Biden’s First 100 Days: What We Can Expect from the New Bolshevik-Stasi Regime

A news commentator on Thursday said it will probably take three months to digest all of the messaging within cutout President Joseph R. Biden’s inaugural address. Indeed. We saw it as an exercise in gaslighting.

What’s clear is that Biden, Democrat-controlled Capitol Hill and their mainstream media sycophants are working overtime to portray their political opposition (aka “Trump supporters”) as dangerous white supremacists who are betraying their country’s ideals. Former CIA, FBI and military mucky mucks are comparing populists/nationalists/traditionalists (PNT) to al Qaeda and Islamic State terrorists. Tucker Carlson sums up the threat in this clip of his Jan. 19 broadcast.

We are also witnessing the set up of a giant stock market pump-and-dump. Insiders are dumping their shares in record amounts. But who’s buying in this environment? This is a trap to affect a massive wealth transfer into the hands of the super wealthy via “market machinations.”

The last time we’ve seen this much uniform optimism and one-way asset-price appreciation was in January 2018. Back then, 16 weeks of price gains was wiped out in just two weeks.

Markit: “the last two months seen supply shortages develop at a pace not previously seen in the survey’s history”

Markit: “The rate of input price inflation was the fastest on record (since October 2009) ”

Markit: “manufacturers registered the sharpest rise in selling prices since July 2008.”

Biden signed 17 executive orders on Day 1. Among the orders is a federal mask mandate, which requires anyone on federal property, including buildings and highways, to wear a mask at all times.

“In addition to wearing masks, everyone flying to the United States from another country, will need to test before they get on that plane, before they depart, and quarantine when they arrive in America,” Biden’s said.

Biden’s mask order also includes a “100 Days Masking Challenge” in which he calls on state and county leaders to implement mandatory mask laws and social distancing mandates for non-federal spaces.

Another order calls for actions to advance racial equity through the federal  government. Incoming Domestic Policy Adviser Susan Rice explained President Biden wants every federal agency to review equity in their programs and actions. For example, with this executive action, the Office of Management and Budget will analyze if federal money is equitably distributed in communities of color and other places of need, the outline of the executive action said.

Another order brings to an immediate end Trump’s 1776 Commission, an 18-member board he formulated in September to oppose critical race theory and the 1619 Project being taught in public schools and encourage a return to traditional history classes.

Several executive orders address matters related to immigration. One stops border wall construction dead in its tracksAnother changes Trump-era arrest priorities for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). This executive order will repeal the changes Trump made in the first week of his presidency in 2017 to make interior immigration enforcement much stricter.

Biden ordered that non-citizen population figures gathered by U.S. Census will be used for apportionment of Congressional seats. This reverses President Trump’s executive order in July 2020 that stated that population figures for undocumented Americans and legal non-citizen residents could be used for the allocation of federal funds but not for allocation Congressional seats, because doing so disenfranchised voters. (In the U.S., one must be a U.S. citizen to vote in federal elections.)

Amnesty is also provided for 11 million illegal aliens. But that’s not all. President Joe Biden has put a bust of Mexican labor leader Cesar Chavez in the Oval Office, even though Chavez was a militant opponent of cheap-labor migration policies.

Biden extended eviction and foreclosure moratoriums. Free rent indefinitely, necessitating an eventual future generations’ bailout of landlords and lenders.

He also signed a new Transgender Executive Order that essentially allow males, identifying as females, to compete in and effectively scuttle women’s sports.

Read “The Transgender Takeover of Girls Sports: Just Stand Aside and Let the Clown World Crash”

Former CIA mucky muck John Brennan spoke to Biden’s team plans to enact a witch hunt against populists/nationalist/traditionalists (PNT).

Incidentally, I had to look up the definition of “nativists.”

“… relating to or supporting the policy of protecting the interests of native-born or established inhabitants against those of immigrants.”

Whoa, put the handcuffs on, Stasi goon! This requires an “uncovering”? Apparently so in a freaky fake’ocracy where the real goal is dispossession.

“Welcome to the Hunger Games.”

Stasi’s new Bill Aims to Bar QAnon Followers From Security Clearances

To disenfranchised and fooled Q followers: I personally welcome you with open arms. You can’t unlearn the true things the psy-op woke you up to. In actuality you now have far more perspective than the pajama people still in the matrix.

I have a SWAG (sweet wild-ass guess) on the passing of the torch from placeholder dementia addled Joe Biden to Kabala Stasi Harris. My prediction is 33 days into his term — a key Illuminism, masonic number — Biden will have a debilitating stroke or brain aneurysm. This would be on or about Feb. 22, 2021. This will be facilitated by the 78-year-old’s habit of starving his brain of oxygen and the nasal cavity bacterial buildup caused by his constant posing in masks.

Read “Fake Illuminati Police Dept. or the Real Deal? The Freemasonic Connections of Kamala ‘Kabala’ Harris”

Who are these people?

Life continues under new discordian Bolsheviks who emerge from under slimy rocks. Consider this:

1963 – Men who wear sundresses and think they are women are considered mentally ill and put into insane asylums.

2021 – A person who calls a man wearing a sundress a “man” is considered mentally ill and subject to arrest.

Secretary of Defense nominee Lloyd Austin

Purging the military is straight out of Joseph Stalin’s playbook. Biden’s Secretary of Defense nominee Lloyd Austin said that if he is confirmed, he will “rid our ranks of racists and extremists”.

Following the use of the National Guard to protect the banal and sparsely attended Inauguration, the Bolsheviks put the troops in a cold parking garage with one bathroom. Yes, tell us what you really think.

There’s also a “purge the Democratic Party of white people in leadership” theme. Remember Symone Sanders, the loud, heavy set, black woman on CNN with the shaved head who wore bizarre outfits? Turns out that she — like many CNN regulars — is a DNC strategist for the network. No surprise there. But she was also Biden’s senior adviser for his campaign, and she has now been appointed Kamala Harris’ chief spokesperson. So I guess we’ll be seeing a lot more of her.

Biden appointed one Russell Travers as National Security domestic terror mucky muck. He is considered a hawk on white boogeymen and phantoms. Travers considered it absurd to change the subject to in his words, comparatively marginal instances of left-wing violence, as Trump did, claiming instead that the greater danger from the right made it appear like “night and day.”

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Antifa isn’t going away.

Jan. 20 came and went without any sight of right-wing insurrection, let alone a protest. Let’s hope they start voting with their wallets and avoid being false flagged or gamed.

Other fellow travelers and Bolsheviks joining the Biden-Harris administration. Apparently, this doesn’t fit the strict definition “white people” in the minds of Bolsheviks.

I’m not white, I’m Jewish.

A Winter Watch must-read:  “An Open Letter to Trump Supporters” by Gregory Hood of American Renaissance. “Donald Trump is gone. No storm broke. No reckoning came. There was no plan. …”

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  1. Hey let’s try and meetup if we all get put in the same gulag. Can reminisce about fun times here at WW. Also, get out of stocks soon, start hoarding nickels whose melt value is something like $0.065 cents per coin (makes you wonder the real reason for the coin shortage).

    • The ‘gulag’ is your home in the 2020’s. You will pay for heating, food, water, power, connectivity in isolation. You will require permissions to leave it, transportation will be by prior application and permissioning, taxed per carbon damage to the planet mile and you will not control the conveyance as soon as the ‘self driving’ (aka centralized) technology is operational. Keep your pre electronic ICE era vehicle in excellent condition.

      • I just hope true nationals regardless of color, religion, whatever, prep for whatever might be coming….buy property in rural remote areas, build a house, use wood-burning stoves and heaters before they are banned, propane generators (or like instruments), get a water well in, land line phone (we have no cell service out here, so…..), garden/livestock barn and even horses to ride on (unless you’re allergic like I am), ATVs, beehives, whatever, for self-sustainability. In other words, get the hell outta the cities! An get plenty of guns and ammo to fend off the “Agenda 2030” crowd wanting to force you into stack n’ packs. In other words, secede–personally, that is. Get out of the system as much as you can.

        • Well, if one really wishes to secede personally, it may be advisable to consider an overseas option or rather a divorce from the United States of America. There are nations in this world that do not have the same issues that we have and may make very nice places to simply live your best life now.

          With nearly 1000 bases overseas (not counting rendition sites), the largest debt the world has ever witnessed a nation amass, a growing populations of subservient citizens, various experiments being conducted on the population daily (the vaccination is just one, public, experiment to keep the population fixated while other experiments are utilized on them all the time), a never ending psyop of stress / pain toward a population that their own leaders truly hate, and a nation’s whose prospects are dwindling as the slide into stupidity is being raced toward by a citizenry that can barely recall yesterday, much less last week, last year or any real history.

          West Texas may be all right for a time; however, I would (respectfully / humbly) opine that without a major secession or a domestic war (I do not mind the former, I am not keen on the latter), these issues will exventually reach you and yours, the hills of WV the Bad Lands of SD and everywhere else. It will metastasize like cancer.

          The world is still a big, beautiful, place with wonderful folks all around. Perhaps it is time that we Americans accept the ideas of our own ancestors and state to ourselves, “have skills will travel”.


    • TT,

      Funny, I was speaking to Mr. Winter (off of WW) about nickel last month (although I was speaking about futures and options on futures, traded on the LME). You are quite right, and if the tariffs are scaled back (which they will be), China will be ordering a whole heck of a lot of nickel.

      Now with your recommendation, you may wish to provide details on exactly which years are good for nickels. Current nickels do not contain much nickel, but slightly older ones are right in the “wheel house” of what you are stating.

      As I do not feel like writing a disclaimer, I will not elaborate on the years and such, but if you are willing to, then TT I would applaud you. Your idea is valid and quite correct.

      Lastly (no I will not bring up Rockwell — just know I would be willing to help out if you wished me to do so), I was thinking on business ideas, creating a hosting platform and other such musings. Now I do have a friend who has a rack that he leases space on and that is all well in good. He is a smart fellow, and I am glad he is successful; however, I am really / really old school (my friend is a decade younger than me).

      So I began thinking about mainframes and the Z series over at IBM. Since you seem rather tech savvy, I just wondered if you have any background knowledge in mainframes?

      Now I would ask that we keep our respect of one another on this one. If you think I am a “nutty” old man, I would accept it, but just ask that we keep the “kid gloves” on. Alternatively, if I think that I am on to a good thing, but a younger generation cannot appreciate the idea (I do believe you to be younger than me), then I shall be a perfect gentleman in any dialogue we might have.

      So far, we get along well and I always appreciate speaking with you. Hopefully, I hold up my end as well.

      Many thanks.

      All my best,

    • TT: Under one roof, at last the right side could plan & execute the great escape & eventual overcoming of our oppressors by engaging in mission impossible (tv series) brilliantly staged antics that turned elements within the wrong side against themselves resulting in their destruction. After all, this is exactly what the wrong side has done to the former American people. The annihilation wars of the 20th century (including the ‘counter culture war) are fully accomplished in mental extermination of white men. Naturally Biden, the 5th boomer ‘president’ symbolizes this. It is the fulfillment of the ‘rotting corpse of Christianity’ & ‘America falling, like an over ripe fruit’ into the communist domain.

      Presently, indeed, it is time in history to recreate our Nation. Down with the enemy, up with Christ in hearts, minds, & bodies. Ask our God who made this earth, bless this holy sortie. Amen.

    • Yes, you are quite right, but America may be too pacified (as a whole) to really launch a counter attack.

      In the end, you might wish to ask what the end goal is in its full glory? Without a unified goal (which no modern American is clear on) the whole idea of any combat is not realistic.

      • “Without a unified goal” — yeah absolutely right. And yes there are a lot of clueless Americans around, including the laggers–those who are intelligent but lack the powers of discernment to see / smell what seems to be a perpetual psyops — so it would be up to the really aware ones (and those of us really sick of this world) to get the concept for unification going in a powerful action and meme–to free us all. There are two pillars to freedom, i.e. Life, Liberty, Happiness (as has been learnt from the American Colonists): Money and Morality which has been captured in an extremely simplified system as seen in the above link given. We would be hitting significant territory here as we know from past history–so we start with the meme “Rebirthers” and then, when sufficiently grasped by the masses get the people’s banks going to fuel all the small businesses and the individual creativity of us all–as we are meant to exist. That is the way we fight back—intelligently en masse–would you be for it—and actually be in the “Rebirthers” meme to birth a new reality while at the same time putting the brakes on a reality that has been completely stolen from us?

      • Yes indeedy he was and he may have also beat Barry on being our first homosexual President. Lord knows his wife was not so easy on the eyes.

      • The rot was endemic to the system from the beginning, even Washington had his Steve Mnuchin in Alexander Hamilton.

        Instead of Goldman-Sachs he was the Treasury Secretary for the Rothschilds (Bauers) of Frankfurt. Even the founding populist President had the Jewish millstone around his neck.

  2. Its like they are laughing into the US-citizens face, aside from the massive isreal influence but thats not really a secret, last few potus were all isreali assets.

    But Nuland who sponsored the ukraine colour revolution as secretary for political affairs?
    Thats like comedy; and the secretary of health a not really healthy looking dude?

    Like a parallel reality i dont want to be part of, 2020 was already clown world, this tops it.

  3. Okay so they are planning to oust all white men from the military….they are planning to oust men who know how to shoot guns really well as well as other military items, thinking these men ousted because they’re white will just sit back and take it… Some will of course, but to know you were kicked out of the military because you are white and ONLY because you are white just seems to me a sign that the commies are setting up a civil war between “something for nothing” PoCs (and not all PoCs are this way of course…I know a few) and whites who have nothing left to stand for other than the Bill of Rights and liberty…in other words, the commies just might be setting themselves up for failure. And about that 33…could be the case, Russ…I just can’t see Biden lasting out his “term”… Nor can I see Commie Kammy lasting out whatever her “term” winds up being…. The Criminal Psycho Elites are over the top these days, but Commie Kammy is WAY over the top! So much so that the elites just might have her “tied to a doorknob” if you know what I mean… Bwahahahahhahahahahahahahah!

    • Yeah, I did speak to Mr. Winter about Heels Up as well, but have kept it off of WW so as not to risk the blog getting trolls.

      Although I think your post is perfectly fine and very astute, what I might author, from my own analysis, did not seem wise as a post. Yet, I wanted to know that you are not alone in what you believe could occur.


    • “A House Republican officially filed articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden on his second day in office. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) — infamous for supporting the QAnon conspiracy theory on a blog before running for Congress — launched a Quixotic attempt to impeach Biden over the Hunter Biden-Burisma scandal.”

      Riddle me this Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green: If BI-DON is impeached, would Kabbalah Harris not become President? Would she not then be able to select her own unelected VP? As bad as BI-DON is, would this scenario not be worse? Is this not what all conservatives would fear the most? Are you just another Dem/Commie/NWO plant or are you just that stupid? Just some questions that need answering.

      • JWR,

        You both made me laugh and scared me in one post! This is not an easy thing to do.

        Also, if I was a bit of an (lack of a better word right now) a-hole in my responses last week, THEN I DO (OFFICIALLY) APOLOGIZE TO YOU.

        Man, I have just been in a funk (again lack of a better wording) for about two weeks. It has nothing to do with the Orange Potato leaving or the serial plagiarizer getting yet another new job. It is just being glum that our nation is simply losing on so many levels, and all at the same time.

        So, I am very sorry if I was not a good friend and a decent gentleman toward you last week. It was not you or anything you said, it was just me being a grumpy old guy.


  4. Hi Russ. I’m thinking Biden’s got 33 weeks. That would be late September of this year. Also, I read today that a couple of banks have closed Trump’s bank accounts. One of them is Signature Bank in Florida (never hear of it though) and the other is Deutsche Bank.

    • Stano,

      Really interesting on the banks. WW friends (including you Stano), please recall that many of these individuals do not keep the “lion share” of their wealth in their names, but use trusts and life insurance as proxies.

      In the case of Mr. Trump, Trump Tower has been an offset to various profits made in licensing agreements and the casinos (yes, the casinos actually made money and then went bankrupt, because he took the money out of them in various ways and never viewed them as long term businesses), which has allowed him to flow his wealth to various products that would not be reported to the public.

      A bank here and a bank there may go on record as closing him down, but they are unimportant. If Chase or Citibank kicks him out then there may be something to it. If BONY kicks him out then he is (fiscally) dead in the water.

      Stano was quite right to highlight this information (he definitely has my thanks), but I would say these are small, signaling, bans more than hindering his actual financial picture.


      • Sounds like Trump is in financial hell. He lost his brand equity, and his hotels were hit hard by the scamdemic. Plus he has $900 million in debt coming due. Then there’s a bunch of legal actions he’s facing. Doubt he’ll be cashing in on any post-Presidency “speaking tours” like his Democrat predecessors. Wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up filing for bankruptcy again.

        • Torchy,

          Respectfully, he always gets a bailout and I am sure it will happen again. He tends to have friends like Mr. Steve Wynn and the like come and purchase whatever he is selling. Also I am sure there is a new book in the works, as there always seems to be one (s16 told me it would be called the “Art of the Spiel”, which made laugh so hard my ribs actually began to hurt).

          Also, I would bet there are structures (trusts and life insurance contracts) that keep some of the wealth off the “books”. So I think the press will paint a bad picture, but in the end he will be fine.

          Just my simple thinking here.


    • In many cases…yes. Yet, there is never a perfect template for either in these days, when things seem to blend quite a bit more.

      How is SA? How is the new over there about the U.S.? I would bet you might be seeing an interesting “take” on what is happening over here and we could all benefit from a good post on overseas perceptions (if you have the time).


    • Yeah Ed, JWR also noticed this and wrote a good post on the topic a few threads back (maybe it was Election Day — I am not sure — they all sort of blend).

      It is an interesting hypothesis of merit and worth continued comparison. It helps other to look into what you are both saying.


  5. Classic fear mongering. If they wanted to take everyone out they would have released a real bio weapon. Infrastructure stays in tact and they can waltz back in and enjoy the reduced population with minimal effort.

    The more an alt site displays arrogance with false speculation, the following will eventually go somewhere else with their donations.

  6. Jews doing what jews do, it’s as simple as that and historically proven over and over and over..

    What until you see what’s next.

    • Gosh that sounds myopic. Wait is the Rockefeller family Jewish? They seemed to hurt a lot of folks, but I do not recall them celebrating Hanukkah or putting up a giant Menorah at Rock Center.

      “What until you see what’s next.”

      Let me guess: They are making a sequel to Fiddler on the Roof.

      My point is (and often the point on WW) is that the 1% of the 1% may claim to be whatever religion they wish, but it does not mean they have any faith in God whatsoever, and often they seem to be quite the opposite (doing Hell’s bidding in their actions).


  7. Okay, I really like and hate this thread.

    Mr. Winter has welcomed everyone to come and enjoy WW, EXCELLENT!

    Mr. Winter brought up the “PUMP AND DUMP” on the street, and I applaud him for getting back “in the ring”. He is right, and please be careful. At some point, I may come back to this topic, and try to help everyone out with “basic ideas”; however, today is not the day.

    shh has a good post on preparedness and I would say it is worth contemplation.

    (And I nearly fell out of my chair on this point — since we have a loose rule on not mentioning anything financial between us — I am going to bring up the aliens and my trip to Xenu in a post soon! BTW – I will be celebrating Flat Earth with pancakes tomorrow!)

    Now where I am piping mad about…ur…ugh…rrrrr…!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Actually there is nothing; I was just kidding. The thread is really good and I do hope we see more folks on these boards who want to be smart, supportive, and kind. We have an excellent brain trust here, but more brains are always welcome.

    Hopefully, they will find WW.


  8. Has anyone else noticed what a “sexy” year 2021 is turning out to be?

    The tranny from PA, women dressed as fruit at the inauguration, Biden looking more like a crypt keeper with each passing moment, and all sorts of appointments of some really sexy folks (I mean who doesn’t look at Yellen and say “that dwarf has it in all the right places!”).

    Certainly 2021 is turning out to be a lot sexier than 2020.

  9. With unsubstantiated conjecture I’d assume that every President since Kennedy is a Manchurian candidate to some degree. Those who weren’t being psychically driven were scared enough to submit unflinchingly to the Grand Conspiracy.

    Take Woodrow Wilson for example:

    “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” – Woodrow Wilson, The New Freedom

    Wilson is the genesis of the Globalist Presidency, but this quote exists for some reason. After he was used up and cast aside he issued a ominous and vague revelation about the vast conspiracy. Frankly, I’m curious as to why he said it – perhaps he had some crisis of conscience, which seems highly unlikely.

    And then there’s the matter of Ikes’ “Military-Industrial Complex” broadcast:

    Clearly, the warnings have not been heeded, but they’ve been issued by those directly complicit in their undertaking. Whatever “THEY” are up to requires an old man with Alzheimer’s. All that’s keeping his ship afloat is Adderall and Adrenochrome.

    33 days sounds about right Russ.

    • First: here I thought you were just a pretty face, but no you are intelligent as well!

      Just kidding. Yes, you are very intelligent and a lot of fun to speak with, but no I was not thinking on a face. It goes with the sycophant thing we had been discussing earlier.

      Second: I hate to say it, but I have to disagree with you.

      Since Mr. Lincoln, America has had controlled Presidents of all kinds, with a few exceptions. Mr. Garfield stands out and I do have my own thoughts on Mr. Coolidge; however, the rest of the lot were puppets in so many ways (knowingly or unknowingly).

      So out of the Progressives (since you brought up Mr. Wilson), you have Mr. McKinley and Mr. Roosevelt who were of the very same ilk as Mr. Wilson. In fact, out of the three candidates running in Mr. Wilson’s first race, 2/3s of the ticket were Progressives with nearly identical policies and the third candidate was just a plain old corrupt politician.

      Mr. Kennedy was a globalist who changed his mind to some degree in office. Did he become a complete populist? No. Mary Meyers would have never stood for that and she did have his ear in the latter part of his life; however, he did come around on a lot of issues.

      Ironically, people always talk about Chicago and dead people voting in that narrow race; however, this is a typically “white” perception. What is often not mentioned is how Mr. Nixon lost the black vote, when most black voters had been Republican in prior election cycles. In the end, even declared liberals mess this one up. The story is simple. Tricky Dick had been campaigning non-stop, per his handlers, and was exhausted at the very moment with Martin Luther King was imprisoned. He therefore could not visit the man (102 degree fever), yet the Kennedy brother could as they had not maladies to keep them from such a trip.

      As for your very astute questions regarding Mr. Wilson, I would state that the matter is complicated. Now, I do not wish to sound stupid here, so I will (humbly) ask if you have ever visited his home in Washington, District of Columbia?

      If you have then you may recall that the home and the beautiful Rolls Royce (Phantom) were all purchased for Mr. Wilson by Mr. Bernard Baruch. He, along with Mr. Edward Mendell House made Mr. Wilson. While Mr. Wilson was incapacitated, these two men were a driving force on policy (yes, I know the wife is mentioned and she did translate a lot of mumbles, but this type of history is slightly skewed in favor of a woman running the White House).

      Now, you may also recall that Mr. Wilson’s daddy was a doctor who treated many Confederate troops. Also, you might recall that Mr. Wilson screened the first movie that a President received a fresh pressing of, which was Birth of a Nation.

      One might opine that Mr. Wilson accepted Jewish backing, but was uncomfortable with his life choices, considering his position that Anglo-Americans were superior to all other folks (which surmised Princeton at this time as well — just read any Mr. Jimmy Stewart’s biographies). Then you have the impact of Mr. House, and the possibility that Mr. Wilson realized he was an empty shell not only for Jewish bankers, but also for socialists (which Mr. House was).

      Lastly, the man considered himself religious, even if we could find fault with this assumption.

      What this all leads to is a mental dawning on a man who did not wish to be associated with his own crimes and have his soul cast into the darkness that evil often gravitates to. On top of that, he is interned in the very unholy National Cathedral, which I think is a true crime.

      This is a long response, and I do apologize. Yet, you had a very interesting post and I had hoped I could support a discussion in finding a little truth.

      Lycurgus, all my best!


      • Nope, I’ve only toured the Colorado State Capitol as a little kid SC. And the resin room where they took “dinosaur bones” and made the resin replicas for display at the Museum of Nature and Science.

        Two places the unwashed masses can go to view “history,” and “history in the making.” Neither of which resonated with me very much, aside from being field trips that took me far away from school.

        However, I did find the Capitol Building itself to be quite impressive, just not the parasites that occupied it.

  10. A nice lady named Amber asked why America does not fight back in this thread.

    Now I could come up with a myriad of reasons and send this thread into multiple pages; however, I am going to specifically pick low hanging fruit and go to Hollywood. They can provide a very minor answer to this very vast question of why most Americans will not rise.

    If we consider the absolute trash that is produced by the so called “entertainment industry” these days, we might find that there are “no real” men or women left to inspire anyone. The men are limp wristed buffoons and the women are being sold the idea that with ZERO training a little lady of 100 lbs, can completely take down a 300 lbs. behemoth (this is not by accident if you consider what a new draft may look like). There are safe spaces and correct speech. There are all these rules that Americans must follow, when any opponent that we create (and yes, we create our own opponents all the time) does not need to follow the same rules. It is similar to the whole carbon argument, we need to change yet the rest of the world does not.

    So what I am about to share with you is not a fine piece of cinema; however, it does reflect a time when we had “a set” and could hold our own. It represents a time in Hollywood when we were not afraid to get our nose busted and keep fighting, There were no safe spaces or correct speech. It was just about common sense and an ability to stand our ground.

    When I was a young boy I saw the original film and this sequel (which the clip represents). At this point, I would doubt any young boy would ever be shown such a movie. This is by design and in line with the pacification of the United States in order to make it very easy to crush the spirit of its citizenry.

    The ANTIFA and BLM set you are seeing in today’s society are fueled by drugs, armed by our own government (all have a fibee Glock), and financed by corporations. Their average age leads them to believe that they are unstoppable; however, in the light of day and without enhancement they are pitiful human beings. In an honest battle they have nothing.

    Then you can expand this concept to the soy boy William Gates III, Charles Schumer, Mr. Buffet, the entire Biden clan, Barry, any of these other fools (heck Bubba — I think Roger was probably a better fighter) and none of them will ever meet anyone, with any minor bit of skill, on a street in any part of the USA. They know full well that even the least trained person will hand them their ass-s in a confrontation. They are literally pathetic in a confrontation that may require force. So they hide behind protection.

    The sad part is that protection will not refuse the money to do the protecting, even though these people would just as easily end the lives of their protectors and their families when the AI / robot security can replace human beings. This is not conspiracy, but rather fact. Elite eugenicists hate people that they do not feel are their intellectual or class equals. If you doubt me, then I would (respectfully / humbly) ask that you research how Hillary Clinton and her daughter (Webb’s daughter) treated their Secret Service protection in the White House.


    On eugenics (since we arrived here from the last paragraph):

    A thread on chemtrails is excellent and helpful, but then consider all of the ways that population reduction is being brought about.

    Do any of you own any “stay press” clothing? What type of sheets do you sleep on and what might they have been sprayed with? How is your fluoride intake? If you purchase a beverage, do you opt for plastic or glass? If you supplement, then are you seeking the very best product from known western sources, or are you allowing China to put whatever it wishes into the chemistry of your vitamins and minerals? How many GMOs do you think that you are consuming in a day, a week, a year? If you drink alcohol or smoke, then how are your magnesium levels and are you doubling up on vitamin C? How many dirty EMF devices do you have around you as you read this post? Do you ever breathe higher levels of oxygen than are in the air around you? Do you use any oxygen supplements? Are you constantly eating or do you partake in the occasional fast? And on, and on, and on…

    Basically, the killing fields are in so many facets of society that it is mind numbing.

    Films like Idiocracy and television shows like the Handmaid’s Tail show you the truth in plain daylight. You can add the Matrix series and Elysium in along with a host of other films, as well as programs that show a road map of sorts. They are all designed as a soft sell for what is projected to come our way.

    So please enjoy the (humble) clip. It is reminiscent of a time in which free spirited Americans were not afraid to scrap. Then pray for our future while also hardening up to protect you and yours. Marching and peaceful protest is great, but be prepared to take-it-to-the-body when all else fails.

    In the immortal words of Michael G. Tyson: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”


      • Okay, I am lost.

        Am I a “stupid pair of bast-ards”, am I Australian, and / or am I an “outback” cop? You have me at a real loss.

        Also, I do appreciate the “check or cheque is in the mail idea”; however, I am not soliciting for anything. Is everything alright on your end?

        Are we not still friends? Am I missing your point or some comedy that I just do not quite get? If so,then I guess I am truly at a loss. Certainly, I do enjoy our conversations.

        Perhaps I am misunderstanding you at this time. If so, then I do apologize, Based on our prior conversations, I do not think there is a problem between us,

        If I am incorrect, then could you please let me know.

        Many thanks.

      • Could you use a hug?

        Will that help out?

        If so, it is sent your way, digitally.

        J.S. prayers are sent your way as well!

        Please take good care of yourself.

    • Can’t remember if/where I have shared this …

      In passing …

      Rebecca (aka Blonde in the Belly of the Beast) had gone off on extended maternity leave for the past year and I just stumbled across her latest video, an interview with Felix Rex (aka Black Pigeon Speaks} on the topic ”Society & the Future of the West”.

      • Black Pigeon Speaks on “Society & the Future of the West”

      Then I noticed she has relaunched with two other interview videos in the past week. They are all excellent and worth sharing:(see her channel)

      • Blonde talks to Dave Cullen (“Computing Forever”) on “Compliance, Faith and the Path Forward”

      • Blonde talks to “Legalman”

      They are each an hour long so I have just shared the latest. She expresses the sentiments you highlight here about fighting spirit– how can these people have submitted so easily with such compliance and docility? !!!

      • JS,

        Glad we are still friends. Mea culpa, it was late on my timeline and I was just a little confused on where you were headed.

        Thank you for clearing it all up for me.


        P.S. This will, probably be the last time that I circle around to this thread. Hopefully, we will see one another on future threads. Best…

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