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The Asch Conformity Experiment Revealed the Significance of One Person Speaking Truth to Power

The Asch conformity experiments, or the Asch Paradigm, refers to a series of studies directed by Solomon Asch that studied if and how individuals yielded to or defied a majority group.

The image below shows one of the pairs of cards used in the experiment. The card on the left has the reference line and the one on the right shows the three comparison lines. Groups of eight male college students participated in a simple “perceptual” task. In reality, all but one of the participants were actors, and the true focus of the study was about how the remaining participant would react to the actors’ behavior.

The actors knew the true aim of the experiment, but were introduced to the subject as other participants. On the first two trials, both the subject and the actors gave the obvious and correct answer. On the third trial, the actors would all give the same wrong answer. This wrong response recurred on 11 of the remaining 15 trials. It was subjects’ behavior on these 12 “critical trials” that formed the aim of the study: to test how many subjects would change their answer to conform to those of the seven actors, despite it being wrong.

With no pressure to conform to actors, the error rate on the critical stimuli was less than 1%. With pressure to conform to the actors, the majority of participants’ responses remained correct (63.2 percent), but a sizable minority of responses conformed to the actors’ (incorrect) answer (36.8 percent). However, only 25 percent of the sample were red-pilled enough to consistently defy majority opinion. Among the participants, 75 percent gave at least one incorrect answer out of the 12 critical trials.

The Importance of Not Conforming for Black-Pilled People

A black-pilled person is someone with enough fortitude and mental capacity to recognize truth and the correct answers but who is defeatist in attitude and elects not to rock the boat. They will put up token resistance and, in the Ashe Paradigm, will answer correctly most of the time but then bow under pressure from others.

Others are weak yielders, but when interviewed later stated,  “I suspected about the middle – but tried to push it out of my mind” (page 182). Asch points out that although the “yielding” subject was suspicious, he was not sufficiently confident to go against the majority.

Participants who conformed to the majority on at least 50 percent of trials reported reacting with what Asch called a “distortion of perception.” This is what Winter Watch calls black magik, or the cartoon world. These participants concluded after a number of trials that they must be wrongly interpreting the stimuli and that the majority must be right.

Most of these authoritarian followers are hopeless for our purposes. But the others are not, and are who we aim to influence.

In the manipulated forum or social media space, this can be faked and astroturfed to create a bandwagon effect. In this environment, we are surrounded by artificial stooges. I have noticed so much of this at Reddit’s r/Conspiracy that I have concluded it’s largely an artificial intelligence experiment and elected to no longer participate in their beta study.

Those running the sock puppets are skilled at mind games. They know just how to keep a test subject like me engaged. They offer Pavlov’s-dog style positive rewards followed by temporary bans and cycles of abuse. This abuse cycle is being played out with YouTube dissident content makers as well. Right now those who are left are waiting anxiously for the abuse ban hammer. Jaw-dropping stuff to experience. It took me awhile to see through the game.

The Presence of a Truth Partner Corrects the Response

In another variation of the Asch’s experiment, one actor was inserted to give the correct answer. The presence of this truth partner decreased conformity significantly. In studies that had just one actor giving correct responses to questions, only 5 percent of the participants continued to incorrectly answer with the majority. This 5 percent represents the blue-pill people.

Once the truth partner was withdrawn, the level of conformity among black-pilled folks increased dramatically.

Black-Pilled People are in the Closet

In another variation of Asch’s experiment, actors verbalized their responses aloud but the test subject was directed to respond in writing at the end of each trial. Conformity significantly decreased when shifting from public to privately written responses.

Winter Watch Takeaway

Most of our readers are red-pilled people who relish their independence. However, some may be demoralized black-pill people, who feel that not conforming to cartoon and clown world is not worth the push back. Red-pilled warriors are the key to the whole sick experiment, as it only takes one true response partner to sway or reinforce the others.

Blacked-pilled people need the presence of a truth partner, and that should be you. Also keep in mind that other closeted black-pilled people are out there, awaiting their opportunity and signal. This, my friends, is the reason I put myself out there the way I do and why I’m always posing that core question to confront both the Clown World and Cartoon World : Nothing to see here, move along?

7 Comments on The Asch Conformity Experiment Revealed the Significance of One Person Speaking Truth to Power

  1. “Blacked-pilled people need the presence of a truth partner”

    Very true, than you for your article. I have experienced it more and more often.
    And often they need even more than a truth partner : they need a truth partner who they can see still standing for the truth in spite of the attacks of an authoritarian member or predator in the group. They dare not speak in a group where you speak the truth and get insulted by the predator, until they make sure that you are continuing to speak the thruth whatever the attacks.
    Then once they are assured that you are not at all going to give up by any means, they dare say : “excuse me, what the lady says is true…”

    So it’s also a matter of us going through the fire first and still standing, never giving up, for these unsecure people to dare stand for the truth.
    (please excuse my english)

  2. Speaking of conformity to power, an interesting media chart:

    Still not sure about Infowars (bottom right corner). Is it a spook op? Is it just Texan style? After all, noone was hit harder by the social media censorship hammer than Jones.

  3. Truth is a lonely warrior, I fact I learned very quickly when trying to awaken compatriots to the 9/11 scam in the early 2000’s.

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