONTROL.

        By the way glad to see you giving people a chance to learn, otherwise trolls win!!!!

  3. Regarding the number of people involved in key decisions around major events I often cite the reality of how large corporations are run: the board has *all* the key information, they manage what information is shared with some of their C suite, who then pass information down to vp level people and below to action strategy. The number of people with the core plan is tiny.

    As an example of this, a large corporation hire a new CEO with a ‘board secret at the time’ mandate to shrink the company globally while extracting payouts for shareholders until the whole thing implodes and/or is merged with another dying star. To the world it is inexplicable that the ceo is paid their bonuses, while the vp level and below are tearing their hair out trying to keep the sinking ship afloat and meet goals that are impossible to attain.

    The ceo had secret marching orders to kill the company while extracting and distributing the value
    and goes on to another secret mission elsewhere for a new board, reputation intact despite appearing to the world as incompetent.

    The evidence is similarly memory holed, partially to prevent after the fact lawsuits.

    For those who think the world is chaos and that the idea a few people control everything this has been a good argument.

    I highly recommend downloading any videos you find valuable before they are scrubbed using sites like to archive .mp4 file

    • was distracted and didn’t finish sentence, meant

      For those who think the world is chaos and that the idea that a few people control everything is ludicrous, this has been a good argument.

  4. In an email on 8/7/19, Paul Craig Roberts posted links to two relevant articles, one of which is:

    Quote from above, from David Steele, a 20-year Marine Corps intelligence officer: “Most terrorists are false flag terrorists, or are created by our own security services. In the United States, every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag, or has been an informant pushed on by the FBI. In fact, we now have citizens taking out restraining orders against FBI informants that are trying to incite terrorism. We’ve become a lunatic asylum.”

    My own suggestion to Raydee8, who is trying to understand the psyops, is that she stop imbibing TV, radio and newspapers for at least a while. The propaganda is so effective that it can really confuse you and slow down any progress you might make toward getting a grip on reality.

  5. I’m sorry to be defeatist on this subject. But look at the “conspiracy” sphere, how negative the reactions are when we talk about the “false victims” aspect.

    I in France gave up hope of informing about it and yet I even created a blog dedicated to it (canularisme).

    You see a subject like the “shoah”, in conspiracy circles, it is quite accepted that there is a lie. But when there is a victim, whether the person is famous or not, the question of staging is never asked.

    And for the shootings, if you come in and say “wait, they’re almost all staged”, you don’t have time to argue…

    And it’s very frustrating because we always have the same scenario, similar exercises, people laughing etc…

    Sorry for my english.

  6. In Manchester, UK, the home of the Balfour Declaration and in the Balfour centenary year, just prior to the Ariana Grande fake “suicide bomb” non event at the Manchester Arena, – reportedly featuring a perp called “Salman Abedi” = A Bad Lies Man, they staged an emergency lock down of a hospital, presumably so that certain protocols could then be implemented. Then, after the supposed event had occurred they broadcast a message on TV to all hospital staff who were calling in to see if they could help, telling them not to come in !

    The official Manchester Arena (((Kerslake))) report documents the fact that firefighters were also turned away from the location.

    The El Paso Del Sol hospital press conferences told us that nearby US Army medics turned up because of their “close relationship”.

    Compartmentalisation in hospitals is easy to achieve, especially in intensive care wards etc.

    The emergency medical facilities for the reported London July 7 subway bombings were an entirely military affair, setup in the grounds of nearby barracks.

    There appears to be insurmountable psychological issues underpinning the dissonance of some folk who are either unwilling or unable to think for themselves. A malaise which reflects the mind warping cartoon world which they consume and inhabit.

    All they really need to do to overcome this cognitive chasm is to ask themselves the simple question such as :

    You are in charge of the deception. How would you do it ?

  7. Thanks for posting on this. I was shocked to hear about what happened to Peekay–I remember him from the early days after Sandy Hook, when they were doing these hoaxes/staged deceptions every few weeks, and he was always so fast at exposing them.

    Yes, lots has been disappeared. I actually worked a lot on exposing Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon Bombing, Aurora, etc. over at the forum, and I recently went back through the threads on those, and so much has been deleted. They’ve done a pretty thorough job of scrubbing the internet of the old hoaxes.

    Dave McGowan’s excellent work exposing the Boston Marathon Bombing Hoax on Caravan to Midnight is still around (he got fast acting cancer after that one).

    I also found another woman, Debbie Lusignan, who went by the name “Sane Progressive” (don’t let the name fool you) and she did an amazing job exposing Las Vegas (and I think another one before that). She has a medical background (I think she’s a nurse) and it was easy for her to see through the BS on the fake injuries. Unfortunately, she’s also been disappeared off the internet–they kicked her off youtube, so she moved to bitchute, and got kicked off there.

    I think TPTB are most concerned about the fakery being exposed.

    Thanks for all of your work. I just wish more people would wake up to this.

  8. > At Vegas deep fake CGI was used to convey the IMPRESSION of large casualties.

    –After reviewing hundreds of videos made by witnesses, I am confident that statement is complete bullshit.

    • Hundreds made by witnesses? Where and who are so many videos to be found? I have looked high and low for this, and it is shockingly sparse. Sparsity of visual evidence is the hallmark of staged deceptions. The video I linked in that LV article definitely looks CGI.

      • I spent over a month watching clips that were published from cellphones both inside and outside the concert… around 200 items. The bulk of it has now been purged from YouTube. I’m sure that you know this is happening — there are many videos linked in your own articles which have disappeared. I managed to save some of the most relevant clips. I also have a huge list of clips that were bookmarked and are now gone. There were many clips of people helping and transporting wounded. What’s REALLY “shocking” is the sheer amount of data which has been purged. You’ve got to realize that almost every video uploaded to the internet was on YouTube — so when it disappears there, it’s often gone forever.

        Another thing we are seeing more of is deep state psy-ops which attempt to divide the truther community by claiming that there were no casualties in false flag events. Did they exaggerate the number of reported casualties? Probably, yes… and I would not be surprised. But that does not mean its all CGI and nobody was shot. One thing that clearly emerged in my research was the pervasive reports of sniper(s) on the ground taking head shots. This actually starts before the machine guns. It is entirely possible that the machine guns were distractions and cover for the smaller, suppressed rifles. I dont believe that CGI was used or necessary. If a fake video has emerged, it does not mean nobody got shot — it is just an attempt to throw more confusion into the mix, so you cannot sort truth from lies. This is a textbook method of coping with intelligence leaks.

        One consistent thread we are seeing now in false flag ops is deliberate attempts both during and after the op to create confusion about what is happening and whether it happened at all. The goal is to divide the public into as many fragments as possible and pit them all against each other, so no organized resistance can materialize. The planners of these ops have found the perfect way to conceal the true perpetrators AND pit the public against itself: if the fixed security camera recordings will never be published, the public cant verify ANYTHING. And now that is happening on YouTube as well.

        • I totally disagree with your premise about casualties. In larger events I am willing to consider that a handful of target people may have been hit during the course of the fakery and stagecraft, but claiming those espousing no or very few casualties are psyops is a firm non-starter with me. Deep fake and CGI is most definitely used!

          “The public cant verify ANYTHING.” That is overstated, but agree it is difficult. I demonstrated this in the podcast with John Friend. It’s like playing poker with an opponent who claims he has three aces, and won’t show you his cards. Failure to disclose is really all the verification you need.

    • Police audio-window of supposed shooter NOT broken, gunfire was actually audio played through speakers, researchers contacted hospitals- said no wounded, no victims, one hospital even said it was a drill

      Best Breakdown of the Las Vegas Shooting Hoax! 03/01/2018 Jim Fetzer

      best vid IMO on Las Vegas was “Sane Progressive”—she has a medical background, was able to call out BS on the supposed injuries. Looks like they took her down from youtube and bitchute, but worth a watch if it gets reposted anywhere

      look at the smiles on these fakers

      “report from a military surgeon, who wrote to Paul Craig Roberts stating,
      “I have now viewed most of the mainstream media reports on YouTube of the victims in hospital and I can assure you they are all actors and not one of these people is a legitimate patient. Being shot with a high-powered weapon and struck with a high velocity bullet is a very traumatic experience and indeed more patients routinely die from the trauma rather than the wound itself. Yet all these patients being interviewed in bed are not surrounded with emergency care diagnostic equipment at all, are looking completely normal, relaxed and comfortable. This is not how patients feel one or two days after being shot with a high-powered assault weapon I can assure you and even if its only in the leg it is still serious”

  9. Surprising you don’t mention the way back machine while asking folks to provide you with the last working links around. Here’s the archive data of Vegas which can be checked on way back and if that’s scrubbed then you have actual fed or M16 and it’s easy to line up on the dates.

    Wayback erasures are only for actual pedophile info at charities for which the actual duchess of Windsor is a benefactress and maybe sandy hook idk

  10. Supreme irony is that what led me to WinterWatch in the first place was trying to find an video some englishman had done dissecting the magic tricks of the George Floyd videos. I still can’t find that one again.

  11. Just want to point to the Jim Fetzer recent interview with “Able1212” his work on Sandy Hoax are VERY interesting, must watch for everybody here.


    and another documentary about SH.


  12. The whole notion of “come forward” seems simple and childish to me, like this Raydee8
    character has not thought more than 1 or 2 steps or layers at best. What she is actually
    saying or implying by “come forward” or “speak out” is to see it on TV – to be covered by
    the very same ‘media’ that is involved and complicit. Silly. Like they would participate in
    the event to sell it as real, then later out themselves and confess. Sure, happens all the
    time 🙂 How would we know IF someone speaks out or “comes forward” IF they don’t
    have a microphone and TV camera in their face ?!! See how simple that is to work
    out ?! You’d have to know that person or be in their ‘circle’ to know IF they ever said
    anything about it. Right ?! Otherwise how would you know ? Looks like that concept
    of ‘a priori’ knowledge taught in school comes into play. Also just good old ‘thinking
    things out’ > what is it I can really know, and how do I “know” it ? So many things
    simply come down to a belief. Perhaps a firm belief, but a belief nonetheless. So
    next time anyone is tempted to think, ‘Why doesn’t ‘someone’ come forward’, ask
    yourself WHO is it they are gonna come forward to and how would I know, and
    you have your answer. This of course leaves alone the idea of the hassles and
    personal costs to their lives, and that they might surmise they have nothing to
    gain but trouble. ‘Press conferences’ are only when “the press” is interested.
    THEY decide who gets a microphone. Or a record deal. Don’t believe me ?
    Call ’em up and make your pitch 🙂 Raydee8 – class dismissed.

  13. Thank you for this.

    I guess the problem goes back to the old nostrum, ‘absence of evidence is not evidence of absence’.
    And investigating that absence is all about distinguishing between natural (genuine) absence, and contrived absence – that is by eliminating the element of witnessing, either at the time or post-facto. Witnessing being either personal, or documented.
    Since contrivance at concealment is a positive act, it’s likely the route to take in general – ‘it’s not the crime that gets them, it’s the cover-up’. Sometimes it’s not the content of a video that’s important, so much as it being taken down; it’s not the hospital admissions records as such, so much as the evidence they were scrambled. Only then can you look into the content of these things and ask, why were they disappeared or corrupted?

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