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Crime Syndicate System Control: Sexual Entrapment Operations

“A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what’s going on.” — William S. Burroughs

The idea of the covert blackmail operation is to sexually compromise using underage boys or girls and to film deviant behaviors with them so as to create a dossier. It doesn’t hurt if they can strategically place some prime psychopaths in the sistema to boot. This method is also utilized to actively recruit hellfire deviants to put into government, law enforcement, media and judiciary, etc. Once the minions are recruited, they are also well rewarded monetarily and with whatever kink suits them.

The functionality of this bribe and deviant blackmail system works at lower echelons right up to the top. Anybody following false flags and staged deceptions is constantly taken aback by the creepiness of the people involved.

Freemason Spies Lodge, Pedophilia and the Case Of Keith Harding

If you have been following George Webb he refers to “brownstone or blackmail operations” whereby various law enforcement entities are infested with compromised individuals. This is also what Stanley Kubrick revealed in his film Eyes Wide Shut.

I will get to more on Belgium, but in 1994 before being infested, the Belgian police put out the “Atlas Report” detailing Mossad ties and promotion of controlled opposition neo-Nazi and anti-Muslim groups. I suspect this has morphed further into what we are seeing today with the never-ending Muslim demonization and “white supremacist” frauds in the U.S. and Europe.

In addition, as the “Atlas Report” stated — and one can only imagine how much worse this is today: “To understand ‘Nebula’, one has to abandon the established path of logic as far as finances and politics are concerned. No longer can there be mention of nation states, of political party colors or of any economic coherence. Our conclusion would be that, over 20 years, some economical forces, some of which are of the mafia-type linked to the political power and organized crime structures, have reached the 4th level of money laundering, in other words: Absolute Power.”

A prime example was at Sandy Hook. Connecticut State Coroner Wayne Carver just reeks of this. My theory is that he was a highly compromised, well-paid mole who was told it was time “to pay his dues.” I actually think Carver — with his goofy behavior and strange comments, such as the “big magnificent tent” and “I just hope this all doesn’t come crashing down on their heads later” — was his not-so-subtle way of saying “screw you” to the Crime Syndicate.

This also explains the claim the clueless make that “somebody would talk.” News flash, people have talked and were ignored. Worse, certain perfectly healthy law enforcement officials on the case just suddenly died. These are individuals who are untouchables or stumbled upon incriminating things, such as Commissaire Helric Fredou in the Charlie Hebdo case. Fredou was not part of the infestation and had to be dispatched.


His passing – while participating in the Charlie Hebdo investigation – has barely been acknowledged. His death in Limoges, Southwest France, is shrouded in mystery. He allegedly committed suicide within hours of a police debriefing and the preparation of his police report. We are asked to believe the ludicrous story that a veteran policeman suffered from a burnout following a meeting with relatives of one of the victims.

One of the investigators on the Sandy Hook incident also died rather abruptly and mysteriously. William Podgorski, 49, was commander of the Connecticut State Police’s Western District. Podgorski underwent surgery and died.


The case of well-connected Jewish billionaire Jeffrey Epstein made a splash. Convicted of sex with under-aged girls, Epstein was in a position to compromise high level people by providing under-aged kink for the likes of Prince Andrew. Now Andrew tells us he traveled all the way to New York to “break off his relationship with Epstein in 2010.”Bill Clinton was a frequent guest of Epstein. Now most conveniently Epstein died in a jail cell with the CCTV security cameras turned off.

Out the Back Door? Questioning the Death of Jeffrey Epstein

Prince Andrew Claims 2010 Jeffrey Epstein Visit in NYC Was to End Friendship

In many cases, it’s not even necessary to blackmail but to simply provide certain favors. But the dossiers exist, if needed to be called upon if something very important is required. This goes along way in explaining how an obscure Arkansas governor who can’t keep it in his pants can go on to become president of the United States. Now there are dossier stirrings concerning Donald Trump.

The pedophile scandals among the U.K.’s elite and officialdom are now well known even among the snoozers and comatose. But the snoozers can’t connect the dots that infestations of pedophiles and perverts in government is by design. A number of U.K. police investigators have been openly murdered over the years for stumbling onto high-level pedophiles.

Perhaps not as well known but even more shocking was the Dutroux sex slave and child murder case in Belgium that nearly caused a revolution in the country. I wrote an extensive post on this. This case is never ending and goes very deep.

Belgium is the international headquarters of the Israeli child trafficking network and also the seat of the European Parliament. Don’t believe me? Enter “human trafficking, Belgium and Israel” into a search engine and dozens of sources appear. There are similar Crime Syndicate rings in eastern Europe [see “Israel’s Sex Trade Booming” and from Times of Israel: [Police Bust Woman Trafficking Ring]. Marc Dutroux, his Israeli wife and Benjamin Weinstein were procurers of children for the Belgian ring and were obviously protected. Watch the documentary in the Dutroux link.

For the purposes of this article, I am much more interested in the blackmail and system-control aspect as practiced by this mafia-style syndicate. Search the names Michael Nihoul and Mink Kok (both Jews) and see where it takes you.

Nihoul bragged in a Der Speigel interview after being paroled:

“I control the government. … Everyone has compromising dossiers on one another, to be used as leverage in the right situation. … This is the Belgian disease. …

“Give me another 20,000 marks, and I give you a serving minister who is embroiled in a murder. … I know the killer and will have him contact the minister by telephone. You can listen along, okay?

“[Voice recorder turned off. For a 6-digit sum] I will give you a picture on which then Prince Albert jumps a 16-year-old girl. Naked. Shot at the second floor of the Mirano Club 20 years ago [where a pedophile blackmail ring allegedly was situated, according to other witnesses]. … Then I do have to leave Belgium.”

The best-known case in the U.S. is called the Franklin Affair and involves Boys Town in Nebraska and a VIP pedophile in DC. This excellent documentary on the Franklin sex affair was deep-sixed and never aired but is widely viewed on YouTube.

Adding more fuel to the fire is the case of Denny Hastert, former Speaker of the House, whose kink was under-age boys and raising hush money, $3.4 million worth in fact. A thinking person would ask the obvious question: How did such a person even get into such a position of high power?

10 Comments on Crime Syndicate System Control: Sexual Entrapment Operations

  1. The Evil Coachman character in Walt Disney’s cartoon classic “Pinocchio” was based on August Belmont, the Rothschild’s representative in the US and probably the most powerful man in America over the years 1850-1890. What does the Evil Coachman do? He kidnaps young boys and takes them to Pleasure Island, where they are turned into donkeys – e.g. beasts of burden. So Epstein had a predecessor and role model.

  2. Infowars does some good coverage on the sick world where Pedophiles are in charge. Also, Jones gives credit to Trump for breaking up some of the world child trafficking \ pedo groups. But you guys here hate trump, so this post will be deleted.

  3. I’m not sure we’ll ever reach the tipping point on pedophilia. Many people can’t bring themselves to believe that the government is loaded at all levels with seriously damaged individuals. Most of the people I know believe that the police would uncover it, someone would expose it, the MSM WOULD REPORT IT. If you try to explain to them that these entities are as full of corrupt and psychopathic people as the government, they conclude that you are delusional and a conspiracy theorist because it simply couldn’t happen. Even when you put conclusive evidence, which they discount as being “fake news”, in front of them, they just shut down and walk away or recommend you get help. I’ve concluded it’s a self-preservation tactic of the most desperate order. After all, to finally admit to yourself that you have been voting for and defending perverts most of your life really brings your own judgement into question and the psyche can’t take the possibility of that level of error as the ensuing disintegration of identity would be overwhelming. So down to the bunker we go…

    • So true. Most people are not able to recognize the depravity. They don’t experience it in their daily lives, and they don’t want to accept its existence, so you must be crazy to bring up the subject. I see dark days ahead – there are not enough white hats and whistleblowers to stem the tide. The system has to collapse, because there is systemic rot everywhere we look. It’s baked into the cake.

  4. Yes understood, as I heard that Dresden slop in a recent video. I would suggest Webb is a limited hangout (LH). In today’s world LH’s is about as good as it gets as it works to keep these researchers alive. Robert Friedman was a Jew as I mentioned in my Jewish Mafiya post earlier. Still he wrote one of the most revealing books on the subject out there, and probably paid with his life.

    I am judging his open source work, and do double checks. I feel I’ve developed a pretty good nose for major misdirections. When I cite him it is because he is spot on something important, in this case Dyncorp brownstone ops.

    • He is more than a limited hangout. He is a jewish subversive agent. He is openly a Zionist jew. He said the Allies did a good thing in bombing innocents because the people of Dresden were turning jews into meat and said “those are the facts.” He should be completely ostracized.

      • I have observed him throwing more than a few Zio Jewish crime syndicate reprobates under the bus. Not many others are doing so and that is a litmus test for me. Yes, he may be protecting others, so that needs to be watched and taken under advisement.

  5. Same as it ever was. What’s rare is the information now available and catalogued on the internet. Eventually we’ll reach a tipping point and enough people will become aware so that these shenanigans won’t be possible. We’re still a ways off. We’re dealing with a type of psychopathic behavior that most people do not want to know about.

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