Was the Sea-Tac Baggage Handler’s Aerobatics Show a Giant Staged-Deception PsyOp?

‘I’m just going to do a barrel roll and point her face down and call it a night.’  “I don’t need much help; I play video games.” — Rich Russell

Richard Russell was a ramper/baggage “ground service agent,” according to his own YouTube account and last video that highlights all of the exotic and interesting places he was able to travel to on his “low-wage” salary of which he complained about during his August 11, 2018 surreal suicide flight in a stolen Horizon Air plane.

But after his role-playing in this black-magic performance, we imagine Rich did get a very nice payoff.

The 29-year-old United Airlines baggage handler somehow managed to roll a 76-passenger Q400 turboprop out of a maintenance hanger and take off from Seattle’s busy international airport (Sea-Tac). The following video from KING News channel provides the narrative on how he did it.

We are supposed to believe that this baggage handler also had the authority to tow planes. How that one parlays into cockpit access is the question.

William Waldock, a professor of safety science at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, said he would be interested to hear what flying experience the ramp worker had because operating the plane would have required some knowledge, especially when it comes to undoing several locks and brakes, and starting the engines.

Horizon Air CEO Gary Beck said he was baffled about how Russell picked up the flying skills. ‘We don’t know how he learned to do that,’ he said.  ‘Commercial aircraft are complex machines. No idea how he achieved that experience.’

During Russell’s flight, he remained in contact with Sea-Tac’s air-traffic control tower. Torchy, who’s had a little private-pilot flight training, questioned how Russell would have even known the unique transponder code he would have had to squawk to communicate with the Sea-Tac tower.

Winter Watch applies the trivium method to such events. It involves answering the who, what, where, when and how questions before addressing the question of why. In this case, however, we will go ahead and answer why question before dissecting the event further, because it’s so patently obvious.

TPTB (the powers that be aka Crime Syndicate) are pimping mental-health based pre-crime narratives that involve limiting the freedoms of citizens who exhibit behavior considered outside the box of acceptable norms. This type of agenda has to be sold to the public.

Potential threats from so-called “crazy people” via trauma-based brainwashing rallies public support for dispensing with due-process protections in the name of “public safety” and “public interest.” This involves ramping up citizen surveillance and intense “background checks” before granting someone gainful employment. People who get too far out of the TPTB criminals’ acceptable box can be insitutionalized, drugged, etc.

Russell set the stage in partial recordings of conversations with air traffic controllers. He said he was sorry to disappoint his loved ones and calmly stated that he was a “broken guy” who’s “got a few screws loose, I guess. Never really knew it until now.”

The script writers even managed to insert disaffected white guy neuro-linguistic programming.

Once airborne, the wise-cracking Russell told ground control, “I don’t need much help; I play video games.” But as you listen further to the insane exchange (see next), it becomes obvious that he was out of his element. Still, we waited 36 hours to run our take on this event. We anticipated there could be revelations that low-wage Russell not only could afford exotic trips but also pilot training. Alas, not. There’s no evidence that he has ever flown a plane.

While flying uneventfully over Puget Sound for 80 minutes, Russell pulled off a one-for-the-ages aerobatic-flying stunt. It’s not just that he performed a barrel roll or loop in the passenger plane. Watch him accelerate the aircraft out of the dive into a near-vertical climb while performing a hard 45-degree bank turn.

A long-time professional pilot told The Daily Beast, “He had considerable flying skill, he wasn’t just a mechanic.” (not correct, he was baggage service)

Eyewitnesses recorded Russell’s aerobatic maneuvers, for which the passenger plane was not designed to make. Such maneuvers, if performed without skill, could have resulted in the heavy airplane breaking up in the air.

“Both his loop and his roll seemed pretty well executed,” said a pilot, “without either stalling or pulling the wings off.”

Crash Site

This whole ruse was conducted at dusk Friday, with the “crash” occurring at 9:30 p.m. Accordingly, there were many witnesses who describe low-flying aircraft overhead, including a military jet in pursuit.

From minute 02:10 to 03:00 in the video below, listen to an eyewitness from the Steilacoom ferry dock (see map below), which is near the “crash site” of Ketron Island.” Listen carefully at min. 02:48 as she says, “We saw him clear over that island over there where he crashed, and we thought he flew further so they could practice more. Then all of a sudden, we hear this huge boom, and a mushroom and fire happened.” This is a classic instance of someone not reconciling her own eyes, experience and senses of what, where and when with the false narrative she is brainwashed to accept.

Although Russell was flying over Puget Sound and said repeatedly that he didn’t want anybody hurt, he crashed on lightly populated Ketron Island instead of the Sound. He had already demonstrated skill as a pilot. After all those aerobatics, why not attempt a water landing or if suicide was his goal- a header there? Why risk harming inhabitants on the island?

News helicopters flew over the “crash site” as daylight broke Saturday morning. Am I the only one on the planet who ignores the narrative of known liars and applies the trivium method: who, what, where, when? What are we seeing here? Where are the wings and fuselage? I see a small burn area and the scattering of small pieces of debris over a very confined area. Very little fire damage to the highly flammable Douglas firs, especially this time of year when the area is tinder dry. This is the crash site of a large plane?

Winter Watch Takeaway: Some looking over the crash scene think the Horizon craft was shot down. However, notice that Ketron Island is just off shore from the massive McCord-Lewis joint military base. Under the cloak of darkness, the Q400 could have quickly skirted ashore at the base.

29 Comments on Was the Sea-Tac Baggage Handler’s Aerobatics Show a Giant Staged-Deception PsyOp?

  1. The Batman film comes to mind. Bane’s men put fake bodies on the plane then let it crash. Easy body disposal in plane wreckage? No one is going to scoop you up in a spoon or try to identify it all..

  2. In order to assume staged event or false flag, we must consider the elements of problem, reaction, solution. 9-11 was staged to launch the War on Terror and the Department of Homeland security, turning America into a prison. What’s the aim of this event? Yeah, the plane could have been landed elsewhere with a 9-11 phony crash all set up. Again, what’s the goal? Tighter security? Elimination of small planes?

    • I was in your camp at first, Undecider. Your question are always the first to ask. In short: Who Benefits? – What possible benefits could accrue from a staged silly stunt like this; what could possibly motivate them to expend the very large resources to bring this off successfully (these false flags cannot be inexpensive).

      But then it all made sense; Another Sept 11 anniversary coming up, I think there are factions of the deep state who very much want to remind people that an ordinary, untrained person can step behind the controls of a commercial airliner and perform amazing stunts with complete success – pick out a needle in the NY skyline say, or accomplish dangerous and extremely difficult maneuvers over Pugent Sound.

      Very interesting to note that Drudge had “aviation experts” “shaking their heads” at that performance. “He had to have had training” says one.

      And I vividly recall on or about Sept 13, 2001 – the well known NY Times columnist William Safire writing regarding the airplane that crashed into the Pentagon; something to the effect that the pilot absolutely had to have had specialized flight training (probably by some foreign intelligence org) – in order to be able to execute those maneuvers (the vertical corkscrew descent to the Pentagon). Mr Safire went on to urge our intelligence services to follow up on that.

      And you know what happened? Mr Safire, never once mentioned that issue again in his column. He was a long time conservative “voice” at the NY Times (courtesy of Spiro Agnew) – his final columns appeared (I think) at the end of the year. Never once did he return to his claim. He died in 2009.

      I return again and again to tnn’s notion of a “cartoon world” – it strikes me as a very useful way of beginning to understand our predicament (if “understanding” is even possible at this point).

      They have to re-reinforce the “cartoon world” every once in a while – this stunt was part of that effort – I really think it’s that simple.

  3. Nah…I suspect by looking at this guy, he masterminded this mischief all by himself.Above average IQ in shit job with huge debt loads from excessive spending . Girlfriend prolly dumped him when the “fun” ran out, or the jokes got old. Its really not that difficult. The real question is whether or not a GPU was needed to fire this baby up.
    Transponder woulda been on GROUND so am a bit perplexed that he squawked ATC.But we have no comm record from Ground ??? They would’ve handed him over to Air and instructed him to change numbers on the transponder.

    Maneuvers would be by the numbers so no real skill there, Airspeed , attitude etc….monkey skills….
    Bottom line…I can think of far more innocuous methods to push an agenda than this apparent mental breakdown.

    • The brainwashing in this one is that regular Richie and Joes and nice guys can suddenly and without warning snap and threaten society. This was the perfect diabolical psyops for that.

      • Yes, the “normies” can snap and so tighter controls are required. I get that, but aviation has every excuse in the world to clamp down on air travel and control of free movement. Outside of aviation, we are one bus hijacking away from a new reality in that space. This story though has a witness stating that the guy was smoking his tyres on take off. Likely holding the brakes down while going full throttle..Something he couldn’t learn on a simulator. Start up Checklist, take off sequence, flap settings etc are not brain surgery… And yes, not difficult to fly…Landing of course is another matter.

      • Go buy a decent fligt sim… they have a level of realism that makes them useful as training tools. You can see pro’s over on YT showing off their Sim setups… taking off is dangerous if you pull up too fast and stall, and if something goes wrong in aerobatics and you don’t know what to do you are dead… but anyone interested could learn how to do those things at home

        • Clearly you have never been in the cockpit of a plane. I have. I’m no great pilot but I have time in various small planes ranging from Cubs to a King Air. I would have NO IDEA how to fly a Q400. No one who had not been checked out on that aircraft type would have any real idea what to do. Back it out of a hangar? how the fork do you do that? Aerobatics in an airliner? A non-pilot doing all this? Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

          • Respectfully… I bet you DO have ‘an idea’ of how to fly one.. would yuo be able to do so safely ? NO, but assuming you knew how to power up the engines what else but the throttle, pedals and Yoke you you need?

            I’m NOT saying that this is legit, it could be a psyop, just that the least suspect part is his aerobatics… now how he managed to Tow it to the runway WITHOUT anyone noticing I dont know.
            At some rural airstrip in the back of beyond I can imagine it happening but not at a real airport.

  4. Also new in the white-guy-flying-to-his-death department, yesterday Monday 13 August 2018, a Mr Duane Youd of Payson, Utah, is said to have crashed a small Cessna aeroplane into the house where his wife and children were living – tho they escaped the fire – Youd ‘just released from jail after a brief arrest for a domestic dispute’

    And then of course we had Andrew Joseph ‘Joe’ Stack (1956-2010), who intentionally flew an airplane into a US gov’t building, 9-11-style, in Austin, Texas, 18 February 2010, leaving a Ted-Kacynzski-style statement which it seems they tried to suppress

    Violence not only IS the answer, it is the ONLY answer.
    – Joe Stack

  5. I called bullshit on this from the second I heard about it. They started out calling the guy an aircraft tech which would have made it at least somewhat believable, as he would understand the mechanics of the aircraft. When it went to a “ramp rat” I laughed my ass off.
    Things I find impossible about the whole story:
    1) Able to back plane out of a hanger all by himself(security no where around)
    2) Able to start plane, not a simple process(security no where around)
    3) Able to taxi to runway, crossing one that was in use at the time(security no where around)
    4) Able to take off( security no where around)and perform wild maneuvers that a seasoned pilot would find difficult.
    5) Absolutely no stress ever detected in his voice.
    6) Crashed dead center of the island, where I could spot no aircraft parts. Shanksville anyone?
    7) I never heard any engine noise when when this guy was talking to the tower, and anyone who has ever flown in a turbo prop knows, they are loud.
    Great Article !!!

    • The take off by itself is suspect. You have to have clearance to take off or even taxi to the runway. Were the guys in the tower jerking off, drunk or didn’t care? Highly unlikely. They wouldn’t have given him permission to leave and reported him right away for taking off.

  6. We’re done.

    Serious people don’t waste time and energy ginning up goofy conspiracy theories like this when they could be using that time and energy to help expose the actual Evil which has worked for 2,000 years to destroy our people.

    After four years of following you Russ, I bid you farewell. Life is too short and the future existence of my children is too important to waste on conspiritainment.


  7. Psy-op? Don’t know. His dying wish appears to be a protest about how white dudes are passed over for a promotion specifically to ensure the company hit their numbers for staffing women and racial minorities and sexual orientation (yes, it’s a thing).
    Was his criticism valid?
    Considering discrimination is supposed to be illegal, then yes,
    (would the founding fathers think it fine that government and corporation discriminate against ONLY white men)
    To Ask The Question Is to Answer it.

    As a far as him being able to take off, he probably studied up on it.
    YOUTUBE and the internet are amazing resources.
    Just like the 9-11 high-jackers, seems like he didn’t know how to land.
    If had landed, he could have made his point, and remained alive, instead of pushing up daisies and being pushed down the memory hole, everywhere, except Winterwatch.

    • He knew how to perform a stunning barrel and take off, but couldn’t land? Sounds like a black magik explanation to me. On the 911 hijackers if you are new here, would recommend viewing 911- New Pearl Harbor in the recommended video section. Yet more black magik. If you don’t know how black magik works there are several posts to be found in the site search. Check Anton Lavay’s Satanic Bible. We covered it some in my last podcast with the Perfect Triangle.

  8. Interesting idea… but TBH its weirder that he could work the radio then that he could do a barrel roll. We live in the age of Flight Sim so using a control yoke and throttle is less alien to many people then you’d think.
    Starting the engine and using the radio was probably harder then taking off or doing aerobatics.

  9. I totally felt it was very weird and staged at the time. Your point about a fire is a good one I remember that no plane parts there at all as I remember. It’s just there are so many of these, I used to be very interested in all the hoaxes but there were/are now just too many.

    Also this covid-hoax is so big it has taken all the oxygen out of the room. It is sickening to be under the rule of LIARS. To a certain ‘tribe’ lying seems to be second nature

  10. False flags have a half-life of 12-16 years. After that, like brickwork, they need to be “re tuck pointed” to maintain their structural integrity. In the case of 911 one of the big holes in the story is that untrained “terrorists” can jump into the seat of a commercial airliner and not only fly it, but execute sophisticated maneuvers. So this is merely tuck pointing the sketchy narrative after 17 years, by having someone supposedly fly an airplane, complete tricky maneuvers and then.. surprise surprise .. not be available for comment afterwards. Surprising only that his passport was not found at the crash site.

    • The difference is that the pentagon crash was NOT repeatable by skilled pilots in simulators… doing a barrel roll or a loop is not that complex, especially in the age of cheep flight sims for PC

      • He didn’t have a station-level Flight Sim for logging hours. He had a video game. A video game or PC sim is not going to teach you the trim setting for a barrel roll on a Q400. I’ve used it. It’s not responsive that way. With some of the high-nose attitudes and power-on, slow-speed, extreme banks he was doing, it seems like cartoon world physics that he didn’t enter into an unrecoverable stall.

        • Why do you need to set Trim on a roll?
          You set trim to hold aircraft ‘as is’. You are right that had he entered stall he would like as not have been unable to recover, but the stall warning would advise him when that was near.
          A good sim does have trim settings, in fact I THINK it was on the first Microsoft Flight Sim I had on windows 98.
          Working the radio would be harder for most people then what they guy did in the air… and getting the engines started would have also been problematic, but just buzzing around when he did not care if he survived is actually pretty believable- the fact that he said that he’d hoped that would “be it” indicated he did not even expect it to work correctly.

          • Exactly. How would he know? The radio is an excellent point. How would you even know what to squawk. I cannot fathom hopping into the cockpit of a twin-engine passenger prop plane and operating it the way he did. That’d be like someone who has never driven a car before hopping into a stick-shift stretch limo and doing donuts — and the argument being that it was possible because he was an avid arcade game player. Puhleez!

            A lesser-argued point about this event is that — supposedly, since 9/11 — there’s supposed to be immediate military intercept of absconded/hijacked aircraft, especially in areas near big cities like Seattle. Where were the responders? Why was he allowed to go on a stunt flying junket rather than being shot down immediately? The national security implications are huge and not discussed.

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