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Updates on the Star Chamber Case of Ghislaine Maxwell and the Poway Synagogue Rabbi’s Donations Fraud

Swarthy Moldovan doppelganger, or a Vulcan perhaps? SKETCHES: Jane Rosenberg

Ghislaine “Jizz” Maxwell allegedly “appeared” before a judge via live-stream video Tuesday for a bail hearing in New York. The judge denied bail and ordered she remain in full custody on charges of trafficking minors for Jefferey Epstein.

She is said to be held at the infamous Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York, where Epstein allegedly died. Maxwell pleaded not guilty to the charges. The trial is scheduled for July 2021.

Among Jizz’s four-person legal team is Christian Everdell, a former New York prosecutor who now works for the New York firm Cohen & Gresser. Everdell led the legal team that “helped bring down Sinaloa drug kingpin Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman in federal court in New York,” Fox Business News reports. What a fitting choice. In prosecuting El Chapo, Everdell would have had to have walked a fine line so as not to implicate the CIA and U.S. officials in narcotics trafficking.

Par for the course in these star chamber “justice” cases, we never see video or photos of Maxwell in custody. Indeed, as with Epstein, artists’ renderings are offered up that look nothing like the accused. But this time, the artists’ renderings are of her likeness on a video monitor, as if it couldn’t be further removed from reality and ridiculous beyond the pale.

Maxwell is being depicted as a dark-complexioned woman who barely resembles the light-skinned socialite. Is this an artist rendering of a doppelganger, just as we witnessed with Jeffrey Epstein? We’ll never know.

Read Is ‘Jeffrey Epstein’ Being Subjected to Star Chamber Sleight of Hand?
and Surveillance Footage of Epstein’s First Suicide Attempt Goes Missing

The real Jizz has eyes that are turned down. The upturned eyes of the woman in the “artist rendering” is more characteristic of Slavic people and eastern Europeans. No combinam. This doppelganger looks like a Moldovan. And in the second image, she looks like a pointy-eared Vulcan. Every photo of Maxwell going back decades shows her with middle-length hair and none show her forehead. Are we to believe she has suddenly gone for a slicked-back butch cut?

What Jizz actually looks like

A rather absurd story of how Maxwell bought the New Hampshire Tuckedaway estate emerged Tuesday. Prosecutor Alison Moe of the Southern District of New York (SNDY) told the court that Maxwell bought the property while pretending to be a British journalist called Janet Marshall. Moe added that she viewed the property with a British man, who called himself Scott Marshall and claimed to be an ex-soldier working on a book, according to the New York Post.

Moe said that Maxwell bought the property for $1.07m (£852,276) with a “carefully anonymized LLC,” and added that the estate agent realized who Maxwell was when they saw her on the news shortly after.  The federal judge cited her significant financial resources, international ties and “extraordinary capacity to avoid detection.” — Really?  This New Hampshire hideout story makes little sense. 

Cartoon world twist: Ghislaine Maxwell, who for years — perhaps even decades — is believed to have been single, is in fact married, according to federal prosecutors. This was mentioned in a transcript of her court appearance today. Exactly who the spouse is remains unknown.

Is it tech CEO Scott Borgerson of CargoMetrics? Business Insider, citing Daily Mail, reports the two have been living together for five years at his secluded Massachusetts estate.

In Other Star Chamber Justice News

We’ve learned from the Associated Press that Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud the United States and commit wire fraud. Typical of how the justice system works for “certain people,” prosecutors said they will recommend no prison time but rather probation as part of a plea agreement.

This treatment harkens back to Trump’s pardon of Sholom Rubashkin.

It is stated that Goldstein lost a finger in the attack on the Chabad of Poway synagogue in April 2019 by John Earnest. Earnest was supposed to start his trial on June 2, but so far nothing is in the works. We haven’t seen hide nor hair of Mr. Earnest in a year.

Goldstein, who founded Chabad of Poway near San Diego in 1986, collected $6.2 million in fake donations to the synagogue and affiliates and returned 90% to contributors with phony receipts, allowing them to deduct the full amount from their taxes, prosecutors said. Goldstein kept the remaining 10%, or more than $600,000, for himself. A token fee for running the racket.

Goldstein acknowledged disguising a fake donation of more than $1.1 million in late 2017 by purchasing about $1 million in gold coins and giving them to the phony donor.

“We call this the 90-10 tax fraud scheme,” Brewer said.

Goldstein acknowledged defrauding three unnamed Fortune 500 companies out of $134,000 for matching employee donations. The employees deducted the fake donations from their taxes, and Goldstein kept the corporate donations for himself.

30 Comments on Updates on the Star Chamber Case of Ghislaine Maxwell and the Poway Synagogue Rabbi’s Donations Fraud

  1. We had recent photos of Epstein, but try to find one from Ghislaine in 2020, not a chance. Newest most articles used are from 2019, lots newsportals used few year old photos.

    Its like a ghost, i heard the audiofeed from her cell too, but what does it tell, every kid can use voicechanger nowadays, with some skills you could fake anything believable, even video deepfake. Very fishy there is not at least one photo of her…is she even still in the US?

    And her judge on Ghislaines was appointed by Obama, so i cant trust that neither.

  2. Thanks Russ. I’m not buying any of this-I don’t believe they arrested her (why would she come back here from France, makes NO sense!!). I think this is just another fake news BS fairy tale story for the sheep. For the Epstein event, I tend to agree with Rappoport’s fictional scenario that they arrested a double ( and I think they probably did the same for Ghislaine. The drawings do not look like her–it looks like a woman with long hair that’s pulled back.

    Just another psyop for the sheep, to give them false hope that justice is being done, meanwhile, behind the scenes the Federal Reserve is buying up the world with dollars printed out of thin air, and they are ushering in their NWO nightmare for humanity.

    It’s just a Mask (perhaps this will wake up the sheep)

    Please watch all of Dr. Carrie Madej’s video, warning about the covid vaccine, and be sure to check out her links below the video, especially the one with DARPA and the hydrogel biosensors:

    Urgent information on Covid Vacc!ne

    Looks like this could be the end of the human race. Years ago, I watched Alex Jones’ documentary “Endgame,” which I thought was pretty good until it got to the end and talked about transhumanism–I truly thought AJ went off the deep end with that, but now it looks like he was right.

    Looks like they are moving forward with Agenda ID2020 (for those that do no know about this, read Peter Koenig’s articles on this over at Trump made a deal with Peter Theil to set up a Chinese style surveillance system (see fluworldorder over at 21stcenturywire for more info).

    Yet, the Q-tards listening to Dave @x22 think everything is going well…

    Also, I thought this was fitting:
    Marina Abramovic with Jacob Rothschild Standing in Front of the Painting Entitled “Satan Summoning His Legions”

    • You mean X22 Report? Just another click-bait bogus alt-media crapola along with so many others…Thank God for WinterWatch and a few others that actually report the truth. Makow’s site is usually pretty good as well, as is James Corbett and Corbett Report.

        • Another good source I stumbled onto about a year a ago. A whole lotta’ truth with a healthy dose of astrology. Robert is on air 6 times a week with a lot of great content as well as great insights into these extremely volatile times we live in.

        • The only trouble with Henry Makow is that he always tries to shift blame away from Muslims toward Jews, continually portraying Muslims as “victims”, never admitting that Jews invented Islam as a Proxy Army to destroy Christianity while deflecting blame away from themselves. He blocks criticism of Muslims from his website comments.

          Islam is just a branch of Judaism, halal & kosher are the same sadistic method of torturing helpless creatures, Islam & Judaism both worship the Moon, and Classical Arabic and Hebrew are the same language, disguised with different scripts. People need to wake up about this, and stop portraying Muslims as “victims” of their secret allies the Jews.

      • Heard today – maybe a commenter at Rappoport – Georgia and Nebraska governors are blocking local mask ordinances.

        In NJ – I’m not sure what the status is: I think it’s an “order” by the Governor – enabled by the (perpetual, now) state of emergency; not yet enacted into law.

        It’s a difficult balance – I decided early on I don’t want to antagonize anyone – and that means if you want to buy food in a store, you wear a mask. Just today added a bit of passive resistance: mask worn below nose – (it’s a 3M dust mask, by the way – says that in big faded letters on the front!) … sometimes I think I see some relaxation, some, in effect, passive resistance – the distancing is largely ignored – one way isles in stores ignored by all … etc … it’s not much but not quite as frantic as Mar and Apr; and no one seemed to notice my exposed nose.

        It’s not easy just to hit the road – wish it were. Amanda and I may be stuck.

        Maybe, just maybe there is some momentum building on our side.

  3. Does anyone here have any ideas on what to do and how to fight the oncoming tyranny?

    I’ve signed up with these groups: (they are fighting the mandatory vaccines and 5G) (Peggy Hall fighting the masks)

    I’m trying to connect with like-minded people in NJ, but its a lot of work because so many are brainwashed.

  4. I think there’s no question we are being played with this case. Just to add some supplemental insights:

    1- Like Amanda stated above, reporters stated that her hair was tied up in a bun. The only photos where Maxwell has long hair is from when she was much younger. Sure the possibility exists that she grew her hair out to conceal herself, but unlikely. She has had short hair for years.

    2- According to Tru News, every participant in the bail hearing had there own separate video monitor; they also indicated that the judge was continually reading from some paperwork she had in front of her, almost as if they all got together before hand and hammered this ‘hearing’ narrative out.

    3- Also, Tru News indicated that the large media conglomerates were NOT at the hearing- ABC, NBC, FOX, etc. They indicated that it was mostly independent and local media.

    4- The sketches don’t even make sense. They make it appear as if Maxwell was had a video feed from her cell which is ludicrous. She is suppose to be physically in the presence of her council at all times.

    5- Maybe I missed it, but I did not hear the judge ask for Maxwell to enter a plea, nor did I hear Maxwell’s or any voice vocalize a plea of ‘not guilty’-which is required for the continuance of the case. It has to be clearly articulated and understood for all parties present.

    6- The trial date of July 12th, 2021 is highly dubious to say the least.

      • Amanda,

        You know you’re my little internet buddy since we started communicating on Occidental Dissent back at the beginning of the year. Share anything you want!

        By the way, I don’t comment anymore at OC because Brad blocked me. He didn’t like the steady diet of material I posted that refuted the whole CV scam. Constantly using CDC statistics or Johns Hopkins Univ. articles, etc. Brad has his strengths, but he is a coward when it comes to addressing many conspiracies. He STILL believes in this pandemic! I’ve also noticed that many regular visitors have flown the coup of his site because their tired of his stubborn myopia.

        This insanity is stressing everyone out- including me! I received a letter from the Univ. of Utah library yesterday telling me that they’re reopening in two weeks, but that I can no longer use their library because they’re only going to allow students, faculty, and employees until further notice. But what I found so pathetic and laughable was that they are now going to start ‘quarantining books’ that are returned for 72hrs! Everyday we seem to be losing ground and it’s frustrating as hell.

        Anyhow, take care!

        • By the way, I don’t comment anymore at OC because Brad blocked me.

          “LOL” — the little Pillsbury Doughboy faggot — is he still putting up daily posts containing dates with numbers by them? — he did that literally for weeks.

          He STILL believes in this pandemic!

          He can believe in it if he wants to — the problem with him is that he vigorously supported all the COVID-related government repression: people can’t go to work, can’t visit the park with their kids, have to wear masks, etc etc — Andrew Anglin rhetorically kicked his ass about that on

          And after what the Establishment did to him in the aftermath of Charlottesville — he’s a pathetic loser.

        • It’s frustrating to see how many people seemingly fail to make the clear distinction between belief that a specific virus exists, call it COVID-19, one that is making people sick, even killing them, all around the world, and the authoritarian government repression in response to it (also the question re whether the government ought to have the power to interfere in your life so comprehensively) — these are two entirely different issues.

          Brad Griffin Is Not My Mommy and He Doesn’t Get to Decide Whether or Not I Can Play Outside/comment

          The link above points to a comment I addressed directly to Griffin:

          Hey dude, now that you’ve ‘explained the world’, maybe you can also explain why you included an unflattering foto of Anglin in your response on — since you deleted/didn’t publish my comment there asking about it, I’ll ask here — what does the foto of Anglin have to do with his views on brutal government authoritarianism and/or “science, medicine, math and history”? … After you do that, maybe you can then explain what “science, medicine, math and history” have to do with Anglin’s view of the government tyranny behind the shutdown? — you never seem to address this issue, which is more than a little bizarre since Anglin’s concern about that is reflected in the very title of this piece: Brad Griffin Is Not My Mommy and He Doesn’t Get to Decide Whether or Not I Can Play Outside.

          I just wanted him to openly acknowledge the two separate issues here, as well as that granting this power to the same government that defamed, persecuted, and maliciously prosecuted/imprisoned people who attended Charlottesville (including him and his website), was OK with him.

          But the little weasel never replied.

          I don’t care if he believes in the COVID-19 pandemic or not — but please don’t support government tyranny in response to it.

        • Ed, what I don’t get is why doesn’t these places just use UVC lights to kill off all the germs that these guys are quaking in their boots over? Doesn’t that shit kill just about every pathogen exposed to them?

  5. John Earnest sounds like John Friend, doesn’t it? There are very weird parallels between James Holmes and John Ernest. Holmes was from Rancho Penasquitos, so was John Earnest. Coincidence? David Hogg has connections to Rancho Santa Fe through his mother. Emma Gonzales also has links to the same area, and might even be Hogg’s cousin. Rancho Santa Fe is also where The Heavens Gate community was located. The Earnests attended an Orthodox church in Escondido. Escondido was named as an “illuminist/satanic” center by Svalli, a whistle blower that was around in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, who has since disappeared. I find it interesting that Earnest’s father would turn on him so quickly and denounce him as evil. What real father would do that? Lastly, whatever happened to Robert Lee Bowers?

  6. Not to make ‘too’ much of this, but, (from above) > SKETCHES: Jane Rosenberg <
    Nice touch ! every. single. time. 🙂 (Nothing to see here …)

  7. OT


    From the Trump Q&A at the link:

    Q: Why are “African Americans still dying at the hands of law enforcement?” — Trump tells
    @CBS_Herridge “So are white people. So are white people. What a terrible question to ask. So are white people. More white people, by the way. More white people.”

    He’s right about it being a shitty question (asked by a vapid woman) — but to say more white people are killed by police is relatively meaningless, since the US white population is approx 5x the black population — so “everything else being equal”, you would expect more Whites to be shot or die during encounters with cops.

    In this context you need a kind of per capita argument; but I guarantee you Trump is too stupid to know that.

    Luckily for him, I think it is true that a white person is slightly more likely to be shot during an encounter with police than a black person.

    • No, the white population is NOT “five times the black population”—not any more.

      “If you’re Iranian, Iraqi, Kurdish, Egyptian, Libyan, Yemeni, Syrian, Lebanese, Afghan, Palestinian, even Moroccan or Algerian, to name just a few, you can officially tick ‘Caucasian’ or ‘White’ on any form requesting your race – including the mother of all forms: the US census.”

      These make up about 3 million people in the US Census for 2018, but that’s not counting massive illegal immigrants, who do not appear on the census.

      If you look at those 2018 Census figures, you will see that the true genetically white population of America (Ethnic Europeans, not Hispanics or anybody else), is now less than 58%. The Illuminati are trying to hide this alarming fact in this way: “The decline of the white share of the U.S. population has resulted in the subversive shifting of racial boundaries to assign whiteness to some people of colour, in order to falsely bolster the white numbers, as has already been done by adding people from the Middle East.”

      In the 1950s, Ethnic Europeans (=white people) worldwide comprised 25% of all the people on the planet. Today we are down to only 7%, falling to 5% within a decade, and total extinction predicted after that.

      • No, the white population is NOT “five times the black population”—not any more.

        I don’t care about what’s on the census form; I don’t care about “Iranian, Iraqi, Kurdish, Egyptian, …”, blah blah — I mean what the hell?

        Looking at legacy/America 1.0 Whites, as well as Blacks, as a population fraction the white population in the US is approx 5x the black population — this approximation is good enough for demographic/per capita calculations (e.g. crime) — that’s really all I care about.

        • No, the African American population is now at 15%, which means the ratio as of 2019 is 4:1.

          The European people who built America into a great nation have been decimated to only 58% of the population.

          That is something every white person should care about.
          If you don’t, then you must not be white.

          • That is something every white person should care about. If you don’t, then you must not be white.



            Download “Table 1. Population by Sex and Age, for Black Alone and White Alone, Not Hispanic: 2019” and look at it: this is the US Census’ best estimate of the US population in 2019, divided into three categories: “Black alone”, “White alone”, and “Other” — per this table, Blacks were 13.2% in 2019, and I seriously doubt the black population has grown a whopping 13.6% to reach 15% in just one year — Whites are 60.1% — the ratio is 4.55, which, as I said, I generally round up to 5, including for certain calculations, e.g. per capita crime calculations — if that’s OK with you.

            And I said I didn’t care about what’s on the fucking census form.

            Are you always this much of a nitpicking juvenile clown?

      • Who are the Dindu’s going to shake down when they need a bigger handout if the US runs out of White people to guilt? The Tribe sure in the hell wont pick up the tab.

        • @Bourbons – You’ve hit the nail right on the head! The Native Americans ought to be asking themselves the same question about exterminating the white man who’s been funding them for 300 years on the vast land areas they gave them, some larger than whole American states & European countries.

          Do they really think the Third World Invaders—Hindus, Muslims, Africans, Orientals or Latinos— are going to respect their land rights or continue to fund them once the white man is gone?

  8. Are they trying to depict the criminal Sodomite Child Rapist as a “Person of Colour” in order to get sympathy as an “Oppressed Minority” and “solidarity” from BLM? Is Grisly Maxwell even now busily darkening her skin on a sunbed, in whichever luxury hideout she is lounging, while never going near any prison?

    The (((Tribe))) has endlessly used the “Predator Masquerading as Victim” ploy down through the ages, so will the ruse this time be that the criminal is “a member of TWO oppressed minorities”?

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