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Is the Federal Epstein Bust a Brownstone Operation to Take Down or Pressure Trump?

US Attorney for the Southern District of New York Geoffrey Berman announces charges against Jeffery Epstein on Monday, July 8, 2019 in New York City. PHOTO: Stephanie Keith/Getty

On Monday, Michelle Goldberg, a blogger and columnist for The New York Times (aka NY Slimes), penned an opinion piece that could have been written by Winter Watch. Long-term readers may remember when The Slimes toggled these pages as “fake news” during the now-suppressed Pedogate whoopla of 2016.

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Naturally, we skeptically parsed every word Goldberg put forth and concluded the column is at least a partial truth. What gives? Is there some sleight of hand in play?

The columnist headlined the piece “Jeffrey Epstein Is the Ultimate Symbol of Plutocratic Rot” and wrote “powerful elites enabled the financier accused of trafficking underage girls. Among the mysteries of the Epstein case are why powerful prosecutors of both parties treated him with such leniency.

The Times reports on the court documents released Monday:

In a detention memo submitted on Monday, federal prosecutors outlined some of the evidence seized from a search of Epstein’s house on Saturday night. It included hundreds — possibly thousands — of sexually suggestive photographs of girls who appear underage, as well as hand-labeled compact discs with titles like “Girl pics nude,” and, with the names redacted, “Young [Name] + [Name].”

It seems, at first, astonishingly reckless for Epstein not just to allegedly keep such material, but to keep it in Manhattan, instead of, say, on his private Caribbean island. Maybe, however, it’s simply a sign of how protected he felt. Vicki Ward of Vanity Fair who reported years ago on Epstein said. “In my mind there has always been this huge question mark: What is Jeffrey Epstein’s leverage?” If we find out, we’ll know just how rotten our rulers really are.

Whoever is running this shit storm may not be messing around.

We’ve put forth our conspiracy query that Epstein is a central figure in brownstone compromise operations that have ensnared and blackmailed a large number of what we call the “flying monkey proto-psychopaths.” But this is a much deeper rabbit hole than some photos of girls in their mid-teens — or even sex with them. So far, we’ve just seen a teaser.

Like Roy Cohn before him, Epstein is part of a network of blackmail operators, whose role is to ensure the compliance of “those in the know” by compromising them.

Read: Crime Syndicate System Control: Sexual Entrapment Operations

Political Ponerology: A Psychological Anatomy of Evil, Politics and Public Trauma

One of the tricks used in this brownstone operation is that the age of consent in Florida is quite high at 18 years old, compared to 17 years old in New York. So a targeted politician or celeb might be offered a girl who looks 18 or 19 and turns out to be 16 or 17. I will give good odds that half the playas of importance in the US and abroad who have sexual tastes for young woman are compromised via such an extensive network.

In a world where most of these flying monkeys in the kakistocracy skirt the rules, it would be easy to get swept up into this illegal activity. I doubt if they were asking these teenagers for I.D. or birth certificates either. The story on Bill Clinton has always been that he liked women, not ÿoung girls. So this method could have been used on him.

There are, of course, call-boy films, as was revealed in the Craig Spence and Franklin Scandal pederasty cases during the Bush Sr regime. Those, incidentally, are still hidden away and never were revealed after Spence was conveniently suicided. The following is one of the most important reference posts we have written on these pages.

Read “The Abduction of Johnny Gosch and the Franklin Scandal Coverup”

The sistema has much more than evidence that important figures were cavorting with legally underage girls. Will the dossiers reveal the more extreme behaviors?

To our eyes, this may be the factions of the kakistocracy’s Crime Syndicates either breaking out in open warfare, or throwing some expendable people under the bus so as to reinstate a truce. Who the expendables are remains to be seen, but is Bill Clinton one of them?

However, one very curious development points to a star chamber justice exercise of some type. One of the lead prosecutors in Epstein’s case is Maurene Comey, the daughter of Trump nemesis James Comey, the former director of the FBI. No, you can’t make this stuff up.

Could this be a way to leverage Donald Trump and others from both kakistocratic parties and into a war with Iran? Of late, it seems Sheldon Adelson’s honcho Israel First neocon John Bolton has been demoted a notch.

James Perloff tweeted an item that should be considered in all this.

Winter Watch has done the deeper research into these types of cases. The D.C. Madame and Spence cases are illustrative. If Jeffrey Epstein starts singing like a canary, the assassination method used will be hanging, claimed as suicide. If he is only selectively forthcoming with the details, look for the standard heart attack. Epstein’s wing woman in his operations is Ghislaine Maxwell. Her Jewish billionaire father, Robert, also considered an intelligence operative, “fell off of a yacht” and was drowned at night back in 1991.

Read “Fraudster tycoon Robert Maxwell’s sons break 25-year silence to reveal disgraced mogul’s final moments”

Or most likely — after a sufficient scare to the flying monkeys within the sistema — both Epstein and Maxwell could also be fake suicided and slipped out the back door to a protected hideaway, with only some of his brownstone films revealed, and the majority held still “ín safe keeping.” The ruling psychopaths and their flying monkeys would then be subjected to a get in line close call, shot across the bow.

Donald Trump, Melania Knauss (later Trump), Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at the Mar-A-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida, on Feb. 12, 2000.

21 Comments on Is the Federal Epstein Bust a Brownstone Operation to Take Down or Pressure Trump?

  1. Excellent analysis; I believe the purpose is to blackmail Trump into starting a war with Iran. Only select participants (including Trump) will be exposed. Does Epstein has too much dirt on too many people to suicide him? I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he simply disappeared temporarily and reappeared later in Israel. Someone else in the Crime Syndicate would take control of the Lolita Express.

    • You can imagine the pressure being put on Trump to attack Iran. I wonder whether Epstein is actually in jail or part of the pressure team along with Starr, Maxwell etc with their photo albums…

    • You actually think they NEED Trump to declare war?? They are all puppets. They could just make puppet Pompeo make the announcement that they are bombing Tehran, or maybe puppet Bolton. Puppet Trump will be told to shut his stupid puppet mouth and play along. If the pretext is “security”, “self-defence” or some other POS excuse, war does not even have to be declared. It will just be another conflict to add to the long list of conflicts the U.S. is involved in around the globe.

      You have ZERO power as an American citizen, neither does the “President” you think you “elected”. You are a slave under occupation. Get used to it, learn to LOVE it! Yes, love your servitude. There will be dusty boots coming your way that you will be required to lick. Wet your whistle, SLAVE!!!

  2. To think that these depraved degenerates rule the most powerful military on Earth with the power to turn entire countries into dust on whatever whim or pretext they choose to present to the media they control, does not bear thinking about.

    This is orders of magnitude worse than rule by a monarch. At least you know who makes the rules and who’s in charge.

    We have “democracy” where LIES rule. We think we vote for someone, but it’s as clear as the nose on your face that the person who’s voted in has ZERO power to do anything that the powers that allow him to be in “power” do not want. Confused? Don’t be. Be scared, be very scared.

  3. Some glitches in the WPressy comment system … a bit unpredictable as to what it blocks (Heartiste had that problem big time before his site was exterminated) … and you can get an odd message, suggesting you are totally prohibited from logging in on the server, which I just got here … am not sure you at WinterWatch even see the posts blockaded

    One thing is that several evidence links seems to trigger the system … that has happened here, so I am putting in several posts with just one reference each … also perhaps more than one word about the J crowd

    Key amongst Epstein’s lawyers making the 2008 plea-bargain conviction deal giving him only 13 months in prison, was ultra-Zionist Deep-Stater & Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz

    Now Dershowitz seems to have sabotaged Epstein, Dershowitz arguing in court that Epstein files should be unsealed and made public … Dershowitz won that battle in a US federal appeals court 2 July, 4 days before Epstein was arrested

    Dershowitz claimed he was trying to defend himself but that seems silly … Epstein files cannot ‘prove a negative’ that Dershowitz never raped children, there can only be a lack of evidence … and it’s clear Dershowitz deeply connected with Epstein

  4. Daily Beast is the media leading the charge against Epstein now with ‘insider scoops’ from prosecutors … Daily Beast was founded in 2008 by Jewish media kingpin Barry Diller, & Tina Brown ‘who has J grand-father’

    Cabal heads-up for us – On 30 June during the USA 2016 election, The Daily Beast ran a story about how the Jeffrey Epstein files, could destroy either the Clintons or Donald Trump

    Trump has recently hit his ‘highest popularity ever’ per ‘polls’, as USA Democrats get weirder & more out of touch – ‘reparations for gay & lesbians’ – ‘open borders, no immigration restrictions’ etc … It looks like they are staging 2020 for pro-Israel Donald to win again

    Is Epstein ‘really’ being indicted? Will he ‘really’ be in jail? Such things are easily faked now … as are many other things, ‘videos’, ‘child p-rn on computers’ etc

    Is the Epstein arrest a Mossad blackmail scheme, against all the people worldwide who ever flew on the ‘Lolita Express’?

  5. Trump Cabinet member reports being ‘ordered’ to go easy on Epstein because he was ‘intelligence agency asset’

    Alex Acosta, now Trump’s cabinet Labor Secretary & the US federal prosecutor who in 2008, granted Jeffrey Epstein his ‘sweet deal’ for a light sentence despite the horrendous under-age s-xual trafficking charges –

    Claims he was ordered to go easy on Epstein to benefit ‘intelligence services’, un-named, but obviously USA & Israel:

    « “Is the Epstein case going to cause a problem [for confirmation hearings for Trump’s cabinet]?” Acosta had been asked. Acosta had explained, breezily, apparently, that back in the day he’d had just one meeting on the Epstein case. He’d cut the non-prosecution deal with one of Epstein’s attorneys because he had “been told” to back off, that Epstein was above his pay grade. “I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone,” he told his interviewers in the Trump transition, who evidently thought that was a sufficient answer and went ahead and hired Acosta. »

  6. ‘Melania introduced to Trump by Epstein’

    « Epstein has told people since the election that he was the one who introduced the president to his third wife, first lady Melania Trump.

    « Donald Trump once hosted a party with a guest list made up of just himself, Jeffrey Epstein, and “28 girls,” according to The New York Times, and ignored an organizer’s warning about Epstein’s conduct. The ‘calendar girl’ event is reported to have taken place at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago in 1992.

    « George Houraney, who ran American Dream Enterprise, claimed in an interview that he organized the event after a request from Trump. “I arranged to have some contestants fly in,” said Houraney. “At the very first party, I said, ‘Who’s coming tonight? I have 28 girls coming.’ It was him and Epstein.”

    Houraney added that he warned Trump about his friend’s [Epstein’s] conduct, recalling: “I said, ‘Look, Donald, I know Jeff really well, I can’t have him going after younger girls.’… He said, ‘Look I’m putting my name on this. I wouldn’t put my name on it and have a scandal.’” »

  7. Man you’d think the election were next month with all this activity! Joe Blow and Suzy Suburb will still sit in the dark and not connect the dots. Maybe a few will wake up and throw off their partisan chains.

  8. Zionist Jewish billionaire Les Wexner, born 1937, seems to be the key to the mysterious source of Jeffrey Epstein’s wealth, Wexner who has his billions in part from retailing giants such as Victoria’s Secret & The Limited clothing shops

    A leaked document, ‘Wexner Analysis: Israeli Communication Priorities 2003’, showed Les Wexner’s devotion to the Israeli state and to crushing Israel’s opponents

    In the 1990s Wexner became known as the patron of Jeffrey Epstein, supposedly hiring the ‘clever’ Epstein to ‘manage money’

    In 1998 the Wall Street Journal identified Wexner as a leading figure of the ‘Mega Group’ of about 20 Jewish billionaires, who would meet to discuss ‘philanthropy’, i.e., ways to help Israel

    The theory goes that Epstein was set up with artificial wealth, precisely so as to run this big Mossad ‘honeypot’ operation setting up major political figures to be filmed with underage girls, and thus blackmailed

    To do this effectively, Epstein would need to be able to pose as a billionaire himself, private island, private jet, etc, & able to shower favours and ‘good times’ upon his political guests, used to hospitality from other billionaires

    Epstein seems to have simply acquired a ‘credit line’ from the J. billionaires of the ‘Mega Group’

    Indeed it’s worth asking as to why someone with Epstein’s money and sexual interests, always sought to involve so many others, instead of just keeping it a more ‘private’ activity … this was Epstein’s ‘job’ apparently

    And the question now, is whether Epstein is still ‘on the Mossad payroll’

  9. At the age of 20, university drop-out Jeffrey Epstein, was hired to teach maths & physics to teen-age girls & boys, at the prestigious private Dalton School in Manhattan, where he worked from 1973-75

    The headmaster who hired Epstein, was Donald Barr (1921-2004), who is the father of Donald Trump’s current Attorney General William Barr (born 1950) … it is a small world

    William Barr’s first job out of university was working for the CIA, 1973-77, which supported him going to night school earning a law degree

    William Barr has at times worked for the Kirkland & Ellis law firm, whose clients have included Jeffrey Epstein

    William Barr had a role with a huge list of scandals, many tied to the CIA, as he bounced in & out of the US government, including previously becoming Attorney General under George H W Bush in 1991-93

    Scandals involving William Barr, on Canada’s Global Research

    In Jeffrey Epstein’s two years teaching teen-agers at the Dalton School, after being hired by William Barr’s father, one of Epstein’s students was the son of Alan Greenberg, the chairman of Wall Street firm Bear Stearns

    Epstein left teaching and started as a floor trader for Bear Stearns in 1976, and by 1980 he was a firm partner

    In 1981 Epstein departed Bear Stearns, and set up J Epstein & Co money management … his wealth acquisition is mysterious after that

  10. « Mr. Epstein’s wealth may have depended less on his math acumen than his connections to two men – Steven J. Hoffenberg, a onetime owner of The New York Post and a notorious fraudster later convicted of running a $460 million Ponzi scheme, and Leslie H. ‘Les’ Wexner, the billionaire founder of retail chains including The Limited and the chief executive of the company that owns Victoria’s Secret.

    « Mr. Hoffenberg was Mr. Epstein’s partner in two ill-fated takeover bids in the 1980s, including one of Pan American World Airways, and would later claim that Mr. Epstein had been part of the scheme that landed him in jail – although Mr. Epstein was never charged. With Mr. Wexner, Mr. Epstein formed a financial and personal bond that baffled longtime associates of the wealthy retail magnate, who was his only publicly disclosed investor.

    « Those around Wexner were mystified over Wexner’s affinity for Epstein.

    « “Everyone was mystified as to what his appeal was,” said Robert Morosky, a former vice chairman of The Limited. “I checked around and found out he was a private high school math teacher, and that was all I could find out. There was just nothing there.” »

  11. Media on Epstein before the big scandals broke, is instructive

    ‘Talented Mr Epstein’, Vanity Fair 2003

    Jeffrey Epstein was a member of the CFR Council on Foreign Relations & the Trilateral Commission

    Epstein house in New York City just raided by police, was bought by a trust run by Epstein’s patron – paymaster? – Jewish billionaire Les Wexner (born 1937), of the ultra-Zionist-funding Jewish billionaire ‘Mega Group’ of that era

    Records were showing that the Wexner trust still owned the house long after Epstein said he had bought it

    In 1988 Epstein filed a financial statement giving his net worth as only US $20 million … he is a billionaire now? How?

    When Epstein needed to sign guarantees for a few million, Wexner sometimes had to sign the paper for him

    Epstein made the same claim as a fellow famous Jewish personality of mysterious wealth – arch-Zionist Wikipedia founder & supremo Jimmy Wales –

    Of their making money on ‘foreign currency trading’, which crushes most people who try to do it … it seems this is a cover story for getting money from the kosher nostra

  12. The Epstein arrest seems a fake show, with absurdities thrown in our faces

    Police claimed they had to ‘break down the door’ to get inside, and we have photos of the ‘Epstein door’ with crude crowbar-type damage … this is ridiculous

    Epstein’s NYC home on E 71st St near 5th Ave, is one of the largest private mansions in the city, about 21,000 square feet / 3,000 square metres … several staff members live there, there is always someone there 24 hours per day, usually 3 to 5 people

    Staff would immediately answer the door and let the police inside … High security doors in a $77 million home like Epstein’s could not be opened with crude tools like this … which would immediately set off massive alarms

    This is as stupid as when GCHQ was ‘smashing the Guardian computers’ with sledge-hammers, to allegedly destroy the files of CIA-Mossad faker ‘Edward Snowden’ … the files obviously already at remote locations

    Also, here is a screenshot from news media video of ‘police removing evidence in the raid on Jeffrey Epstein’s home’ … look at these people carrying rubbish bags … do these look like ‘professional police agents’ gathering events in one of the highest-profile crime cases in the USA right now? … Or just some layabouts from fake news casting?

    What are these ‘agents’ with rubbish bags carrying? People owning a $77 million home do not have ‘papers’ laying about, offices & staff at other locations deal with paper … photos on ‘CD’ discs with labels? Who has done this in recent years? Jeffrey Epstein with millions to play with, and a staff of dozens, is spending his evenings sorting & labelling CDs of photos?

    Are black rubbish bags from the discount store, the latest in police ‘high evidence’ gear? Scruffy t-shirt the new uniform for high-tech police forensics guys?

    Is Epstein still Mossad & CFR? Is he really in jail now?

    Will Epstein soon be on the beach in Haifa Israel, having a drink and a larf, with also convicted and ‘sentenced to prison for life’ Bernie Madoff who stole the $50 billion?

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