More than Merely Dubious: How I Was Permanently Banned at Reddit

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The whole Reddit affair began with someone else’s thread asking a legitimate question about why the Christchurch mosque video is scrubbed or made illegal online. Yours truly couldn’t help but weigh in. Obviously, my intent was to test whether Reddit would remove my reply.

Reddit Permanently Suspends My Account for Showing Video of Disappearing Cartridges

Instead of removing the video or my reply, Reddit as a whole permanently suspended me for posting a fake weapon being fired at nothing outside the “Christchurch mosque”. No wonder they want this totally suppressed. Watch the ejected cartridges disappear in mid-air, never hitting the ground. Beyond the heavy-handed censorship, this is a suppressed video that has to be seen to be believed.

Before this latest step, Winter Watch posts at Reddit were routinely taken down — especially away from r/Conspiracy, where I had several mods who covered my back. My Walter Duranty Halodomar post was taken down at r/Ukraine after it received 70% upvotes from the participants. Almost all important subreddits are infested with censors and astroturfing shills.

Read: Rancid Reddit is an Orwellian Cesspool of Usual Suspects

         The Astroturfing and Shillery Military-Industrial-Survelliance Complex

My appeal to Reddit’s cartoon-world claim of “violence”:

The video you have banned me for shows an alleged weapon firing randomly. There are no people shown in the clip, just a “gun” discharging cartridges. If you look at the cartridges, they disappear in mid-air and aren’t even real. No actual “violence” is shown.

The dicey behaviors in these faked events pile up. I sometimes hesitate to even post analysis on them because the general public is so blind to them, and they are not “popular” topics. Pajama people will reject you. They will get you banned, throttled down and shadow banned on other social media as well. There is a massive cover up.

We have been pretty much eradicated on social media. We are totally dependent on others to drive traffic, but we imagine many — if not most — of our better supporters are banned and shadow banned as well. At Facebook, we are gamed and throttled back continually, the goal being to permit limited engagement.

You can check this yourself with the Twitter shadow-ban test. The liars at Twitter claim they don’t do this. False. Here we are using our old New Nationalist moniker. We started a new account under Winter Watch, but we were blocked by the IP address tracker. This shadow ban is several years old, dating back to the beginning of our site.

Here is what the terms mean:

Search Suggestion Ban: This type of ban causes an account to not populate search suggestions and people search results when it is searched for while being logged out. Twitter seems to take tie strength or a similar metric into account. While an account may be suggested to users you are strongly tied to, it may not be shown to others.

Search Ban: This type of ban causes your tweets to be hidden from the search results entirely, no matter whether the quality filter is turned on or off. This behavior includes hashtags as well. This type of ban seems to be temporally limited for active accounts.

Thread Ban: This is what is referred to as conventional shadowban, or ghost banning, as well. It comprises a search ban while threads are completely ripped apart by hiding reply tweets of the affected user to others. Everything will look perfectly normal to the affected user, but many others will not be able to see reply tweets of the affected user at all. Reasons for this ban include behavior like excessive tweeting or following. Again, this type of ban seems to be temporally limited for active accounts.

Skulduggery During Poway Shooting

Speaking of sketchy online schemes: Wouldn’t you know it, the FBI’s recent search warrant filing revealed agents were on 4chan and 8chan and engaged in baiting during the Poway synagogue shooting in April. The affidavit can be examined here. The channers mock the agent’s out-of-place demeanor and behavior and call him “Agent Boomer.” One person wrote, “Dear FBI, You Suck at This.” This too has to be seen to be believed.

Note “(You)” in Agent Boomer’s text. There are dozens of others thoroughly covered in the video below.

10 Comments on More than Merely Dubious: How I Was Permanently Banned at Reddit

  1. This is quite a time … the seeming end of what had been the somewhat-open interwebz … ‘Thanks for playing,’ say the controllers as they laugh

    “As the Titanic heads for the iceberg, the American political establishment has convinced itself that it can hang on to power through censorship”
    – Brad Griffin aka ‘Hunter Wallace’, USA Southern identitarian of Occidental Dissent

    Partly now, I think the battle these days is in the hands of the very tech-capable young people developing work-arounds

    Will be interesting to watch what the young guys will do after they shut down the chans

    What has been a notable achievement, is what Andrew Anglin and Weev did with the Daily Stormer, despite all the blockages, multiple domain name seizures etc … Say what you will about their ‘neon-Nazi’ content, they are apparently back to about 2/3 of their pre-shutdown multiple millions per month of visitors

    Anglin correctly predicted that he was only the beginning, he foresaw that they would be shutting down big quasi-mainstream people, like Alex Jones, and even various ‘alt-lite’ and only-slightly-dissident Jewish people, just for minor deviations from the establishment cult-marx programme

    Anglin says get ready for a near-future in which dissident truth will of necessity inhabit the ‘dark web’ alongside the paedos and drug-pushers, using things like Tor … apparently Anglin gets a good bit of his traffic thru Tor right now

    But Tor is invented by US-gov-intel people, a group including rabbis and connected Jewish figures, selling the seemingly-fake story that Tor was invented to ‘assist dissidents’ in places like Iran and China

    When in fact iran and China can apparently easily block Tor, and track Tor users if not what they use it for

    During the early months of the Anglin shut-down, the Tor designers openly discussed out loud whether they should modify the Tor programme to censor Anglin’s Stormer

    Anglin pointed out that look, if the significantly-Jewish Tor people can alter Tor to exclude neon-Nazis and the Stormer … well then they could adjust Tor to block the paedos, which they obviously aren’t doing … so they basically admitted, that they intentionally built and supervise a programme whose chief use seems to be paedos, child and drug trafficking etc

    That shut up the Tor people … but on the face of it, it is doubtful that ‘dark web’ tools will really be able to preserve dissident communications

    Assange & Snowden pump Tor but they of course are establishment liars and fakers, as Netanyahu admitted about Assange back in 2010 etc

    Tech guru site Cryptome says flat-out: “Do not send to those who tout secure drops, Tor, crypto-comms – these are traceable, diagrammable via basic net transmission tech”

    • I used to frequent early chan sites and somethingawful in their early Raw days before any type of FBI involvement. It was a huge deal when 4chan got busted by the FBI back in the 2000’s as it become easily recognizable some of the mods and hackers there joined the FBI through faustian deals (prison or 6 fig salary young man?) for their illegal behavior and content. Other members called them out and let others know the sites were compromised. I don’t have links for these because I don’t want to search for those things at work or my home IP without a proxy. I was there and saw the original posts though.

    • Also a quick google search of “FBI and 4chan” has enough evidence on its own. Spooks among us.

  2. And speaking of Brad Griffin aka ‘Hunter Wallace’, the USA Southerner who ran Occidental Dissent, whom I quoted in the other post

    That long-running website just disappeared too, ‘account suspended’

    • I used to read his website too. Haven’t checked on it in a while, any plans he will come back?

  3. Samizdat, (from Russian sam, “self,” and izdatelstvo, “publishing”), literature secretly written, copied, and circulated in the former Soviet Union and usually critical of practices of the Soviet government.

    Samizdat began appearing following Joseph Stalin’s death in 1953, largely as a revolt against official restrictions on the freedom of expression of major dissident Soviet authors. After the ouster of Nikita S. Khrushchev in 1964, samizdat publications expanded their focus beyond freedom of expression to a critique of many aspects of official Soviet policies and activities, including ideologies, culture, law, economic policy, historiography, and treatment of religions and ethnic minorities. Because of the government’s strict monopoly on presses, photocopiers, and other such devices, samizdat publications typically took the form of carbon copies of typewritten sheets and were passed by hand from reader to reader.

    The major genres of samizdat included reports of dissident activities and other news suppressed by official media, protests addressed to the regime, transcripts of political trials, analysis of socioeconomic and cultural themes, and even pornography.

    In its earliest days, samizdat was largely a product of the intelligentsia of Moscow and Leningrad. But it soon fomented analogous underground literatures throughout the constituent republics of the Soviet Union and among its many ethnic minorities.

  4. It’s a numbers game and they will lose. Censoring truth and dissent on every available platform is theoretically possible but ultimately useless. Keeping much credibility while doing so is impossible. People may not know the truth of events but it won’t matter if they know they are being fed lies.

    As it will take an army of government workers to suppress the lies that other government workers tell, no doubt some of these poorly paid minions will themselves wake up and turn on the beast. Plus, as we see with the very sloppy and hardly credible false flags/shootings etc. these folks are not the sharpest tools in the shed – when you’ve got F troop as your go to people, results are going to be spotty.

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