An Analysis of the 2016 Brussels Airport ‘Bombing’

The aftermath of the bombing at Zaventem airport. PHOTO: Getty

The Brussels airport bombing of March 22, 2016, was notable for the use of what can only be described as computer-generated graphic images (CGI). Typical and par for the course, a grainy, black-and-white still image reminiscent of the “1963 Dealey Plaza”-era is circulated by the Daily Mail, which it alleges was taken 25 seconds before where the blast in the crowded airport concourse was detonated. Once again, the image is not time or date stamped.

What is curious about this presentation is that the artists didn’t even bother with scale. An examination of the same concourse in the next 2015 stock photo of the airport shows a much wider walk-through between the sign and the concession structures. Note 04 on the pillars to the left in both shots. Notice the complete contrast in lighting with the stock photo, bright and crisp looking, and the CCTV photo, dark and saturated for an ominous effect.

The real concourse had natural light. This occurred at 8:00 AM in early spring. According to weather history it was sunny at that hour. As we discussed yesterday on the Charleston event and with Parkland, the Crime Syndicate can’t seem to get natural time of day conditions and weather history straight.

And once more, we are not permitted to see the full sequence color footage from the CCTV, which in and of itself is a major red flag.

In keeping with our practice at Winter Watch of viewing scenes and images from the real world, the following video shows real airport CCTV footage taken as a tornado hit in St. Louis. It is in color. When the tornado wind is gone, there is clear imagery and the emergency back-up lights come on. Also notice people are moving at a brisk pace, which is what you would expect. The photos from Brussels (and elsewhere) show casual and out-of-place demeanor combined with CGI haze, blurriness, and darkness.

Who has a camera like this in 2016? There is no creation date in exif data.

Exif data reveals photoshopping. Pretty sloppy script writing on this one.

Why are people do nothing around this guy? Do they even notice him? Would you hug and kiss with back turned next to a guy bloody and begging for help? How did he get there? Bomb blast, he walks outside and collapses next to a concrete pillar. Really? It is 40 degree F out there. Somehow the nails in the bomb shredded his pant leg, but not his leg (a la Boston Bombing). Notice the image quality.

This next photo shows the concourse post-blast. The roof tiles are down. But examine the walls and the flight information screens and wall hangings. They are unscathed and unblemished after a bomb was denoted. Nao combinam.

My theory is that this was a controlled blast overhead from the ceiling designed to pelt the people below and cover the floor with debris. The ceiling is clearly shown at considerable height in the previous stock photo and in this one. It was likely done during a lull when foot traffic was down.

Alternatively, the hazy quality and surreal outcome could also imply that this a CGI backdrop. Allegedly 32 civilians and three perpetrators were killed, and more than 300 people were injured. But where are they? Are a couple behind blur boxes? The detail on the floors is not even remotely up to modern photographic standards in any of the photos or videos presented in this article.

This next video footage is of the scene post-blast. Again, note the darkness and EXTREMELY poor quality images in a concourse with plenty of natural light. But the biggest question of all: Where are all the mass casualties?

Here we see airport “personnel” putting out the fires immediately after the blast. There is plenty of damage and lots of luggage. This is quite close to where the blast went off. I see no bodies or wounded anywhere. The photos again are grainy and blurry. The smoke would have triggered the sprinkler system, yet there are zero signs of water spray. In photo #3 below, wreckage and debris are everywhere yet kiosks and flimsy floor placard signs are undisturbed.

The thousands of others elsewhere throughout this sprawling airport who “were there” had little idea of what happened, but among any large group of people are storytellers. The corrupt media gives their accounts and completely ignores the rest. And sometimes truthful people elaborate and exaggerate accounts.

I have been able to locate a clip of one of the most ludicrous films in these events. This has to be seen to be believed. If this is taken down from YouTube, there is a copy on Hooktube.

Of course what would Brussels be without Mason Wells. He is the alleged “Mormon missionary” who survived his third “terrorist attack” in Brussels. The incredulous story goes that Wells was in the Boston Marathon and Paris events as well. Wells was said to have third-degree burns from the Brussels attack; but irregardless, was quickly flown to Utah for his recovery.

Wells enjoyed a miraculous recovery from his severe burns, except for one thing: He has a shrunken pin head. Poor Mason Wells. He ends up in three terrorist attacks, then gets third-degree burns and now he’s a Zika virus victim to boot.

Mason Wells with elders of the Mormon church. PHOTO: Desert News

Conclusion: This was a false flag for impression and illusion, not for mass casualties. Non-actors could very well have been present, with crisis actors sprinkled in.

Another red flag revelation is that “casualties” were taken to a remote military hospital. Why? There are reports that identification was slow. This is absurd on its face, as travelers at airports ALL have ID on their person. This is a ruse so that the Crime Syndicate can report 344 phantom victims but not have to name any but a few crisis actors. In time, the story dies out and nobody pursues this angle.

From The New York Times:

Identification of victims has been painfully slow, the police said, with many bodies mutilated beyond recognition. Among the few confirmed so far are Léopold Hecht, a 20-year-old Belgian law student; Olivier Delespesse, a Belgian civil servant; and Adelma Marina Tapia, a Peruvian mother of young twin girls.

On Thursday, at a large military hospital in Neder-over-Heembeek in northern Brussels, where many of the victims were taken, officials said they expected that most of the dead there would be identified soon. Of the nearly 100 admitted with injuries, 15 remained.

ICTS International ran security services at Brussel airport. They are based at Schipol Airport in Holland. Quote: ICTS International N.V. is a Dutch firm that develops products and provides consulting and personnel services in the field of aviation and general security.[1][2] It was established in 1982, by former members of the Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security agency, and El Al airline security agents.[2][3]

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